The Side Effects of You, Part II

Here she is!  Cheyenne!  Cheyenne!”

My face fell in the palm of my hand as I walked to the patio where Whitney and the usual suspects were sitting.  As my fair weather friend motioned me to sit next to her, I realized why these shindigs were only for the store managers and corporate office staff.  Whitney was already lit and lunch hadn’t even been served yet!  Before I took my seat, I offered my apologies to the manager.

“Sorry I’m late, Mr. Kingsley”

“Ahhhhh, no worries Ms. Lewis, I’m just glad you could make it.  We wouldn’t be able to start the festivities without you”

I smiled at everyone before turning my attention to the menu.  Within moments, a young waitress appeared.

“Can I start you off with a cocktail this afternoon?”

At that moment, I could feel every muscle in my body twinge as if it was dehydrated.  I needed some relief, and some substance.

“I’ll have the shrimp and grits”

“And to drink?”

“I’ll stick with the water for now, thank you”

“Water?  Cheyenne, you gotta try this tropical rum punch!  This shit is everything!  Excuse me ma’am, she’ll have a tropical rum punch as well”

I turned my face to Whitney and gave her the look.  You know, the “girl if you don’t shut your ass up” look?  When she finally caught on, she giggled to herself.

“Roman wore that big ass out again, huh?”

I shook my head and motioned my loose lip friend to pay attention to what was being said.  Ol’ girl didn’t know it, but she was going to be promoted today.  I desperately needed her to act the part, but she was too interested in the actions that caused my delay.

“So, when are you gonna give me the details about this morning?  You promised, remember?”

“Girl, I can’t tell you right now!  Don’t you see Kingsley is talking to us?”

“Oh he ain’t talking about shit girl”

I put my finger over my mouth like a school teacher.  Even when home girl whispered, she was loud.

“We’re not in the back of the class, Whitney.  Shut up and pay attention!”

I smiled in the direction of our fearless leader as he went over the stats from the previous quarter.  Now even though this was Whitney’s first rodeo, she was right about this affair.  Kinglsey wasn’t talking about anything new.  Numbers, stats, reviews, it was all the same old shit.  Now it would’ve been cool to actually discuss improvements to the day to day operations.  Like how we could limit the fucking menu so it wouldn’t take us ten lifetimes to get orders out!  I get tired of my friends telling me how slow our service is and how we’re not like Chick Fil A.  But unlike the King, Jesus Chicken doesn’t have eleven million choices on their menu!  

“Now at this time, Ms. Cheyenne Lewis has a presentation”

Whitney stared at me as I rose from my seat.  I stood at the front of the table and said,

“It is my honor to announce the new store manager for the Highway 20 location in Conyers, Whitney Staples”

All the guests stood and applauded.  Whitney was still in her seat, shocked.  I beckoned to her in a way that she could understand more clearly.

“Ms. Staples, if you don’t come up here and get these keys!”

She rose from her seat and received her new badge, shirt, and keys.  There were tears coming from her eyes.  She looked at me, then hugged me rather tightly.

“I can’t breathe girl!  Let a sista live!”

Whitney let go and thanked Mr. Kingsley for the opportunity. Now truth be told, Whitney was long overdue for her own store.  We both started there in ‘04.  I left the business on two occasions and still made store manager before she did.  You see, Whitney is loyal to a fault.  She won’t leave regardless of the situation.  She thinks it’s a privilege just to have a job.  She believes that it’s an honor just to be a wife.  Despite being used, despite being abused, she stayed with them both.

“I knew something was up!  I knew it!  In all my time there, they’ve never allowed an assistant to come to one of these”

“Indeed! I’m so proud of you”

“So how long have you known?”

“For about a month now”

“A month?  Damn, you really do know how to keep a secret, don’t you?”

“You could say that”

Before my friend could utter another word, I turned my attention to my bowl of goodness and started making small talk with the others at the table.  I could feel my homegirl’s eyes on me.  I pretended to pay her no mind until the event was near the end.  When we were free to leave, I grabbed Ms. Staples by the arm.

“Follow me to the Westin, and I’ll tell you what happened this morning”

“Ahhhhh shit!”

Whitney grabbed our complimentary bottle of wine and followed me out to the parking lot.  It took us no time before we made it to the hotel.  When we met in the lobby, Whitney gazed at the floor and ceiling as if she lived in the country all her life.

“Girl I didn’t know you had it like this!”

“I don’t, but Roman does”

We boarded the elevator and raced to the suite. Once inside, Whitney began to look around while I made drinks. 

“Damn this place is nice, CiCi!  Roman’s got some deep pockets!”

“Among other things”

“So what I wanna know is how in the world were you able to get away from that obsessive man of yours?  I’m sure Terry was asking all kinds of questions as to why you were leaving so early”

“I simply told him that I was going to check on the new assistant manager that we hired”

“And he didn’t accuse you of trying to fuck the new guy?”

“Not at the time.  Besides, he was sleepy.  I grabbed the girls, took them to school, then headed this way”

“Well that’s a first.  You can’t even look at a man without him being jealous.  I’m surprised he hasn’t texted you yet asking where you are.  You know he’s got the times down to a T”

“Already took care of that!  He texted earlier and I responded with a facetime.  That’s what was happening when I went to the bathroom.  I actually took him with me through the restaurant and into the facilities!”

“Nice move”

“Yeah.  My wig and makeup are on the same way before I left so no worries”

“You’re good girl”

“Roman brings it out of me”

“So what happened already?”

“Okay.  So after I dropped the kids off, I came to his job”

“His job?”

“Yeah, he invited me to see where he worked.  I didn’t know that he was an engineer”

“Ah shit, he’s smart too!”

“So I arrived at his office and he’s standing there, smiling, waiting for me as if he knew.  We went into his office and he closed the door.  Within seconds, he’s got me pressed against the door, tonguing me down”

“Oooohhhh it’s getting hot in here!”

“Girl, I don’t know how, but he had already unfastened my bra and my pants were on the floor!  He sat me down in the chair and pulled my panties to the side”

“Ah shit!”

“Just as I was getting ready to feel the warmth of his tongue, there’s a knock at the door.  I tell him to answer it, but he says ‘fuck that, I want you now!”

“So who’s at the door?”

“At that moment, I didn’t care!  Roman was tasting my pudding and it felt sooooo good!  But after he failed to answer the door, someone started to force themself in.  So after I pleaded again, Roman got up and answered the door.  I put on my clothes before he opened it”

“So who was at the door?”

“It was one of his co-workers that needed assistance.  Once he helped him, I told Roman that I needed to get going.  He said I couldn’t leave him like that.  He called the hotel and arranged for us to have the suite this morning”

“Was it better than the first time?”

“Whitney Victoria, I can still smell his cologne on me.  The way he ravished my body!  I think I came at least four times!”

“You’re a lucky woman, Cheyenne.  Jason can barely get me to come at all!  Thank god for the rose!”

“Roman is far better than any vibrator.  The way he sucks my clit while he holds my breasts! Girl!  You can’t buy that shit in the store!  Whitney, I think I love this man”

“Okay CiCi, slow down.  Now I know it’s good dick and all, but love?  Are you sure?”

“Yes!  I almost lost my mind the way he turned me out this morning.  Had me squirting all over the place!  If I could marry him today I would”

“But there’s one problem, the man that you currently live with.  You’re not exactly free”

“We’re not married, so I can just have the police escort him off my property”

“Terry is not going out without a fight.  You know this.  If he gets wind of this affair that you and Roman have . . .”

“I know the risks and so does Roman.  No one can stop love”

“Wait a minute.  Roman said he loved you?”

“Yes.  He said it this morning.  And guess what?  I love him too”

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