The Side Effects of You

“Cici?  Cici?”


“Cheyenne Camilla Lewis?  Where the hell are you?”

“Wha, what?”

“Girl, please tell me you are not still in the fuckin’ bed?”

I lifted my head from its resting place, trying to make sense of how I got here.

“What time is it, Whitney?”

“What time is it?  Seriously?  I knew we should have car pooled, but nooooo!  Somebody had something to do!  Somebody said that they would be leaving home early!  Now look at your ass!  It’s too late to make it from Conyers now!”

“I’m not in Conyers”

“So where are you because you’re surely not here!”

“I’m in Atlanta, at the Westin”

“At the Westin?  Ahhhhh shit!  You fucked Mr. Super Producer again, didn’t you?”

“Now why’d you have to say it like that?”

“Because that’s what it is, girlfriend!  But you know I’m the last one to judge anybody!  Get your hot girl summer on!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah”

“So I gotta know, was it as good as the first time?  Did he make you come five times?   You know these entertainer types are one hit wonders.  I need to know if his dick game is consistent”

“Now there you go!  Didn’t your ass say I was late?”

“So you can’t dish the dirt and get dressed at the same time?”

“Not at the moment.  I still have company”

“Ohhhhhhhhh, okay.  Well company or not, you got ten minutes to get here”

“I’ll be there in twenty, tops”

“So what am I supposed to tell the higher ups?  You know they always want to do those damn team building games first”

“Just tell them I got caught in traffic.  That’s easy enough”

“You owe me some details when you get here”

“Okay, okay, I gotcha”

“And make sure you snap that pussy back together.  Can’t have Terry killing this nigga before he put you on”

“Girl, get off my phone!”

“I’m just trying to look out for you girl!  Remember, you had that bowlegged strut going on the last time”

“Bitch, shut up!”

“Ha, ha, ha!  Bye girl”

I dropped my phone to the floor as I struggled to get upright again.  I saw my clothes laid on the couch while my panties and bra were on the floor in front of me.  My chest felt heavy as I lifted my body off the sheets. My legs wobbled like jello as I forced myself to stand.  I looked back on the bed and there was no trace of my prince.  There was no imprint on the sheets, no clothes on the floor, no jewelry on the nightstand.  There was literally no trace that he had been here at all, but my soul knew otherwise.

“Roman!  Roman!”

I started to make my way around the suite.  I went into the dining room, then the living area, and finally the bathroom.  There was no sign of Roman anywhere.  No towels used.  No dish in the sink.  My conscience was trying to convince me that Mr. Super Producer was trifling, getting my cookies and then leaving.  I looked at the heels and sunglasses he bought me after our last encounter and I refused to listen.  I went back to my phone, ready to justify my emotions with some hard, cold facts.  I went straight to my messages.  True to form, my beloved left me the following text:

“Hey beautiful, sorry I had to leave so soon.  Have a meeting at noon and can’t be late.  The room is paid for today.  Stay as long as you like”

I started to dance as I celebrated my win.

“See?  I told you he loved me!  I told you!”

I fell back on the bed, allowing myself to be free once again.  I refused to let doubt interrupt my happiness.  For the first time in my life, I felt beautiful.  I touched my breasts and remembered how he caressed them, how he sucked them.  How his flesh washed away my insecurities as he kissed every stretch mark.  Even though it’d been months since we last saw each other, he didn’t rush the moment.  He made the Earth stand still as he took his time to savor every part of me.  

I couldn’t help touching myself remembering how good he felt inside of me.  Oh god! He could get me to do anything he wanted with that dick!  The way he stirred my pot?  Y’all, I can’t even explain!  The orgasms were so potent that after the third one, I was just trying to hold on!  When he pinned me down and slid it in my ass, I damn near died!  I thought he was too much of a pretty boy to get down like that, but he did, and I loved every minute of it!  

When he came inside me, he didn’t pretend to be all hard.  He let out a scream that was music to my ears.  Roman filled me up with his love, pulsating for damn near a minute afterwards.  When his convulsions ended, he didn’t smack my behind and walk away.  Instead, he laid there beside me, kissing my shoulders, then my neck.  He thanked me over and over for this experience, just like the last.  When I stared into his eyes, I could see the tears refusing to fall.  That’s when I knew that out of all the women he had been with, I was the best.  That despite how anyone felt about our situation, I was his forever lady.

My phone rang once again, only this time Whitney wasn’t calling.  It was my event reminder telling me that lunch was beginning.  I hurried into the bathroom and turned on the shower.  After clearing myself out on the toilet, I jumped in and out of the water and rushed to put on my clothes.  I went into the living area and retrieved my purse.  Next to my bag were two room keys with a note:

“Stay as long as you like.  Dinner’s on me”

I smiled as I checked my cash app account.  Roman had sent me fifty dollars!  I high stepped my happy ass to the elevator.  As I pushed the button for the lobby, I thought about how good it would be to wake up to Roman every morning.  How lucky I would be if I were his woman.  I wouldn’t have to cook burgers or deal with incompetent staff for the rest of my life.  I wouldn’t have to sell dope or ditch weapons for a man who didn’t love me anymore.  I could finally live the life I always wanted.  

“Ms. Lewis, the valet is bringing your car around now”

“Thank you”

The attendant took my hand as he led me to the car.  Before I got in, I went into my purse to give a tip.  Before I could show my kindness, the young man shook his head. 

“Thank you for the offer, but Mr. Ellis has already paid for the service.  Enjoy your afternoon, Ms. Lewis”

I sat down in the car and couldn’t move.  I looked up at the hotel, realizing that I had never been at a place quite like this.  

“This needs to be my life.  This has to be my life.  Now, I just need to get Terry out the way”

Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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