. . . And He Think I Don’t Know

Finally, he was here.  It had been too long since his strong arms surrounded me. Feeling Roman’s hands caress my anatomy gave me life.  I couldn’t say no, even if I wanted to.  His fingers found their way to my center.  I could feel his muscle starting to push its way inside.  Just as I was about to let temptation win again, I came to my senses. I grabbed Roman’s arm, signaling that my husband was in the other room.  He gently removed my hand and started to rub his shaft against my clit.    

“But what if we get caught, Roman?  That nigga’s gonna kill us!”

“You let me worry about that.  Now, make me happy”

My legs trembled as he warmed my soul!  My pussy was wet, anticipating every bit of him I could manage.  It had been two months and I was craving his touch.  He knew that I wanted him, but he let the anticipation build to the point I couldn’t wait any longer.

“Please baby, I need you”

Suddenly, I felt his thick shaft sliding into me as I bent over happily.  I caressed my breasts as he got reacquainted with my soul.

“Damn, I’ve missed you girl”

“Baby, I missed you too”

He kissed me on my back as we continued to slow wine.  It wasn’t long before I was submitting to his will.

“Ohhhhh baby!  Yes, yes, just like that!  Just like that!”

I held on to the wall as I shuddered uncontrollably.  I tried not to scream, but I couldn’t hold it back.  

“Cheyenne?  Cheyenne?”

Before I could utter anything else, Ramon disappeared as I stood there uncovered with my faithful stand in against the shower wall.  

“Whatcha doin’ in der gurl?”

I shook my head as Terry brought me back to reality.  I turned off the water and quickly grabbed my robe and towel.  I pulled the curtain back to hide my rubber friend and quickly wrapped myself up. Not knowing how much I had said during my private time, I quickly called Whitney before I opened the door.

“Damn Terry!  Can a woman shower in peace anymore?”

“Peace?  You been in there now for almost forty-five minutes, girl!  You musta got a raise to be running the water like that!  And who were you in der talking to?  

I knew the process by now.  I handed Terry the phone and turned on the speaker so he could hear.

“Go ahead Terry, say hello to Whitney”

I hadn’t had the time to brief her on the lie, but she knew the drill.  He just looked at me and refused to speak.

“Say hello to the detective, Whitney”

“Hello Mr. Detective.  You doing alright?”

He gave me back the phone and walked off in a huff, as usual.  He just knew that there had to be someone else.  

“Hey girl, I’m gonna talk to you later okay?”

“Well maybe not tonight.  Hubby is taking me out”

“Taking you out?  On a school night?  Isn’t it past your bedtime?”

“Our kids are grown, chile!  Ain’t no more school night for us!”

“So you’re finally gonna get some tonight?”

 “Girl I hope so!  He’s been frisky since he got home.  Hopefully he can keep it up tonight, at least for two minutes!”

“Girl bye!”

“Bye big time”

I hung up the phone and collected my thoughts.  I made my way into the kitchen where Terry was preparing for his “second” job.  .

“So what’s so urgent that you had to keep banging on the door?  You know the girls are getting ready for bed”

“Yeah, but I was hoping to get some before I had to leave”

“You’re just doing a drop off right?”

“Not tonight.  I have to do inventory after the meet up since Jace is on vacation”

“But shouldn’t Whitney be doing that since she’s the store manager now?”

“Nah.  Jace will need to train her again.  She fucked up the first order”


“We have to keep the numbers right, you know.  Can’t have the feds sniffing and finding out I’m the actual unit manager for that store”

“Well whatever time you get home, I’ll break you off”

“See?  That’s that bullshit!”


“Every time you say that, you know you be on the couch sleep”

“How ‘bout I lay in the bed naked when you come in?  Then, you can wake me up with that big dick of yours?”

Terry’s eyes started to dance at the thought.  

“I like that shit girl! Gonna pound that ass like the first time!”

I gave a fake smile as he continued to pack his bag. Terry always liked pretending that he was forcing me into sex, like I was never supposed to enjoy it.  Always putting my face in the pillow, yanking my damn arms back and riding me like a horse!  Now don’t get me wrong, a sista liked that shit at the beginning, but it got old, and stale.  I always thought that he had a different gear, like he could actually slow it down and love me gently.  But after all these years, he still hadn’t changed.

Terry kissed me on the cheek and then smacked my backside.

“Yeah, that right there make a man want to come home!  Yeah sir!”

I gave a half hearted smile and walked him to the front door.  He couldn’t get to his car fast enough.  I needed to make sure that he got to the spot on time.  No delays.  This shit needed to go down without it coming back to me.  I had thought of every possible angle.  Every possible scenario.  Terry was a stickler for time, which is how he stayed ahead of the game.  If anything felt slightly off, he would abort.  In order to set my trap, things had to be business as usual.  This also meant that I had to conspire with his rival to catch him.

Now let’s get something straight; I used to love Terry.  Emphasis on “used to”.  Like I said before, brother was a dope dealer.  But unlike most dudes out this way, he was smart with his.  He never got caught.  When I saw him walk into my store that day draped in Gucci and gold, I was in love, or at least I thought I was.  He seemed to take a liking to me and didn’t mind that I had two kids.  Once I let him have the goodies, he was breaking me off nicely, paying my rent, paying for aftercare, buying us clothes.  After a while, I didn’t care about his occupation.  Me and the girls seemed to be his world.  There was nothing that he wouldn’t do for us.  That was until he started working with me.

Ladies, I don’t subscribe to having your man work with you.  That shit rarely, if ever, works out.  But what do you say when your man wants to help because you can’t keep staff?  I thought it was touching, you know, romantic?  Little did I know, ol’ boy was jealous of any man that looked my way!  None of the male employees could look me in my face out of fear of what Terry would do to them. I thought they were all crazy until that day I found out for myself.

I never suspected Terry of cheating.  I was too busy trying to keep everything right at home.  It wasn’t until Mr. Kingsley questioned why the video was going out after the dining room closed every other Friday. The funny thing was, exactly thirty minutes later, the camera would come back on.  The time never wavered on any of the other tapes either.  Off at 10 PM, on at 10:30 PM.  So being the manager that I am, I bought some wireless cameras.  I put one in the freezer and another in the women’s bathroom.  And to my surprise on the night he was supposed to be making a run, Terry was in the freezer, fucking Kerry’s trifling ass!  

When he got home that night, I questioned where he was.  He told me that he was out “handling his” and that I had no right to question him.  He told me that he paid the bills, not me!  Just as I started to pull the camera footage from my phone, that nigga hauled off and sucker punched me!  As I struggled to gain consciousness, Mr. Big and Bad pointed his machete to my throat and told me never to question his footsteps again!  Then he started spewing some shit about a man gotta be a man!  I will never forget that day.  I realized in that instant that Terry had too much control and that needed to end.  I just had to wait for the right moment. 

I took a deep breath and called Louie.

“He’s on the way.  Remember what I told you.  None of this shit comes back to me”

“I gotcha, And CiCi?”


“Thanks for the tip.  This will help me land sergeant for sure”

“Alright.  Just text me when it’s done”

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