Corner Politics is that pure uncut dope were you’ll get brutal honesty straight to the point along with good ol’ fashioned shit talking. Take this voyage with us on any and everything ranging from bitcha##ness, ratchetness, lack of common sense, and everything in between.

Breazy Taylor and Brett Holliday are two veteran shit talkers that have opinions on anything and everything, some of our interests range from Cartoons (G.I. Joe, Transformers), Music (the golden era of hip hop) to sports for Breazy the (Denver) Broncos, Nuggets and Los Angeles Lakers and for Brett (Chicago) Bulls, Cubs, Bears and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Take a minute to read more about them.

Breazy Taylor

DSC_0015Hi My name is Breazy Taylor and welcome to Corner Politics. I’ll be your host, I’m a Gemini, I like to take long walks in park while bumping “Aint No Fun if the Homies can’t have none”. I’ve been all around the world iyi, iyi, iyi. I’ve lived in Denver, Germany, Denver again, Hawaii, South suburbs of Atlanta, Carson, CA, Dominica West Indies and the DMV but for me, Denver is what I consider home.

The Gemini of all Gemini’s, a Gemini’s Gemini and if you are keeping score at home that is eight Gemini’s. While I do have a 9 to 5, I am also a professional shit stirrer who is not afraid to tell it like it is regardless of how people take it (the truth hurts I know, but not as much as a lie).

Hot Mess Life

Welcome to the Hot Mess Life, section of Corner Politics.

HotMessLife tells it like it is. Straight, no chaser. From online dating to the quest for straight hair in Miami, you’ll get a peek into the hilarious life of a woman who always seem to have a story that starts of by ” What had happen was…”.

HotMessLife was created by a woman who wishes she could be known as her alter ego, Tequila Escobar, but has yet to find a reason to do so. She’s gone on more 1st dates than anyone in the history of mankind, and can still has the courage to write about it. She also loves sports more than most of her male counterparts, but yet she’s still living the single life. After many requests to put her hilarious stories into written form, a blog was finally born. So sit back and enjoy, because everything in life is somehow a hot mess…


facebook_269293392Hi, I’m Michelle I, I hail from Detroit but live in Miami, after graduating from the “U”. I majored in broadcast journalism and criminology, but found out soon after that I looked terrible in front of a camera, and don’t like guns, so my dreams of being the next Agent Starling were crushed. But all throughout my life, I’ve had the knack for writing and telling stories. And since I can be known to be a bit long-winded and I don’t listen well, people have been telling me I should be a writer. And so I did. And HotMessLife was born. And until I get it together, you all will have something to read.

Rashi Sosa

Rashi Sosa is a veteran freelance thinker. Her Mom taught her to critically think before she became critically acclaimed. HBCU educated- re-educated by this life. She’s unhooked from the matrix on twitter at @soapboxtheorist

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