Play At Your Own Risk, Part 2

“Woman, what the fuck are you doing?” 

“I was thinking you could give me a little somethin’ somethin’ before lunch”

My eyelids curled as I watched her jeans slide down to the floor.  The curvaceous strumpet made herself comfortable in one of my chairs.  

“Don’t say you don’t want me, Roman.  I know I want you”

She let out a quiet gasp as she pulled her green thong to the side, exposing the most beautiful lips I’ve ever seen.

“I’m so wet, baby!  Why don’t you come over here and help me?  You know she wants you”

I stood there like a pubescent teen, contemplating my next move.  My mouth started to water as I remembered our last encounter.  The way she screamed when I took her to that space was intoxicating!  The nectar from her soul was luring me closer to her seat.  Just when I began to take off my jacket, ego stepped in to remind me who I was.

“Hello??  Earth to Roman!  You don’t fuck the help in your office! That’s a rookie move! Besides, you’re the one who makes the demands here!  Make her come to you! Matter of fact, make her wait for it since she wants it so bad”

At that moment, I came back to myself.  I secured my coat and started the process of moving out. Cheyenne was none too pleased.

“So you’re just gonna go back to business when you got all this goodness before you?”

“I’m afraid so”

“I didn’t do you like that in the Kroger parking lot, Mr. Engineer”

“That’s Mr. Super Producer sweetheart.  And as much as I want to partake of that Krispy Kreme between your thighs, I gotta get going”

“Get going?”

“Yeah, I quit right before you came in”

“You quit?  Just like that?”

“Yeah, just like that!  Why are you so surprised?  I mean, my single has been number one now for six weeks”

“Damn.  I wish I could quit my job!”

“Why don’t you?”

Now why did I say that? Cheyenne started to go on and on about her shitty job.  I pretended to listen as I placed pictures and books into my box.  To give off the appearance that I cared, I uttered my occasional, 

“Damn, sorry to hear that”

I took out my keys and opened the last drawer.  I pulled out a nearly empty bottle of Ciroc and a back up cell phone I was trying to forget.  For some reason, my heart turned on the device, forcing me to see her again.  There on the home screen was a picture of my beloved Makyla, the angel who saved my life.  When I wanted to give up on music, she encouraged me to keep going.  She assisted me with getting my tunes in the hands of well known DJs.  She was my source of peace while I navigated through my dead-end marriage.  We had plans on living happily ever after once our divorces were final.  Sadly, the sun set on that dream before it could begin.  

I shut off the phone and threw it in the box along with the liquor.  I turned my attention back to my curvaceous strumpet, who hadn’t lost a beat.

“And that’s what they sent me, Roman!  Either they are crazy as hell or they’re some thieving motherfuckers!”

“Thieving?  Don’t you all have cameras everywhere?”

“These people don’t care!  I had a cook go into the cash register over the weekend without anyone noticing”

“Say what?  He did this while you were there?”

“Nah, I was off.  Corporate had a manager from the Loganville store to cover.  Now the better question is, where was the manager?”

“So he didn’t know the money was missing?”

“Hell naw, but I watched the video tape!  The cook was standing up front looking all suspicious and shit. Then he looked around before he keyed something into the register.  Then magically, the cash drawer popped open.  He took the cash and proceeded to the back of the store”

“So he stayed there and worked?”

“Yep, and nobody knew anything when I came in Monday morning”

“But why would you steal and stay there?  That’s dumb as hell”

“My thoughts exactly”

“So what do you do about the money?”

“Policy states that if the manager on duty fails to follow cash procedures, then they’re responsible.  Not necessarily to pay the money back, but there needs to be written documentation of the loss.  At least that’s what happens at most stores”

“And your store?”

“I did tell you about Terry, right?”

“That he’s crazy? Yeah, and ol’ boy sounds like he’s from the islands”

“Haiti, Saint-Marc to be exact.  And the crazy man believes in using his machete”

“Ah damn!”

“That cook returned the money when he found that Terry was looking for him!  That’s why I don’t worry too much about being robbed.  Terry handles shit”

“So what’s going to happen when ‘ol boy finds out about us?”

“He won’t find out.  Don’t you know that women are the best at hiding their affairs?”

“You can’t hide anything when your routine is off.  When you don’t give a man sex, he knows something is up.  Kinda like y’all when a man doesn’t get his nut”

“I’ve never had that problem”

“Indeed.  I can vouch for that”

“I’m sure you can love.  But why are we doing all this talking when you can be attending to me?”

She started to walk through her tulips again, but I had accomplished my task and motioned her to leave.  She glared at me as if I had wronged her.

“So you’re really gonna let me leave here wet and horny?”

“What part of “I quit my job” did you not understand?”

Right at that moment, there was a knock at the door.  I secured the door handle expecting Cheyenne to pull up her pants.  But unlike most normal people, she continued to sit there in her draws.  

“Aren’t you gonna put your clothes on?”

“Not until you give me what I want”

Like most women, Cheyenne thought her pussy gave her power over men.  Unfortunately, I had to make her understand who was truly in charge.

“Well, suit yourself”

I opened the door to see that it was my man, Clarence, the security guard.  Clarence and my unscheduled visitor were both surprised as they looked upon each other.  Cheyenne quickly put on her pants as the officer covered his eyes and stepped back out the door.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Ellis.  I didn’t know you had company”

“It’s all good my man.  How can I help you?”

“Mr. Ellis, you know I hate to do this, but Tom sent me to retrieve your badge and keys”

I took off my lanyard and stripped the keys from my keyring. 

“Thank you Mr. Ellis.  Again, I’m sorry for interrupting . . .”

“You’re alright Clarence”

“Let me know when you’re ready and I’ll take your things to your car”

“I’m ready right now”

I motioned for Cheyenne to come on.  My mistress grabbed her shades and quickly sprinted out the door.  Even though her eyes were covered, shame was painted all over her face.  The young officer grabbed my things and walked behind me as I headed out the door.  My fellow co-workers and staff were standing by their doors waving goodbye.  I gave a slight nod as I sailed through the glass doors.  Tom actually emerged from his cave and looked my way as I exited the building for the last time.

“Thank you for helping me with my things Clarence, but I’ll take it from here.  And here’s a little something for you and the new baby”

“Mr. Ellis, I can’t . . .”

“Yes you can!  I don’t work here anymore, remember?”

“Thank you sir.  Have fun on your tour”

“Thank you, I will.  And remember, if you need extra work or another job, just hit me up on my cell”

I retrieved my items and looked for Cheyenne.  She had walked to her car and was starting to get in.  I walked over and motioned her to roll down the window.

“So you’re just gonna leave and not say goodbye?”

“Why did you do me like that?

“Do you like what?  I told you to put on your clothes, but you didn’t want to.  That’s on you!  But if you want this dick, you’ll swallow your pride and follow me”

“Why should I follow you when . . .”

“Look, either you want it or you don’t.  I know a spot not too far from here where we can have our privacy.  That’s only if you want to”

I didn’t even wait on her response as I walked to my jeep.  A cool smile came over my face as I started to drive out of the parking lot.  When I got to the first stoplight, Cheyenne’s red Camry was following behind, just as I expected.

Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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