“I Want My Cake, And Yours Too”

“No Peaches!  I want you back in my life again”

I chuckled to myself as Mr. A-One stood there waiting for my response.  

“Am I being punked?  Who put you up to this?  I mean, really?”

Alonzo smirked as he unbuttoned his suit jacket and sat down in the ergonomic chair next to me.

“You got it all out now?  You finished?”

“C’mon Lonzo! You can’t be serious?  You can’t just pop back into my life after a fifteen year hiatus!  We can’t just pick back up where we left off?”

“And why not?”

“You must be on that good kush today if you think that’s how life works!”

Alonzo stared into my soul with those deadly green eyes.  My force field began to shatter as he drew closer to me.  

“Michelle, I simply want to give you everything we dreamt about back when we lived in The Commons.  From the flyest whips to going wherever whenever on a G5.  We have the opportunity to realize our dreams together”

Mr.Smooth Talker tried to inch closer, but I backed away just the same.  

“I hear you “Lonzo.  Material things meant a lot to me back then.  I played quite a few of y’all “ballers” to get the things I wanted.  But that was then and this is now.  I’m no longer the selfish young girl you knew.  I’ve matured, and now I’m living a very fulfilling life with my husband”

Alonzo smirked as he gave me a slow clap.

“I see some things still haven’t changed.  You’re still an ass, Lonzo!”

“I’m just trying to get over what you said”

“About living a great life with my husband?”

Alonzo nodded his head and then proceeded to pull a cell phone from his coat pocket.

“So is this the game you play?  You say you want one thing, but in reality you want something else?”

“Now Mr. Griffin, one thing about me is that I keep it real!  I’m not here to play any games!  I stopped doing that in college!”

“Well apparently, someone has hacked your account and has been having late night conversations with me, for at least several weeks”

“Several weeks?  How could I be talking to you when I just saw you again today?”

“Man, your husband’s in bad shape!  If you’re talking and sending videos to random . . . ”

At that moment, my world stopped.  Alonzo gave me his phone and showed me the video that I sent to him!   

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!  You can’t be!”

I could feel my head starting to shake from the inside.  I was uneasy, but it felt like I needed to hide instead of exposing the remains of my breakfast.  Before I blew a gasket, Alonzo offered me a bottled water.

“You alright?  I didn’t know me coming here was gonna make you spaz out and shit”

I took a second and swallowed some of the water.  I couldn’t believe the person that I had been having intimate conversations with was him!   

“Why didn’t you tell me it was you instead of calling yourself LangCheu22?  And then your image was that silver Bentley?  Is that even yours?”

“To answer your first question, I thought you would have figured out the clues I gave you in the name.  The first part referenced our Alma Mater, while the second gave light to the class I met you in”

“I can’t believe this!  I, can not, believe this!”

“And to answer your second question, the Bentley is mine, along with five others.  Now I have a question for you?”

I gulped down the rest of the water.  By now, I could feel sweat coming from every orifice of my body.  This was definitely not a good look, especially in red!  Damn, I wish I would have worn that black suit!

“Okay Alonzo.  Lay it on me”

“Why are you having late night conversations with me when you have a husband at home?  You made no mention of him when you just thought I was some rich shmo from up north trying to holla.  So why is my direct advance inappropriate, but our charades appropriate?”

“Because LangCheu22 wasn’t real”

“Come again?”

“”Lonzo, I had no intention of meeting up with your fake IG person.  It was nothing more than a night of fantasy living in a world that was not mine.  I wasn’t planning some secret hotel rendezvous outside of an airport.  The fantasy helped me scratch an itch and made me feel special.  You know”

“Look love, I get it.  You don’t have to defend yourself to me.  You’re married, but somehow along the way, the relationship got stale.  Maybe too plain according to old boy’s Linked In account”

“What?  You researched Illias too?”

“Of course!  My degree is in computer science!  I make it my business to know my opposition”

“But why are you going through all this trouble, for me, when you have Khadijah?  It doesn’t make sense!  She’s on top of the world right now.  According to what I briefly read about you, you’re on your way in the tech world too!  So why me, and why now?”

“You look at my material things and believe that I have it all, right? You look at my wife who is younger and believes she’s the greatest catch?”

“Well, yeah!  Isn’t that what you’ve been preaching this whole time?”

“But are we truly free if we are not happy?  If a man is not fulfilled in his being, he can gain all the money in the world and still not be satisfied.  He has to find that true meaning for himself so that he can be at peace.  I believe that you are that true meaning for me, Peaches.  You can’t tell me that these Thursday night calls haven’t been the highlight of your week?”

“I can’t front.  They have.  It’s great to present an idea to someone and they say let me partner with you in this endeavor instead of saying “You got this”.  I always wanted someone in my corner to cheer me on, whether I won or failed.  They would be there no matter what.  If I fail with M.O. Designs, there would be no more marriage.  Ilias can’t support my dream on a professor’s salary”

Alonzo grabbed my hand, locking it with his.

“Well I may have something that would make us both happy”

“And what is that?”
“How would you feel about being my wife?”

Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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