Cheatin’ In the Next Room

Tonight didn’t go exactly as planned.  Seeing how things went two years ago, I should’ve been prepared.  Chance had unlocked my corralled, forbidden emotions this morning at the grocery store.  And now, here I stood with his hand in mine, vulnerable to this moment again.  As we walked into the hotel, I remembered how I spent countless hours pondering about . . . . this.  

My dreams had various scenarios depending on the playlist.  If Luther was crooning, I would imagine Chance laying me down on the bed, staring into his sexy, brown eyes, singing along, making me feel like I was his only.  Professing his hopes and dreams and how they were wrapped inside of me.  If Ready For the World was on, I would play with myself, pretending my estranged lover was tasting every part of me. I would throw away my inhibitions and allow him to straddle me as I consumed every ounce of him.  I envisioned having uncontrollable orgasms, grabbing nearby pillows to stifle my screams. But due to my self-righteous cousin who reminded me of my current situation, my conscious was trying to get the better of me. I refused to let anything steal this time from me again! Besides, I needed this! So when we stepped into the iron cage, I threw the midnight love fantasies away and pounced Chance like a savage animal!


‘Baby . . . baby . . . we’ll be in the room . . . shor . . . shortly”


“I know, but I want you now!”


I continued to blitz Chance with a flurry of kisses as I pushed him against the wall.  He tried to push me away, but I grabbed one of his arms and pinned it to the wall.  My breasts held him in place as I continued my assault.  I allowed my free hand to massage his crotch. The resistance became less with each stroke. There was no need to hold him in place any longer.  I let my hands work their way into his jeans. I had to know what I was working with.


“Damn Chance!  We’re gonna have fun tonight!”


I gave a mischievous grin and continued to explore.  Just like I anticipated, my trusty steed was just right.  He wasn’t as long as Derek, but he was plenty thick! I could feel the veins around his member, anticipating my glory.  My lips began their descent to Chance’s chest. I could hear my hero breathing heavy, but still trying to remain dignified for whoever was watching on the small screen.  At this point, I didn’t give a fuck! I was going for mine! I started unbuttoning his shirt at the bottom so it wouldn’t be in the way. Just as I started unfastening his pants . . . . .




The elevator doors opened.  Chance didn’t want me to stop.  Neither did I! He pulled his pants together and whisked me down the hall.  He wrestled the hotel key from his back pocket and placed it over the scanner.  As the door opened, I followed him into the darkness. The moonlight shined through a window which hadn’t been closed yet.  It provided a perfect spotlight for the bed. Chance stopped at the couch and was about to turn on the television.


“Why are you turning on the T.V.?  You’ve got me tonight!”


“But I thought you would want some . . . . .”


Before he could finish, I placed my finger over his mouth and led him to the bed.  I knew Chance wanted to be romantic this evening, but it wasn’t that kind of show. I didn’t need any wedding song reminders making me feel guilty for being here.  I was going to give into my soul and feel every inch of the man I should have married.


When we got to the front of the bed, I pushed Chance onto the cotton white sheets.  


“Damn woman!  You’ve been in the gym!”


“Uh huh, and I’m about to work your dick out tonight!”


I quickly slid out of my dress and and climbed on top of him.  


“Now . . . . where was I?”


Our lips intertwined again.  I could tell that Chance wanted to take his time as he kissed me slow and long.  I tasted his apology every time our tongues passed. I felt the love that he had for me in his fingertips.  My heart was becoming overwhelmed. I couldn’t let my emotions take control of me. . . not yet . . . . . .


I crawled off of Chance and unloosened his pants.


“Wait baby!  We’ve got all night . . .”


I didn’t utter a word.  I continued and pulled down his briefs as well, leaving his muscle exposed and ready to be taken.  After I threw the underwear down, I jumped back on Chance. My lips and mouth were now savoring the thickness of his shaft.  My tongue took several spins around, inhaling the very depth of him. Chance was beyond words. I was now in full control.


“Grab my head baby!”


Chance was a little hesitant again, placing his hand on my shoulder.  I took his hand and placed it on my head. It wasn’t long before he was grabbing my locks and forcing himself into my mouth.  


“Oh Kyla!  Oh Kyla!”


I came up for air.


“Is it good baby?  Is it good?”


“Yes . . . Yes!”


I maneuvered my body so I could straddle his face while I continued to inspect his phallus some more.  Chance didn’t disappoint. After he dismissed my panties, he created magic as he explored the depth of my soul. It wasn’t long before I reached my first . . . . .


“Oooohhhhhh Chance!”


He held my hips in place as my legs shook.  He was gonna have me falling in love before too long!  I lifted my body and situated my torso over his shaft. I took my lover in my hand before taking his thickness into my soul.


“Baby . . . . baby . . . . I have some . . . . .”


Before I descended, I looked back at my conscious conqueror.


“Don’t worry babe.  My tubes are tied. We’re good here”


And with that being said, I took my rightful place upon him.  I grabbed his legs and eased my way on. He felt like heaven inside of me!  He was touching every part, just like in my dreams! I proceeded at a rather slow pace until I felt the second one coming on . . . .


“Chance!  Damn it Chance!  Damn!”


After the aftershocks dissipated, I gathered myself and squatted on top of him.  The third came like a summer storm . . . . .




I could feel the wetness underneath my knees as I fell out of my position.  Then Chance said something that had me on cloud nine . . . .


“I wanna see your face as we make love, Kyla”


There was no smart rebuttal.  I simply turned around.  His eyes surveyed me as I started to climb on again.


“Don’t hide them from me baby.  Take it off.  I want to taste them”


He licked his lips as I unshackled my girls. As soon as the bra hit the floor, Chance pulled me close and started to kiss and suck every part of my chest.  He made my body quiver to the point I couldn’t think straight anymore!  Without warning, I placed Chance in the other side of me.  His eyes grew big as he could feel the difference. I grabbed his hands and placed them back on my hips.


“Fuck me baby!  Fuck me good!”


He began to rock me up and down on his shaft.  He felt soooooooo good! My soul was rubbing against his body, which made my fifth orgasm more explosive than the last!  




I bit my lip and kept going because I could feel Chance beginning to swell.


“C’mon baby!  Come for me!”


I could tell that he was trying to hold on but there was nothing he could do!  He gave in to his desires and blessed me with every drop of him. The way he groaned and gasped for air made me believe he was about to have a heart attack!


“Chance?  Are you alright baby?”


My brave champion couldn’t gather the words as he continued to tremble underneath me.  All he could do was nod his head yes.  After I made sure I had gotten every ounce, I dismounted.  I gathered my things and went into the bathroom.  Nothing was clouding my mind. I was feeling like a real woman again. I needed it more than Chance would ever know.  


As I sat on the toilet, I checked my phone for missed messages.  Derek had called ten times and left twenty text messages! 


“Damn this crazy ninja here!”


Lucky for me, Kenya had a baby shower that was probably still going on back at Logan’s.  Good ol’ cuz would provide me with the perfect alibi!  I thought about what details to add as I took a quick shower.  Once the smell of Chance was off of me, I threw on my clothes and proceeded to leave.


“Are you leaving already?  I thought you were going to spend the night?”


“Unfortunately, I need to get back home to the kids.  My mom thinks that I’m still seventeen, talking about she wants me to be home at a decent hour.  Says that I need to be a good example for the boys”


“Yeah, I can understand that.  So are you coming to the show tomorrow night?  I can have you and your girls sit in VIP?”


“Thank you for the offer Chance, but Marcus has some summer school function tomorrow night”


“Okay . . . .So was this just a one time thing?  I was hoping for more . . . . .”




“Yes . . . . as in a date.  When can I see you again?”


“Wow!  I can’t believe Mr. Big Time wants to see me again!”


“Why wouldn’t I?  I haven’t stopped caring about you.  I don’t think I will”


“I hope you don’t, Chance!  I care about you too.  Hopefully the next time you come back into town we can have a second date.  Maybe we can see where this goes . . . . ”


“I’d like that Kyla”


And with that remark, I kissed him on the cheek and hurried out the door.  Yes, Chance would see me again . . . . now that he was mine. . . .



Written by The Wednesday Gentleman


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