Why Won’t He Have Sex With Me? Part 2

The clock inside my car read 8:15 p.m.  It was finally time to make my fashionably late entrance.  You see, I didn’t want Chance to know that he had been occupying every part of mind since we said goodbye. His smell permeated my nostrils and sent my emotions out of control.  At any rate, I wasn’t going to let him know that I dreamt of his touch during my private time. I wasn’t going to let him know that I had been ready since seven. I didn’t want him to know that I had been sitting in the Best Buy parking lot for the past thirty minutes!  And I definitely didn’t want him to think I was thirsty, although my lips were slightly parched.


When I stepped out the car, I knew I had done something right!  Patrons young, old, male, and female were awestruck by my lavender sundress.  I have to say, I loved it too! Yeah, my wardrobe selection for this evening may have been a little too fancy for the establishment, but I needed Chance to crave me tonight!  It was necessary for him to be hypnotized by my hips and thighs, which were powerful inside the dress.  I wanted him to imagine himself pulling my reddish brown locs back and subduing me on the table, giving me every inch of his goodness.  So when I walked in, I activated my superpower. Before the waitress could ask me anything, Chance was waving frantically from a table by the bar ahead of me.  I thanked the young counter server and prepared myself to be subdued.  As I came near, I could see Chance’s jaw literally hit the floor!


“My god woman!  You are some kinda beautiful tonight!”


“Why thank you kind sir!  You don’t look too bad yourself”


Before Chance could do the honors, two of the barkeeps raced over to my side, battling to pull out my seat!  My date chuckled as the two young men realized that they were making a spectacle of themselves! The guests around us shared in the giggles.  Me? I thought it was a sweet gesture. I shot a smile their way as they apologized for their horny eagerness. I took my seat while Chance sat there smirking like a Cheshire cat.


“And what are you grinning about?”


“You know what I’m laughing at!  Those two guys fighting over you”


“So you don’t think I’m worth being fought over?”


“I do Kyla.  That is the very reason I’m here tonight”


“Is that right Mr. Songwriter?”


“It definitely is”


I kept my poise and played it cool while our actual waitress came over and took our drink orders.  Chance always had to have that fruit burst “tea”. Always. According to what he told me during our late night conversations, he never deviated from it.  In fact, that was the only reason he would frequent an establishment with peanut shells all over the ground!  Chance had a simplistic consistency in just about everything he did, which turned me on.  Even his attire tonight was simple, but sexy.  Brother could take a plain black button down and jeans and make it look like a million dollars!  I guess the biceps that looked like boulders didn’t hurt the cause either! Did I mention that he still smelled like some great day in the morning?  Jesus be a fence!


“So Kyla, what have you been doing with yourself?  How are the boys?”


The same ol’, same ol’.  Boys are doing better now that my momma’s in the picture”


“I know that’s a load off your shoulders.  I remember you were at wits end with Marcus . . .”


The end was more like it!  For a minute there, I didn’t think Marcus was going to make it out of middle school.  With him getting into fights almost every day? But now he’s going into his junior year with an overall A average”


“That’s great Kyla!  I’m so proud of him!”


If Chance only knew the nights I cried and prayed for Marcus.  I would have thought that my youngest would have had a problem with my last relationship, but it was my oldest. And it was all my fault. Between you and me, I shouldn’t have moved the last dude in my place so quickly. But I fell in love with the dick. . . .and he gave me that sad story of being thrown out of the house by his wife unjustly. . . .  and I thought that he would be a good role model for the boys. . . you know, with him being a cop and all. At the end of the day, that sorry ninja was just as crooked as the people he was arresting! But that’s another story . . . . .


After the waitress took our orders, I fixed my eyes on Chance who was busy texting someone.  Probably some ‘ol cheap hoe . . . . .


“So is that Uncle Charlie requesting your presence for a late night rehearsal or something?”


He laughed at my question.


“Did I miss something Mr. Waters?”


“I’m laughing at your facial expression Kyla.  You probably thinking I’m making plans with some other woman while I’m here with you, right?”


“Well isn’t that what you entertainment types do?  Bag as many thots as you can? And seeing that you are home again, I’m sure there are plenty of women that wouldn’t mind being with you”


The face that was once full of laughter suddenly turned into concern.


“Okay Kyla, what’s really going on?”


I needed to get this off my chest.  I didn’t want it to go sideways here, but I needed to know.


“Chance, did you ever ask yourself why I wouldn’t return any of your calls or texts after that night?”


“I did, which is why I tried to reach you for several days.  But you wouldn’t return any of my texts or phone calls”


“Chance, I didn’t return your correspondence because you . . . . you . . . .you refused to have sex with me!”


He quickly looked around to see if any of the customers heard what I had just said.


“You wanna have this conversation now?”


“Yes!  I wanna know why?  Were you fucking somebody else?  Was I not attractive enough for you?  Was being in a relationship with a bus driver below your standards?”


I was trying not to get emotional, but all the feelings I had that last time we spent together started to emerge.  We both wanted each other! We had talked about it the night before. Hell, I spent the final four hours telling him specifics as to how I wanted it!  And still, after all of that, no lick or stick! I even had on my tiny black dress that barely covered my God given assets.  How could he escort me out of his house like I was the help without even tasting the rainbow?  He had already told me he boned Sarah from DialAmerica! Now if he could give her ugly ass the royal treatment, what about me?


Before he replied, Chance took my hand.  There was no singing to accompany his touch this go round.  He cleared his throat and his demeanor became very serious.


“Kyla, first of all, I apologize if you feel I misled you that night”


“Misled . . .”


“Let me finish please.  I’d been waiting for that night just as much as you.  For me, it was more than just having sex. It was about consummating our love and friendship and moving forward as a couple.  To work together on a union that could never be broken. That was what that night symbolized for me”


“So what happened?  I mean, I gave you all the signals! Why did you push me away?”


“Well prior to your arrival, I received a call from a former acquaintance of mine.  She was cheating on her husband with me while he was cheating on her with a co-worker.  My acquaintance didn’t know her husband was cheating until she went to the doctor for some vaginal pain.  She found out she had the clap”


“Say what?”


“Yeah.  She told me to get checked out because I may have contracted it as well.  I didn’t want to take the risk of you getting infected so I abstained until I could be sure.  Turns out, I didn’t have it”


“So why didn’t you just tell me Chance?”


“Ummm . . . . what was I supposed to say Kyla?  Hey babe, one of my old jump offs just told me I may have the clap!  Nah! I wasn’t going to do that!”


“So you just let me believe that I was unattractive?”


“Kyla, are you not hearing what I said?  I waited for you. I wanted you for you. Not just to be some other woman I laid down with”


“But you let me believe that I was unworthy . . . “


“Kyla, Kyla.  You’re going on about the sex, but I had good reason not to”


“You could have cancelled!”


“Really?  And then I would have been the bad guy for attempting to reschedule two hours before the date! That wouldn’t have played well either.  I didn’t know what else to do love.  I’m sorry”


I sat there with my arms crossed.  He wasted a perfectly good evening by not telling me the truth.  More than that, he wasted two years we could have had getting to know one another more. 


“Damn Chance”


The appetizers came out along with our second round of drinks.  I was still wrestling with the fact that Chance led me on. Even though his intentions may have been good, I would have preferred him cancelling the date.


“So is that unforgivable Kyla?”


I wanted to remain mad but he started doing that song thing again . . . . .


“See I’ve been waiting, for a love like yours

To come knocking at my door, so tell me what you’re looking for baby,

See I’ve been searching for a lifetime, just to meet love again

So take my hand and let me lead the way

Cause you’re the one for me me, and I’m the one for you

So come share my world with me”


He knew I couldn’t resist his soothing tenor and neither could the people in the restaurant! Applause and whistles filled the place. I could hear women shouting . . .


“Girl if you don’t want him, I’ll take him!”


I shook my head and smiled.  I decided to let my guard down and enjoy my Romeo for the evening.


“So can we pick up where we left off Kyla?  That is, if you’re not taken?”


Just as I was about to tell him to meet me at my car in ten minutes, a familiar face came from the back. 


“Kyla?  Is that you?”



Written by the Wednesday Gentleman



3 thoughts on “Why Won’t He Have Sex With Me? Part 2

  1. I really enjoyed reading this I think he did the right thing by waiting so he could make sure he was clean and that he was waiting for her because he wanted to have a real relationship with her I think she should forgive him and start over I would love to read part 3

      1. That’s great I’ll be waiting to read it this will be my bed time story thank you for your reply

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