My opposition began to eat her bread as her eyes continued to throw daggers at me.  This would have been the perfect time to let my anxiety take control and leave, but I was already here.  Matter of fact, Alonzo wanted me here!  So instead of the subdued, forty something year old Michelle apologizing for her lust, the “I don’t give a fuck” twenty year old version rose up and said, 

“That’s funny.  Didn’t I already sign a non-disclosure with rules already in place?”

Khadijah removed the hood from her head.  She sucked her teeth fiercely before responding.

“Hmmmm.  I didn’t think that you would agree to those terms, seeing that you could possibly lose your company.  Alonzo must really be worth the risk?”

“Lose my company?  I don’t remember seeing that clause in there!”

A cool smile came over Khadijah’s face as she produced the papers I had just signed.  She turned to a particular page before handing them over to me. 

“You might wanna start on page three.  That’s where it gets interesting”

There was no skimming this time.  I sat there and read all the licit terminology.  As I continued to go down the page, I could hear my soon to be nemesis enjoying her butter rolls just a little too much.  My eyes were fixed on Khadijah as she continued to inhale her food.  

Girl, you really need to try these rolls!  They taste just like Krispy Kreme donuts!  And when you put the butter on them? Mmmmm mmmm!”

“You’re trying to play me, aren’t you?”

Ms. Superstar finished her bread as the waitress brought out my drinks.  Before she could sit them on my side of the table, my host intercepted one and said,

“You ordered one for me, too?  You’re so considerate!  How did you know this was my favorite?”

My anger was lit, but I remained composed.

“Let’s get back to this clause about you taking my business”

“And what’s the problem with that?  I mean, you came here because you want to fuck my husband, right?”

“But with these strings attached?”

“Now Mrs. Owens, there has to be rules to keep everyone honest.  That’s the only way this little arrangement works”

Just as I was about to inquire, the young stewardess came back with these ginormous steak rolls and fries for the table.  She bowed to Khadijah and I before she scurried away.  I wanted to complain to my host about not allowing me to order, but instead I began to reach for my drink.  Before I could consume the enticing depressant, Ms. Diva interjected.

“May I suggest an appetizer before you start?  These drinks will make you tipsy in no time!”

Despite not wanting any of the fried death traps, I took one. begrudgingly.

“So let me ask you Michelle, do you have a problem with the clause because your plan was to take Alonzo from me?  That he would prefer to live forever with you instead of me?”

“That wasn’t the plan, but you know men”

“And what does that mean exactly?”

“I mean I was the first woman he ever loved and more than likely the only one to ever leave him.  He did tell you that, with you two being honest and all?”

Khadijah sucked her teeth again, this time with a distinct scowl on her face.

“Unfortunately he has and I have to say, you are probably the reason why I’m so successful today”

“Say what?”

“When we started dating, Alonzo talked about you whenever we brought up relationships.  You were the beginning, middle, and the end.  He would go on about how intelligent you were, how skillful you were in bed.  After a year of hearing that shit, I decided to give him something else to focus on, my career”

“Well it seems that your plan worked because you’re married to him now”

“Yes it did, but you also have to know that I will do anything to keep what I have.  I’ve sacrificed too much, worked too hard for a jump off to take what I’ve built.  The long days of rehearsals, studio recordings, festivals, and tours.  The fact that I’m willing to compromise my bedroom should tell you something”  

“It tells me that you are not enough for him”

Khadijah chuckled to herself.

“So you think that you’re enough for Alonzo?  Oh, because you two had this “emotional bond” back in the day?  Need I remind you of the man you have at home who doesn’t want you anymore?”

I froze in my seat.  There was nothing I could say.  The little bitch was right. 

“Michelle, I like you.  For a woman your age, you’ve still got your beauty and a pretty decent figure.  You’re finally establishing yourself without having to be associated with that low budget TV show”

A woman my age?!  I could feel my slap hand starting to itch, but I let the tiny tot continue.  

“You see, I understand Alonzo and he understands me.  We don’t suppress each other’s sexual needs.  If there’s someone he wants to try, I’ll oblige.  If there’s someone I want to try, he obliges”

“That’s not the way normal relationships work”

“It may not be your version of normal, but it works for us.  He’s a famous man who is wanted by hundreds of women while I’m a global phenomenon wanted by millions.  Given that we are of the same mind, we’re game for living out our fantasies”


“Suppressing your needs will only make them grow and lead to foolish mistakes.  In this age of technology, there’s no such thing as a subtle kiss between friends.  Someone is always lurking, scheming for your downfall.  By us being totally transparent and having rules in place, we keep the wolves at bay”

Despite her arrogance, I found truth in her logic.  Restraining myself for so many years was the reason I was sitting across from this child, begging to be with a man who should have always been mine.  I had to be a fool to risk losing my company, but I was willing to take it.  In fact, I began to embrace the challenge. 

“Okay, I hear you.  So how do we keep the wolves at bay?  What are the unwritten rules that I need to follow?”

“The most important rule is that when you are with Alonzo, I’m in the room as well”

I started to choke on my steak roll!

“Soooooo, you want to be with me too?”

“No offense Michelle, but you’re not my type.  I tend to like my women a little more manly”

“So you’re going to watch while we . . .”

“If I choose.  More than likely I’ll join in”

“But I thought . . .”

“We can both have Alonzo and not touch each other!  C’mon sis!”

“I guess I’m behind the times”

“Not every threesome involves all three people kissing and fucking each other”

“So Alonzo is not . . ”

“Hell no!  Alonzo loves women! The men that I tend to bring home are intimidated by Alonzo’s size.  They tend to sit in the corner while me and hubby get it on.  The others simply can’t last so I hardly ever get the double penetration that I want anyhow.  Better off having a lady with a strap on”

“Okay, so I can’t have sex without you present.  Is there anything else?”

“That’s the main thing.  Everything else is covered in the agreement”

“Good.  So I should expect a call from Alonzo tonight?”

“More than likely, yes”

“Cool.  Then I guess I’ll be seeing you tomorrow.  Enjoy your meal”

I smiled as I rose from my seat.  Security handed me my belongings as I exited the premises. I drove down the highway unable to wipe the grin from my face.  I was never good at following rules, but I was the best at manipulating them!  Whether the tiny tot knew it or not, I was gonna take Alonzo using her own rules against her!  I’d fuck Alonzo so good and often that she would have no choice but to surrender!  Then I would have the man that should have always been mine.


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