I Wish He Didn’t Trust Me So Much

It was a quarter to ten before I pulled in the driveway.  I was praying that Ilias was already home.  The visit from Alonzo had my pussy wanting some meat inside, even if it was for a few minutes.  Unfortunately when the garage door opened, his Infiniti truck wasn’t there.  I had hoped the video I sent of me touching myself would have made hubby leave his rehearsal and hurry home.  But I guess after so many years, my milkshake had lost its flavor.  Just as rejection attempted to sneak in, my ego intercepted and said, 

“What we NOT about to do is sulk over some impotent dick!  Shit girl, you just knocked out some of your best sketches and samples in record time!  We need to celebrate!  Pull out that dildo and let’s revisit that porn from this morning! Oh, and we need some libations and music for this party!”

A cool smile ran across my face as I eased into the house and over to the refrigerator.  After retrieving the Ciroc, I gathered some suitable chasers as my lips started to sing,

“Can I touch you there, fingers through your hair

Baby, don’t be scared ‘cuz I’ve got you,

Where you need to be, hold you tenderly

Somethin’ you won’t forget”

Pineapples and vodka filled my cup as I queued up 112.  The song transported me back to when Alonzo introduced me to love on the dorm room floor.  He was so deliberate with his kisses that I felt limp in his arms.  He slowly ate from my tree, causing me to experience intimacy in a whole new way.  When I thought I couldn’t get any higher, he penetrated me, stretching my soul to limits unknown.  

My nipples were begging to be released.  I grabbed my concoction and headed up the stairs.  It only took ten seconds before my devices were synced and the candles were lit.  I put on my “fuck me” playlist and headed to the shower.  As R Kelly came across the speaker, I continued dreaming about Alonzo.  Every time we were together, he wanted me to feel sexy.  Whether it was buying me lingerie or sending me love notes throughout the day, he made a sista feel good.  

“So you want me to wear the red thong, daddy?  Okay, give me a minute”

I stepped out of the shower and dried off.  I made sure that my body was properly moisturized before proceeding to the bedroom.  Somehow, my red lace teddy was already on the bed with my battery powered friend.  After I put on the evening wear, I took a moment to look at myself in the mirror.  I could feel Alonzo holding my breasts, whispering in my ear,

“Sit back in the chair, my baby

Cuz I’m about to go there, my baby

Do what you been hopin’ baby

Tonight I’m gonna pull a switcheroo

Do you mind if I strip for you?”

“Oh, you wanna strip for ME tonight?  I’m with that!”

Within moments, I was on the bed with my vibrator in hand. My mind was fully engaged in the fantasy as Alonzo began to take off his clothes.  It wasn’t long before the juices began to simmer in my pot, waiting for his massive tool to come inside.

“Please baby, fuck me!  Please!”

“Not yet.  I need to taste you first”

My legs came open as I could feel him kiss my clit, over and over, and over.

“I’m gonna scream!  I’m gonna scream! I’m gonna . . . “


The lights came on and Alonzo disappeared.  Instead of my healthy steed, there was my unwholesome husband, standing there in judgment.

“So this is what you do when I’m not home?  Listening to a pedophile while you masturbate?”

I wasn’t going to let this man destroy my high!  Not tonight!  Shit, I needed this release!  So instead of putting away my toys and repenting for lust, I decided to allow my husband to join in.

“I was trying to wait until you got home”

“Yeah, I got your message, but me and the guys were trying out some new music.  And man, when I tell you the worship was incredible?  Whew! God showed up and showed out!  I guess we lost track of time”

“Well do you mind coming over here and giving me that sanctified dick of yours?”

“Michelle?  What’s gotten into you?”

“Ilias, please?  It’s been over three months”

“Are you sure about that?  I think you’re being a little extra!”

With every word he spoke, my valley started to dry up.  Refusing to lose this orgasm I had built up all day, I rose from the bed and sashayed over to where Ilias stood.

“So professor, do you like what you see?”

“Well, yes.  You’re always . . .”

Before he could destroy the mood entirely, I shoved my tongue down his throat.  I loosened his belt and started to take off his slacks.

“Michelle, what are you . . .”

I had him in my mouth before he could utter another word.  

“Michelle, can I, can I, take, a shower first?”

He attempted to step back so that he could break free, but I wasn’t having it!  I grabbed on to his thighs and gobbled him up until all he could say was,

“Ahhhh, ahhhhhh!”

When I had him ripe, I let my throat grip go and crawled onto the bed.

“C’mon and take this pussy baby!”

I was anticipating the heat from his shaft filling me up.  Instead, my misguided mate was walking around the bedroom aimlessly.

“What’s the matter babe?”

“I’m looking for the remote to turn this stuff off.  Ah, here it is!”

My mood music was gone, but I didn’t need it anymore.  I just needed his meat.

“C’mon Ilias, I’ve been waiting all day for this”

Instead of coming up behind me and giving me the business, my lackluster husband took off his shirt and laid on his back.

“You ready to ride?”

“I thought you were gonna hit it from the back, daddy?  Don’t you like my ass?”

“Yeah baby, but I’m tired and you know about my blood pressure”

If I could have strangled him right there, I would have!  There was always some excuse when it came to having sex.  He refused to workout.  He refused to eat right.  He refused to be seen by a doctor, but yet I was his doctor, nurse, and standing attendant!  He seemed to have all the energy for the school and church, but never enough for me.  Tonight I really wanted to believe that Ilias truly cared about my needs.  That he would at least try, but as I climbed across his big ass belly, my hope died.

“Oh Michelle!”

It hadn’t been thirty seconds and I could already feel him start to make the stretch run.  I needed this to be over so I played along.

“Give me all that nut, baby!  Give it to me!”

“I’m a give it to yo, oh, oh, ohhhhhh!”

“I’m coming too baby!  I’m coming too!”

I could feel all his heat rush inside of me.  I never felt so alone as I did at that moment. 

“That was a lot!  Let me go and get you a hot towel”

“Thank you honey.  I love you”

I stayed in character as I went into the washroom.  I started the shower and proceeded to wet the rag.  After a minute, I went back out to the bed only to find Ilias snoring.  I retreated back to the bathroom and closed the door.  I took off the teddy and hid my tears inside the glass tower. 

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