The Excuses We Can’t Let Go, Part II

“So are you going to sign?”

She looked at me with hunger in her eyes. She took off her garment completely, her body totally exposed. Erica’s lustful thirst reminded me of a late night Cinemax movie.  I guess this was the part where I was supposed to take my antagonist and have passionate sex with her?  In doing so, I would allow her pretty pussy to manipulate me.  However, I refused to be enticed by this siren’s song.  Instead of being mesmerized by her perfectly perky tits, I simply said,

“Erica, what the fuck are you doing?”

She bit her lip, while her hand descended into her nether region.

“Don’t you, remember, all of the good times we had in this kitchen?”

I scratched my head in disbelief.

“Really?  Is this what we’re doing right now?”

“The Marcus I married wouldn’t be standing there wanting me to sign some papers.  He would be eating, this delicious, mmmmmm”

Erica’s nipples grew harder as she masturbated in front of me.  

“Don’t you remember how you bent me over and gave me every inch of that dick?”

She took her wet fingers and licked them.  Then, she laid her torso across the island.  

“C’mon baby.  Please?  For old time’s sake?”

My antagonist continued her erotic persuasion as two of her fingers caressed the inside of her soul.

“Marcus, Marcus, oh baby please, oh baby”

The more she moaned, the angrier I got.  For as sensual as she was now, she was never that way while we were together.  You see, I was the one that always had to initiate sex.  Whenever she decided to let me partake of her yellow cake, she treated it as a chore.  Then to make matters worse, she would complain if our love making went over ten minutes!  If I ever voiced my displeasure, she would remind me what a catch she was, showing me her one million followers on Instagram.  Like a dumb ass, I would drink the kool-aid because Erica was the prettiest woman I ever dated.  Despite her self-centeredness, I needed her on my arm to feel better about myself.  But pretty can only buy you so much patience.

“Erica, could you just sign the papers?  I really need to be going”

She scoffed at my remark as she stood upright again.

“You’re going to look at this, this masterpiece and still want me to sign?  I’m giving you what you always wanted, Marcus!”

“No, you’re not.  You’re only doing this because you’ve never been dumped before.  Besides, I need someone to help me to the next level”

“But I’ve helped you, baby!  I’ve been nothing but good to you!”

“No ma’am, you’ve been a hindrance.  A yoke on my neck that I’ve been trying to break free of for years”

Erica shook her head in defiance.  

“I don’t believe you!  You got some other bitch, don’t you?  Is it Ashley?  I bet it’s Hansley, isn’t it?”

“Why do you think it’s somebody from your church?  I stopped going there a year ago”

“I see you on their pages liking all of their stupid ass pics!”

Erica’s green eyes honed in on me.  She didn’t even suspect that I would date a sista!  Poor girl thought I was only into her kind.

“Look, I want to live my life on my terms.  For years now, you’ve been holding me back from who I truly am”

“How the hell am I holding you back?  Didn’t I tell you about that Publix job?”

“No.  You guilted me into taking it despite the pay cut.  Then you reminded me how much I wasn’t bringing in every pay period”

“How?  I did no such thing!  You’re a liar!”

“Every other day you brought up how you and your girlfriends were making moves.  You would plan all these lavish trips with no plans to take me.  Whenever I questioned you about it, you’d get on your soapbox and tell me women could spend their money how they wanted”

“I can’t help that I’m a boss!  But I get it, you’re jealous!  You’ve always been envious of my hustle!”

“Envious?  Erica, we were supposed to rise together.  You stopped caring about my dreams when we said ‘I do’.  You were against me going into music.  You wouldn’t even get me a meeting and you work for one of the biggest record companies in the U.S!”

“I don’t have that kind of pull, Marcus.  Besides, if your music was all that, you could have gotten a deal yourself!  You don’t need an assist from me!”

“But you helped several of your friends get a deal!  Hell, you even did their social media to help them get signed!  And you couldn’t even be bothered to be an administrator on your husband’s  page!”

“I don’t wanna see all those women fawning over you!  Them trying to get that dick!  That’s my property!”

“But you don’t have any issues giving away your pussy, do you?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about the real reason why you took your robe off.  You’re trying to distract me from the fact that some other motherfucker is in the house.  I saw the wine glasses in the other room”

“Even though you left me without saying goodbye, you still think I’m the bad guy, huh?  I’m trying to rekindle what we had and you’re more concerned about Teresa’s wine glass”

“Teresa?  I thought you said Tammy?”

Erica paused as she knew I had her trapped in the lie.  But instead of confessing, she fell to the floor and began to crawl towards me.   

“Marcus, you’re turning me on!  Let me suck that dick!”

She started for my zipper, but I quickly pushed her away.

“I’ve had enough of the stall tactics!  Let me see if ol’ boy upstairs can help me get my papers signed”

As soon as I turned around, this half naked, country bred negro came charging toward me! Unfortunately for him, my bullet caught him in the leg before he could make it.

“Awwwww fuck!”

He reeled around on the floor, grabbing his leg.

“Dammit man!  I have a competition in two weeks!  You done fucked . . .”

I shot him in the other leg.  I could hear Erica scream as I bent over him.  Oz came through the door, shot gun drawn.  

“Mr. Moshe!  Are you okay?”

“I’m good Oz, I’m good.  Erica was just about to sign the papers, weren’t you honey?”

Written by The Wednesday Gentleman

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