Brown Sugar Butter Cookies

“You’re gonna keep to your left sir.  The movie will be on screen two”

I followed the instructions of the attendant and quickly began to search for my old friend’s car.  After several minutes, I spotted her white Benz parked to the far right of the field.  Instead of pulling up next to her, I stationed my ride next to the concession stand.  I got out and purchased two cheeseburgers before making my way over to Savannah.

“You and these burgers, Marcus!  Some things never change!”

I smiled and handed the provisions over to my companion.  As I climbed into her tinted chariot, I couldn’t help but pause, admiring the outfit that she was wearing.

“Do you like my interpretation of Valkyrie?”

Oh yes!  Yes I did!  Even though I couldn’t find the words to articulate my visual delight, she already knew.    

“I’m glad that I could make you smile, my friend”

I managed to nod my head in agreement.

“It’s been too long, Savannah.  I’ve missed you”

“I’ve missed you too, love.  Imagine my surprise when you said you wanted to meet up?  We haven’t seen each other since . . .”

“Yeah, I know.  I wanted you to be happy with him so I thought it was best to give us distance.  But right now, I really need you”

My old friend reached for my hand and said,

“I’m here now, babe.  And for the next two hours, I’m going to take your mind off your troubles”

Savannah grabbed her purse and pulled out the brown sugar.  She cracked the windows open before she lit the hash.  As the movie began, smoke filled the air.

“Aren’t we supposed to be watching the movie?”

“Marcus, really?”

“You know this is tough for me”

“That’s why I brought the truth serum.  Here, take a hit so you can put your mind at ease”

I started to take the cigar, but then remembered why I couldn’t.

“You turning down weed? You really are going through!”

“It’s been a minute and honestly, I’m abstaining while I search for another job”

“Another job? Your LinkedIn page said you started a new gig several months ago.  What happened?”

I refused to speak.  I turned my attention to the movie screen trying to forget the mistake I made.  After smoking by herself for several minutes, Savannah put out the blunt and closed the windows back.  She unbuckled her seat belt and began to kiss my lips.  I could feel her hand run across my leg as she began to free me.

“What . . .”

“Aht, aht, aht. The counselor knows best, remember?  Since you can’t have a smoke, this may be more to your liking.  Now tell me what’s going on?”

As my shaft began to feel the breeze, her hand greeted me. I tried desperately to catch my breath as she enticed me to full growth.

“What kind of therapy is this doctor?”

Trust me Marcus, you’ll like it.  Now what’s going on?  Why are you looking for another job?”

“Because the one, the one I’m at, it’s a, it’s a shit show”

The softness of Savannah’s hands alleviated my anxiety.  I felt more relief with each stroke.  The sound from the big screen dissipated.  We were no longer in a car on a Saturday night.  Mentally, I was lying on a couch back in her office.

“Go on Marcus”

“I, I took a ten thousand dollar pay cut for this job, thinking it was less stress”

“And it’s not?”

“No it’s not.  Now I’m stuck in a situation I’m desperately trying to get out of”

“Do you think you’ve given your employer a fair shot?  Is the job really that bad, or are you experiencing financial hardships because of your decision?”

“It’s really that bad doctor.  The store manager and his apprentice have been doing everything to limit my authority.  I can’t hire anyone.  I can’t fire anyone.  I can’t reprimand anyone.  I’m pretty much a high paid line cook”

“Help me understand.  If you don’t have any responsibility, why is it stressful?”

“Because I’m a joke, Savannah.  I’m not respected by my staff.  I’m not respected by my bosses.  I’m belittled by the store manager who happens to be a brother.  The assistant manager who tries to emasculate me every day is a racist”

“Wow Marcus!  I can see how that would make you feel uneasy”

“I’m mentally drained when I come home every day.  When I try to tell Erica about it, she just says that God has placed me there for such a time as this.  Whatever the hell that means!”

“So your wife is not supportive of you at this time either?”

I took a deep breath as my psychologist continued her warm hand massage.

“No she’s not.  Instead of getting me off, she’s throwing bible verses at me.  Instead of helping me find jobs, she’s busy making TikTok videos!”

“How does all of this make you feel?”

“Like a failure.  Like a big failure”

“But you’re not babe.  No one gets it right all the time”

“But my wrong choices outweigh the good ones. Instead of being patient with my job search, I rushed into a position that demeans me daily.  Instead of settling down with you, I rushed into a marriage with Erica.  Now look at me?  I’m scared to make a move in any direction”

I felt the tightness in my throat.  I couldn’t be hard anymore.  Savannah took her soft hands and placed them on my face.  Her lips rescued me once again and resuscitated my dying spirit.

“Baby no matter what, you always got me.  Always”

A smile came over me as the warmth of her tongue ran up against my ear.

“Now the Marcus I know wouldn’t take shit lying down.  What are you doing about the job situation?”

“Like I said, I’ve been applying.  If I had some interviews, that would make me feel better.  At least give me some hope”

“I have a client that owns several restaurants here.  I’m sure he could use someone with your expertise”

Without hesitation, Savannah grabbed her phone and worked her magic.

“I just sent your contact information to Eric Houston”

“The Eric Houston?”

“Yeah, he owes me a favor.  You should expect a call from him in the morning.  Now that that is handled, what are you gonna do about Erica?”

“That I don’t know”

“I believe I can help you with that too.  Lay back”


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