Father Forgive Me For My Indiscretions

“I know women normally don’t do this, but Roman Ellis, will you do me the honor of being my new husband?”

She didn’t just say what I thought she said, did she? My mind attempted to make sense of the insane proposition, but it couldn’t.  There was no possible way that the last sixty seconds were real!  But as I felt the blood from my shoulder, I knew that this was more than an unpleasant dream.  No this, this was real, and I was the cause of it.

“Cheyenne, are you proposing to me after killing Porsha?”

“Well, I mean, it seemed like the best time!”

“The best time?”

I pointed to my blood soaked shoulder.

“Oh, Roman!  I’m so sorry!  I didn’t mean to shoot you!  Let me get something for that”

Cheyenne got up and sprinted toward the bathroom.  Finally, I had the opening I needed to escape! Fear was trying to keep me captive, but my ego had emerged from the shadows screaming,

“Run nigga, run!”

I couldn’t wait around for security to plead my case.  Of course I could tell them what happened, but then there was all the shit that transpired prior to this moment.  First of all, Porsha was an escort.  Second, I was seen with Porsha going up to the suite.  Mind you, I not only blamed Porsha for the deterioration of my marriage downstairs, I also stated that tidbit in divorce court!  What attorney wouldn’t put two and two together?  I was dead to rights even though I didn’t do it!  There was no way Cheyenne was gonna cop to the crime.  She had already admitted to getting away with killing her husband!  And even if she was silly enough to do so, the lawyers would find enough evidence to link us as co-conspirators.  

I took a deep breath and slowly started to pull on the handle.  As the door began to open, I saw something move out of the corner of my eye.  It was Porsha, struggling to get to her feet.  I hustled over to assist my fallen courtesan.

“Porsha!  You’re alive!”

“Yeah, I’m alive!  Ankle’s messed up though.  What the fuck are you still doing here?”

“Saving you!  Now come on before she comes back out!”

I helped Porsha up and we shuffled towards the exit.  By the time I got Porsha out the door, Cheyenne emerged from the bathroom with several wet towels in her hands.

“What are you doing Roman?”

I knew that my confused concubine could see that Porsha was no longer on the floor.  Instead of leaving, I chose to engage Cheyenne one last time.  I closed the door, allowing Porsha to stay safely on the other side.

“Cheyenne, Porsha wasn’t dead.  I got her out of here so that I could have a company come and clean the blood stained floors before check out”

The ice queen didn’t respond.  She simply stood there with the towels in her hands.  I knew she was starting to unravel again, so I kept her engaged.

“I thought you were gonna clean my wound for me?  I still need assistance”

“Assistance?  Seems like you’re doing just fine trying to help that bitch out of here!”

“Cheyenne, need I remind you that you shot that woman?””

“So what?  Am I just supposed to forget that I came up here and caught you trying to sneak that bitch out of our house?  Then that disrespectful ho tried to upstage me? Nah, I’m glad I shot her!  Too bad she’s not dead!  Now I gotta call ol’ boy back”

“Ol’ boy?”

“Yeah, my detective friend who owes me a favor.  He was on his way over to help dispose of that manly looking bitch you had here”

“But, but how is he on his way?”

“I called him while I was in the bathroom.  You don’t think it honestly took me that long just to put some water on some towels?  I’m not slow, Roman!”

“So instead of calling the police, you called your detective friend to bury the body like this is some episode of Power?”

“Yes babe!  That’s what I do!  With me by your side, we can be the next Barack and Michelle! Jay and Bey!  Ye and, well maybe not them”

“The fuck?”

“What’s wrong baby?”

“Cheyenne, we can never be Michelle and Barack!”

“But why?  We love one another and we would do anything for each other”

At this moment, I should have lied.  My ego wanted me to say whatever I needed to for self preservation.  I should have got the hell out of dodge, but my mind and heart needed to process.  

“How can we be a couple if one of us is gonna be in jail?”

“I told you Roman, I have connections”

“But how do you explain the bullet in Porsha’s leg?  This bullet in my shoulder?  You shot both of us, remember?  The police are going to ask questions.  It’s just a matter of time”

“My friend will handle all of that”

“Who is this friend that you keep mentioning?”

“His name is not important right now”

“Why isn’t it important?  Men only do favors like this if you’re fucking them.  Are you fucking him Cheyenne?”

Her eyes started welling up with tears.  She let the towels fall to the floor.  To my surprise, there was no gun.  This was the opening I needed.

“I don’t fuck him anymore!  He was just a means to an end!”

“No it’s not!  You’re gonna end up fucking him again to keep things covered up which goes back to my initial question: How can we be a couple?  It’s obvious that we both have people on the side”

“But it doesn’t have to be that way, baby.  I can give him up.  Can’t you give up your women?”

“I thought I could Cheyenne.  I tried being married, but that monogamous lifestyle was never for me.  Even though my wife cheated on me, I was more relieved than anything.  I had been cheating on her since the second week of our marriage.  I’ve tried, but I can’t.  So I can’t be your husband.  I can’t be anyone’s husband”

For the first time in my life, I had finally spoken my truth.  It took a bullet in the shoulder to get to this point, but I was finally here. Cheyenne’s face was full of tears.  It was my fault that we were in this mess, but there was nothing left for me to say.  Besides, I was starting to feel faint.  I needed medical attention. I started to make my way to the living area where my cell phone was.  Cheyenne followed close behind.

“What are you about to do, Roman?”

“What I should have done ten minutes ago. I’m calling downstairs”

In that instance, Cheyenne grabbed my hand.

“I told you, I’ve got it handled”

“Woman, you need to let me go, right now!”

Cheyenne grabbed my phone and then threw it against the wall.  I watched in horror as the face of the phone shattered.   

“What the fuck Cheyenne?!”

“I told you, I’ve got this handled!”

“No you don’t!”

I don’t know why, but she started to grab my wrists as if I were a little child.  

“Cheyenne, let me go!”


What happened next was a sheer sign of the anger that had been repressed the entire night.  I grabbed hold of her torso and flung her down to the floor.  When she attempted to get up, I slapped her with all of my might.  She got up again and I punched her.  Before I could do any more harm, my good sense came to the forefront and said,

“Roman, what are you doing?  Why are you punching this woman?  You’re about to throw your life away!”

I stood there as Cheyenne held her face and cried.  After a few seconds, the crying turned into an unsettling laughter.

“You think you’re gonna come back and get me huh, Terry?”

“Terry?  What the hell?”

“I’m gonna make sure your ass dies this time!”

Cheyenne scurried to the bathroom.  I didn’t need to wait this time.  I knew exactly what was coming for me.  I started running out of the room.  As soon as I opened the door, I heard the gun go off.  I turned the corner and there was Porsha, waiting on the elevator.

I ran as fast as my socks could take me.  As the doors came open, I grabbed Porsha and helped her into the elevator.  I pressed the lobby button repeatedly, trying to get the doors to shut.  Cheyenne came down the hall firing.  The doors finally closed, but not before one of the bullets made their way through Porsha’s heart.  Her body slid down the elevator wall as we descended.  I went over to her, but it was too late this time.  She tried to breathe, but there was no more air.  I stood over her, which was a bad look when the elevator doors unfastened one again.

The people waiting stood in fright as I turned towards them.  One started videotaping me while another began to make a call.  One of the desk concierges tried to gain my attention.  I saw security standing next to them, guns at the ready.  My mind started racing!  The only thing I could hear was my ego screaming,

“Run nigga, run!”

I ran out of the hotel and headed over to the parking garage where my ride was waiting.  These were the days I was happy for my keyless entry.  I punched the code and was on the highway in less than two minutes.  

As I made my way on 285, I thought about my life and how I would have given anything for normalcy.  Tonight was full of bad decisions and I didn’t know how I could make them better.  I had finally realized my dream, but was sabotaging it in the process.  Even though I had the best of everything, it still felt like it didn’t belong to me.  Could I really ever be happy with success if the struggle is what made me?  

Before I could give any more thought to the matter, the blue lights came on.  I took a deep breath and pulled over.  I reached for my license and insurance, but tonight was different.

“Roman Ellis, get out of the car, right now!”

My body started to shake.  I thought about running again, but I did as I was told.  I stepped out of the car, slow.

“Show me your hands!  Show me your hands right now!”

I was dead to rights with nowhere to go.  Even though they were several feet away, I could feel the heat from their pistols against my neck.  Slowly, I exhaled and lifted my hands.  Within seconds, I could feel the iron manacles tighten around my wrists.  There was no need to petition for my freedom.  My indiscretions had finally caught up with me.  

Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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