The Beautiful Ones

“Um Roman, who is this bitch?”

I glanced down at my watch.  Cheyenne had to pick tonight to actually be on time!  I smiled in her direction, but my fast food queen was not as pleased.

“Cheyenne, this is Porsha, an old friend.  She was just leaving”

I created some space for Porsha to make her exit, but she refused.  For some reason she stood there, examining my mistress as if she wanted her.

“Ohhhhhhh, so you’re the company he’s pushing me out for!  You’re a thick ass cutie!”

“Excuse me?”

“Don’t worry girl, I just warmed him up for you!  He’s all yours!”

To add insult to injury, Porsha tried to kiss me goodbye while Cheyenne was standing there.  Even though I didn’t have a horse in the race, I didn’t need the drama.  I dodged her kiss and tried to extend my hand.  Before Porsha could do anything, Cheyenne hauled off and punched her on the side of the head!  I looked back and Porsha had landed several feet from the door.

“Cheyenne?!  Was that even necessary?”

“Was that necessary?  Yes it was necessary!  What the fuck is some random bitch doing in our room?”

“Our room?”

“Yes, our room!  It’s the same room you meet me in everytime you come into the city!  We’ve been here numerous times and it’s always been this same damn room!”

In the distance, I could hear Porsha pushing herself off the floor.  She was rubbing her jaw and staring straight into Cheyenne’s soul. 

“That was a nice sucka punch for a fat bitch!  Bet your big ass can’t do it again!”

Cheyenne elbowed me out the way and stomped her way to my fallen vixen.  She threw down her bag and stood in a protective stance ready for combat.  

“C’mon ho!  I want you to see this coming!”

Porsha shook her head as she stared back into Cheyenne’s weary eyes. 

“Have you stopped to ask yourself, why is she here?  I see a lot of women like you, letting the dick con you into thinking you’re something that you’re not.  By the looks of you, you’re making your way up the ladder, probably number four in the rotation.  Am I right, Roman?”

I kept my mouth sealed as I closed the door.  If I would have been smart, I would have crept out after Cheyenne stormed in.  A fight was imminent.  Cheyenne was too hood and Porsha, well, she had to prove that she was the alpha in the room. 

“Bitch, he ain’t gonna answer you because you’re full of it!  He knows whose pussy is the best, that’s why he calls me!”

“You know, you may be right.  You may be fulfilling his big girl fantasies.  But if I know Roman, he wants a woman that can propel him to that next level.  That’s what he really wants.  You’re just a good time for the moment darling”

“And what are you then?”

“Shit, I know I was a good time!  And he was a good time for me!  See, I’m not stupid like your dumb ass . . .”

Before Porsha could get out another word, Cheyenne slapped her down like an old school pimp!  Porsha caught herself before she fell to the floor again.  She wiped the blood from her lip, then stood up.  Instead of making matters worse, she simply stood and started walking towards me.  Unfortunately, Cheyenne had other plans.

“Nah nah, bitch, I’m not done with you yet!”

Cheyenne started to grab the back of Porsha’s dress.

“Now see, I tried to let shit go, but you wouldn’t let it!  Roman I’m sorry for what I’m about to do”

Now unbeknownst to Cheyenne, Porsha was a boxer.  Ol’ girl kicked off her shoes and squared up.

“Now, you’re about to learn, little piggy!”

Porsha came at Cheyenne with two body blows.  My late night creep was buckled over in pain.


“That’s right!  You ain’t the only one that got hands!”

Cheyenne tried to make her way back to her feet, but before that could happen, Porsha politely hit her with a left hook which sent Cheyenne crashing to the floor.  

“You should have let me walk out the door, now look at you!”

I shook my head as the victor put her heels back on.

“You better be glad that my company loves my rugged look, or else you’d owe me”

“Owe you?  Shit!  You just knocked my company unconscious!”

“Nah, just needed her to get off me.  You know I couldn’t let something like that slide”

Just as Porsha started walking towards me, a loud roar echoed through the room.  I saw Porsha fall to the ground as if there were an earthquake.  Another sound rang out and I felt coldness, then heat in my right shoulder.  I heard Porsha scream in pain.  As I turned to look up, I saw Cheyenne with a gun in her hand moving over Porsha.

“You may have hands, but I’ve got something else!”

The ominous sound rang out for a third time.  The room became cold and dark.  There was no screaming from Porsha.  I saw her laying face down on the ground.  Life had already escaped her.

“Cheyenne, what the hell are you doing?”

She walked toward me, gun still in her hand.

“Tell me now Roman, am I your only woman?  Am I?”

The pain was burning my flesh as I stood there against the door.  I couldn’t say anything.  A tear ran down my face realizing that this would be the last time I got to breathe.  But Cheyenne didn’t need my commentary, she just wanted me to hear.

“You know all the shit I’ve been through just to be with you?  Huh?  You know I had to kill a motherfucker just to be with you!”

“But you said . . .”

“I know what I said.  I know what I told the police.  But that knife hit the jugular at just the right angle and the right leverage.  How did that happen?”

“Cheyenne, don’t!”

“Don’t what, Roman?”

“Don’t kill me!”

“Oh, I’m not gonna kill you, Mr. Super Producer.  I have something better”

“What’s that?”

“A proposal”

“Say what?”

At that very moment, Cheyenne fell to one knee and pulled a black onyx band from her pocket.  

“I know women normally don’t do this, but Roman Ellis, will you do me the honor of being my new husband?”

Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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