Back Door Santa, Part II

“I guess you forgot about me, Mr. Super Producer”

I refused to turn around or even acknowledge her presence.  Instead of her trademark hoodie and blue jeans, this angel of death was dressed in a black cocktail dress and matching heels.  Her Angela Davis ‘fro gave her this aura that was similar to that of an Egyptian goddess.  Her brown mocha tits had my attention once again, imploring me to lick them.  I closed my eyes and remembered why I despised her so much.  Porsha Lacot was the reason my marriage fell apart. What was supposed to be a good time turned out to be an awakening for my ex and the biggest mistake of my life. 

“So you’re really not going to talk to me?  I thought we were passed this by now?”

I smiled as the golden doors came open.  I started to climb aboard, but all I could smell was Porsha’s trademark Chanel behind me.  The captivating fragrance took me back in time, reliving the first night I was granted access in between her chocolate thighs.  I could feel myself getting swept up as I remembered all the escapades thereafter.  I shook my head in disbelief as I  muttered to myself,

“She destroyed your family!  She destroyed your family!”

So in my moment of clarity, I did what any other sane person would do; I stepped aside.

“You know what Ms. Lacot?  You can have this one. I’ll wait on the next”

“Woooooooow!  So it’s like that?”

At this point, I was expecting my ego to take the wheel and shout,

“It’s definitely like that, nigga!  What the fuck would it be otherwise?”

But to my surprise, he stood there in the corner, analyzing the situation.  I was still without words.  Porsha, forever the temptress, walked into the elevator, but held the door open.

“So you blame me for you and the missus falling out?”

My lips quivered as I stared into her bold, brown eyes.  My hands started to shake.  The confident, debonair, super producer had been reduced to the geeky kid with the Pearle Vision eyeglasses.  How the fuck did she have this power over me?  She stood there in the elevator, waiting, baiting me in a sense.  After a couple of seconds, I managed to say,

“Yes, yes I do”

Instead of retaliating with unflattering words, she simply said,

“Why don’t we discuss this matter in my room?  My company won’t be here for another hour”

This would have been the perfect time for me to say “no thank you” like a normal fellow.  But in lieu of walking away, I felt my feet moving towards her.  My heart wailed as it pleaded for me to stop, but it was too late.  My ego had taken command of my facilities.

Porsha started to push her floor number, but I quickly pushed mine.

“I’m not in the mood for talking things over”

Porsha gave an evil grin.

“Is that right?”

It wasn’t two seconds before our lips were crashing into each other violently.  She tried to hold me, but I pinned her wrist against the wall.

“I’m in control tonight”

We kissed until we made it up to our floor.  Then, as if nothing happened, I walked off the elevator with Porsha close behind.  

“So you’re just gonna take my cookies, huh?”

“I don’t want your cookies tonight.  All I require are those beautiful breasts of yours”

“And what makes you think that I’m going to give them to you so freely?”

“You’re here aren’t you?”

“Well. . .”

“You could have pretended not to see me, but instead you made it known that you were here.  You wanted me to see you.  You wanted this moment, so in turn, I’m going to give it to you”

“Maybe I just wanted to talk?  Clear the air?  It’s obvious that Mackenzie is not with either one of us anymore”

“Mackenzie is simply a debt that I owe every month now”

“It’s like that?”

“I mean, what should I be upset for?  Your affair pushed me to get back into the studio instead of just talking about it.  Because of you, I was able to leave that nine to five that I hated.  And the divorce? That ordeal inspired some of the most soulful shit I’ve ever done”

“Wow, Roman”

“So I’ve decided tonight that I don’t want to hate you like I have before.  I want to thank you, properly”

“I mean you can give a girl some residual off those hooks I sung on the demos”

“Oh you’re gonna get a whole lot of residual in a few”

I opened the door and let my unexpected guest inside.

“Wow!  So this is what it’s like to be the man that works with all the heavy hitters?”

“Something like that.  Do you want something to drink?”

“If I know you, I’ll need a water”

“I told you, I only require your breasts tonight”

“So you gonna be happy with just a titty fuck?”

“I have company coming soon so I wanna save the second one for her”

“Roman, you’re messy!”

“That’s not your problem.  Besides, you’re up here too!  Nobody made you come here, right?”


I poured myself a glass of D’usse and grabbed her bottled water.  I sat the bottle on the end table along with my cognac.  I pulled my pants down as I sat on the couch.  I took one of the pillows and placed it between my feet.  I started to rub myself while Porsha unzipped her dress slowly.

“I appreciate the show and all, but we’re on borrowed time”

“Maybe I want to get caught?”

“Suit yourself!  Just know that I’m not saving either one of you if shit go left!”

Porsha chuckled as her black attire fell to her feet.  I sat there in adoration as her true beauty was revealed.  My nature started to throb as I inspected her body.  Porsha smiled as she slipped off her heels and made her way to me.

“Roman, I think they need to be lubed up first”

I smiled as she leaned them over in my face.  My tongue wasted no time becoming reacquainted with her bosom.  She nursed me in a way that gave me life.  Consequently, it gave her life as well as she climaxed spontaneously.

“Damn Roman!  You got me out here all sprung!”

“I’m glad that I could do that for you”

“I need you to do something else for me”

She grabbed me in one hand while she braced herself with the other.


“Please Roman, please”

Instead of pushing her off, my ego said,

“Turn around so I can see that booty go up and down”

Without hesitation, she spun around and mounted me.  The way she gripped my stick made me believe that she was well overdue.  The way she gushed all over me after only a few minutes confirmed my thoughts.

“Roman!!!!!!  Roman!!!!”

Despite her orgasms, she continued on.  I, on the other hand, grabbed my cognac while she went for hers.  After five more minutes, she caught me with an empty glass in my hand. Her pace came to a screeching halt.  

“You’re drinking while I’m giving you the best that I’ve got?”

“No offense, but I told you what I wanted.  That’s what I need to get off.  So do you mind catering to my needs now?”

I could tell she was slightly offended, but like I said before, I didn’t care.  Either she was gonna give me what I asked for or she was going to leave.  It wasn’t a minute before she was kneeling in front of me.  She took her large breasts and massaged me.  Since she took the initiative and rode my cock, it didn’t take long before I was climaxing all over her.

“Ohhhh Porsha!  That was just what I needed!”

“Wow Roman!  That was a lot!”

“Yeah, I’ve been going through some things.  Thank you for the massage”

“And thank you for the dick.  Now where can I get cleaned up?”

“Bathroom is down to the right”

My masseuse grabbed her clothes and headed toward the bathroom.  I sat there and embraced the high that I was on.  By the time my senses came back to me, I could hear Porsha’s heels  heading my way. I pulled my pants up and handed her the water.

“Thank you for tonight Roman.  You really know how to loosen a girl up!”

We laughed as we walked towards the door.  We exchanged a final kiss before I opened the door.  

“Um Roman, who is this bitch?”

Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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