Play At Your Own Risk

I slipped on my jacket and started my trek down the three lane hallway.  As I went through the glass doors, a wave of relief fell over me.  I stood there with my letter in hand, acknowledging this unprecedented win.  I could feel my mother’s arms hugging me.  I could hear my Uncle Johnny telling me “I told ya Roman!  I told ya!”  There was a wealth of emotion that was building up, but my ego quickly got me together.

“Look man, I’m proud of you too, but we ain’t got time for this crying shit!  Get it together so we can get the fuck up outta here!

I put my game face on and my feet started to move once again.  I walked through another set of doors that led to the CEO’s office.  Henrietta, the faithful secretary, looked at me with concern.

“Good morning Roman.  Is everything okay?”

“Everything is fine.  Is Thomas in?  I need to talk to him for a sec”

“Yes, but you’re not on his schedule this morning”

“Henrietta, this is kinda important.  We have a meeting with the mayor this afternoon”

The grey haired assistant reluctantly rose from her desk.  To her chagrin, I followed closely behind her. She started to knock on the door, but we could hear the television from where we stood.  She opened the barrier and there was my “superior” watching Seinfeld reruns and smacking on Cheetos.  Mind you, it’s nine thirty in the morning.

“Excuse Mr. Daniels, Roman Ellis is here to see you”

I emerged from behind the wrinkled guardian and made my presence known.  Tom quickly tried to turn off the television, but there was no need.

“Didn’t mean to interrupt your morning, but I wanted to give you this as a courtesy” 

Tom wiped his fingers and took the fine linen paper from me.  After a minute, he stared at me and said,

“You’re quitting?”

“Yes, effective today”

“What happened to a two week notice?”

“Tom, I honestly don’t owe you a two week notice.  Employers don’t give their laborers that consideration when they fire them”

“But I thought you were happy here, Roman?  I considered you a son.  I had aspirations of making you a regional director”

“C’mon Tom!  That was never gonna happen for someone like me!  I appreciate the last ditch sentiment though. I really do”

“But the meeting with the mayor is today!  Who’s gonna present the new park plan to him?”

“Oh I’m sure you’ll find someone to do it, Tom.  You always do”

“But what if I gave you five thousand more?  Would that make you stay?”

“Nah, it wouldn’t.  This new opportunity was one I couldn’t pass up”

“And what company is providing you with this new opportunity?”

“I’d rather not say at this time.  See you around Tom”

I tapped my chest twice and walked back out of his office.  I could see him staring at the resignation letter as I pushed open the door.  He had no earthly idea of what I did outside of the office.  Can you believe he had the audacity to say he “considered me a son”?  Bullshit!  He thought I was another token nigger committed to making his master shine and collect bonuses!  Meanwhile, I didn’t get any type of bonus for making his C average ass look good!  As I thought about Tom’s new dilemma,  a devilish grin emerged on my face.

Now before we proceed with the rest of the story, let me address the elephant in the room:

“Roman, why did you quit like that?  You really are an asshole, aren’t you?” 

And my reply to that is what the fuck do I look like working for two more weeks in a place where I could never be the big cheese?  Forget that I graduated salutatorian from Mercer University.  Forget that I was performing several jobs and hadn’t been given a raise in five years!  Fuck that!  I had just inked a production deal with Atlantic Records last night.  Roc Nation was now managing me.  Oh, and did I mention that I was going to start a promo tour for my EP in two weeks? 

Now where was I?  Oh yeah, I started crip walking back to my office.  Before I could reach the entrance, I felt something grab hold of my arm.  I turned around and there she was, Mrs. Yasmine Fairchild, dressed in one of those free flowing business suits.  Although it was long, her jacket couldn’t hide the abundance that God gave her!  My protégé was definitely one that I would have loved to smash, but she was a little too ditsy for me.  Did I mention that she was married?

“Why Mr. Ellis?”

“Why what, Mrs. Fairchild?

“Why are you leaving me?  I just got here”

“Mrs. Fairchild, you’ll be fine.  Tom will keep you on schedule until my replacement is found”

“But I don’t want another boss, Mr. Ellis!  I like you!”

I quickly scanned the hallway before I proceeded.  I didn’t want anyone to think that I was harassing her.  When I saw that the coast was clear, I gently removed her hand from my arm.

“You got a good grip there”

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Ellis.  It’s just that, that”

“It’s just what?”

“We’re the only Black people here”

“No we’re not. There’s Crystal in . . . .”

Before I could finish my sentence, a familiar face came walking toward us.  She was all smiles as she removed the Dior shades I acquired for her.  Within seconds, we were standing face to face.  Her perfume was giving me life while her body reminded me of the last time we touched.  What was sexy about the whole encounter was that she didn’t even care that Mrs. Fairchild was standing next to me!  Cheyenne looked Yasmine up and down before addressing me.

“Hey lover”

I excused the subordinate and pulled my intrusive mistress into the office, closing the door behind.   

“What in the hell are you doing here, Cheyenne?”

“I was in the neighborhood and I thought I would come by and say hello”

“In the neighborhood?  At this time of the day?”

“The store owner is treating me and a couple of the other managers to lunch since we’ve stayed above ninety percent on our inspections last quarter”

“So they reward ya’ll for that?”

“Shit yeah!  The store owners get bonuses from their higher ups, therefore we get extra as well.  I can’t tell you how many times that money has helped me out.  Since we’ve been short staffed, making sure we’re in compliance has been a hell of a challenge”

“I’m sure it has.  I’m happy for you”


“Yes really”

“So why haven’t you returned any of my calls or texts?  You know with these Apple phones I can see when you’ve read a text or not”

I shook my head.

“I’ve been busy lady”

Cheyenne looked around the office before taking a seat.  

“Now I thought you were Mr. Super Producer?  Imagine my surprise when I found out that you were an engineer”

“Which leads me back to my initial question; what are you doing here?  Better yet, how did you find out where I worked?”

“I remembered that you told me that you were finalizing your divorce”

“Yeah, and?”

“You do know that divorce filings are public record, right?”

“Yeah, but I never told you where I worked or where I stayed”

“You do know that your county of residence is on the back of your license plate right?  As for your place of employment, that shit is listed on the child support worksheet”

“Well damn!”  

“I guess you think you’re the only one that can do a little digging huh?  Trust me Roman, I’m not slow”

“I didn’t say you were”

“But yet, you were trying to play me.  I just wanna know why?”

“Cheyenne, I told you that I was getting rid of the drama that was in my life.  If we were able to keep things under the radar, then we could do it again”

“I didn’t tell anyone, outside of Whitney”

“Well somehow your man caught wind of it and called me from another number”

“How do you know it was Terry?”

“Because I had just spoken to you an hour prior”

I could see her trying to piece everything together.  She shook her head in denial, but then I showed her the number.  Her face said it all.

“Damn it!  He called from the store right after I left.  I’m sorry, Roman”

“He probably noticed something.  What did you stop doing for him?”

“We stopped having sex”

“What?  That’s the last thing that you should do!”

“He don’t love me!  Why should I settle for his little dick when I can have you?”

“Have me?”

“Yes.  Don’t play like you didn’t love this pussy”

My mind went back to that phenomenal evening.  Before Cheyenne, I had never experienced three orgasms in one night!  Her lips did the unimaginable while her body folded in ways that were simply extraordinary.  Sexually, she was far better than any fantasy.  Mentally, she was not worth the headache.

“Honestly Cheyenne, I would love to continue our affair.  Unfortunately, I have too much to loose if ol’ boy and I come to blows”

“But I want you”

“I understand all that but . . .”

Cheyenne stood up and started to unzip her jeans.

“Woman, what the fuck are you doing?”

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