Should’ve Left Well Enough Alone, Part II

Cheyenne fanned herself as she gave me a nod.  I walked back to the ride and turned on the air.  Before I could miss her, my honey brown paramour was knocking at the door.  I started to sweat just thinking about what would happen next.  

“Calm down Roman, calm down”

But it was already too late.  My mouth was beginning to salivate as I unlocked the door.

“Damn this is a nice ride, Roman”

“Thank you, lady”

It seemed as if I was watching her in slow motion.  The way she sat down.  The way she smiled at me.  She was no longer trapped in my phone.  She was in my life.

“Looks like the entertainment world is treating you good”

“It’s alright”

“Alright?  Dude, you’re all over the internet with Drake right now!  You know you’re big when your song got its own Tik Tok challenge”

“Really?  I didn’t know about that”

“Ha!  I did!  My oldest was trying to get me to do that damn thing yesterday”

“I understand that all too well.  I’ve been trying to get you to kiss me for an hour now”

“Trust me sir, you’re gonna get what you want.  Good things come to those who wait”

“Well hurry up and come to me!  I’ve waited long enough”

I leaned in to kiss her, but she pushed me back as she scanned the parking lot”

“Roman, I told you everybody got camera phones!”

“So where do you wanna go?  Is there a motel nearby?”

“I still need to pick up KiKi from after school.  Tell you what, let’s pull around back.  Shouldn’t be anybody there to bother us”

I followed Cheyenne’s instructions and parked behind the store.  Finally, we were alone. As I turned off the ignition, I was greeted with a warm, delicate kiss.  She had the softest lips I’d ever tasted.

“There’s your kiss.  Are you satisfied or do you want more?”

“Oh, so you’re gonna make me beg?”

“Yeah, I like to feel wanted”

“That’s good, because I most definitely want you”

Our lips embraced once again while Rahsaan Patterson pleaded my case for Cheyenne to stay with me.  We let our hands run free, rubbing and touching each other passionately.  My energy was being reciprocated and I slowly started to fly to that space between heaven and time.  Her mouth had me hypnotized, falling deeper and deeper into her spell.  I could feel her hands massaging me thoroughly.  I couldn’t remember how she unzipped my pants, but it didn’t matter. 

“Pull them down baby.  I wanna get it all in my mouth”

Every fantasy that I had didn’t prepare me for this!  My hands trembled as I unbuckled my trousers and allowed myself to feel the coolness of the leather seat.  Cheyenne took her hand and continued her rubdown while I continued to taste her tongue.  Her mouth was cool like a fall breeze, reminding me of the first time I fell in love.  

“Lay your seat back while I show you what I can really do”

Again, I did as instructed.  Sensing that my heart was becoming too involved in the matter, my ego stepped in and said,

“Take it easy, Romeo!  This is just a fuck.  She is just a fuck”

I started my descent from heaven, but my mistress proved to be far better than her videos.  She didn’t just attack it like Ava.  She didn’t yank it to death like Shantel.  She kissed it like it was a long, lost friend.  Then, she commenced to lick the top like candy, 

“Ummmm, Roman!  Your dick tastes so good!”

I did my best to remain in control, but I couldn’t.  One minute into the session and my hand was wrapped around the door handle. 

“Damn baby, damn!”

Cheyenne was all smiles as she looked in my direction.  

“You like what my mouth is doing?”

I shook my head in approval.  Her tongue was longer than most as she allowed my soul to slide gracefully upon it.  Just when I thought she didn’t have any more tricks, she began to slurp as she took me in happily.  The sound of her enjoyment sent me into another stratosphere, making it difficult to scream, let alone breathe!  I didn’t know if it was the fact that another man’s woman was pleasuring me, or the fact that she was just this damn good?  Whatever the case, I was on the verge of my climax.  But there was my ego, shouting encouragement from the corner,

“Roman, stay with me!  We can’t blow our wad yet!  Think of work!  Think of the alimony you’ll have to pay Mackenzie!”

With that inspired pep talk, I was able to hold on.  Unfortunately, my new head doctor refused to let me have that small victory.  

“Oh you’re gonna give me what I want, Mr. Ellis!”

And with that proclamation, Cheyenne did something that was truly amazing.  She took all of me in her mouth and then proceeded to lick my cojones!  

“What, what are you doing?  Oh shit!  Oh shit!”

The unhappy housewife continued to taste my cherries while she inhaled me.  I made the mistake of looking at her.  Seeing her tongue work its magic sent me back into that unknown atmosphere.  Before I knew it, I was grabbing her hair as I exploded without warning.

“Damn! Shit! Damn!”

Cheyenne took all I had, making me convulse to the point I couldn’t see!  Water ran down my face as she extracted my will completely.  I sat there dazed and confused while this Burger King manager fixed her hair and got ready to exit.

“Where, where are you going?”

“Baby I told you, I gotta get my baby from after school.  They charge by the minute when you’re late”

“But we’re not finished”

“Trust me, I’m horny too!  But if I don’t tend to these kids, people are gonna start calling.  And if people start calling, Terry will know something’s up.  We gotta keep this a secret”

“I gotcha.  So when can we meet up tonight?  I owe you”

“Yes, you do.  That was a lot of build up there mister!”

“I can hang out here in town until your girls go to sleep”

“Are you serious? Roman, you can’t come to my house! There are cameras everywhere!”

“I’m sorry.  I’m not thinking straight”

“I see”

“I can get us a motel not too far away, maybe in Covington?  That way we can be discreet, just how you like”

“That may work”

“So what do I need to do to make this happen?  Do you need money for a sitter?  Money for gas?”

“Let me work on getting the girls together and you can find us a place for tonight.  Damn I can’t wait to ride that dick!”

She licked those pretty lips as she climbed out the ride. I tried to pull up my pants, but I couldn’t move.  My legs were still shaking.  I was experiencing a high I had never felt before.  Five minutes would pass before I came down.  I cranked up my ride and began the search for nearby hotels. Within minutes, I sent her a message stating where I would be.  After an hour passed, she replied, stating that everything was set on her end.  She said that she would be able to get away by 7 PM.  

My ego was proud, walking around like Ravishing Rick Rude.

“My nigga!  You’re making me proud right now, you know that right?  I thought you were starting to catch feelings for this heaux, but I like this!  And you know what would make the night complete?”


“Going by the restaurant and looking that dude in the eye knowing you just knocked down his chick”

Nah, that’s taking it too far.  I just want this one time, just to satisfy my curiosity”

“Now you know she ain’t gonna want just one time.  Playa!  What woman is ever satisfied with just one time?”

“She’s got too much to lose.  She’s harmless”

“Whatever playa!  You and I both know the truth”

“And what’s that?”

“You want her under your control.  Don’t worry, she’s gonna risk it all for another chance.  I’m going to see to it”

Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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