Should’ve Left Well Enough Alone

“In 1.5 miles, take exit 84, Salem Road, Conyers”

A cool smile came over my face as the Cali kush filled my lungs.  Fabolous echoed through my speakers, reminding me exactly how gangster I was not to give a fuck, and I didn’t.  I was the man of the hour with my project now reaching number one on all streaming platforms.  For years, I dreamt of being in this position.  I played by the rules and couldn’t get anywhere.  It wasn’t until I made the choice to go against the industry commandments that the world changed for me.  People weren’t going to notice the quiet brother sitting in the corner.  No, I had to make people realize the talent in the room.  I became the asshole that everyone wanted.  I stopped asking and started taking.  Cheyenne would be no different.  

I put the spliff out as I turned into the semi-abandoned parking lot.  I sat there for a minute as the Endo smoke massaged my thoughts.  It had been fourteen days since I initially saw Cheyenne in her birthday suit.  I couldn’t, for the life of me, get enough of her.  Any time that I was alone, I found myself masturbating to her.  Whenever I was smashing one of my ladies, she was heavy on the brain.  I found myself needing her to reach my peak.  The fact that she sent videos upon request only made the addiction worse.  I didn’t care that there was another man in the clips, I just knew that I wanted my turn.  

I stepped out of the car and slipped on my mask.  I had my baseball hat on tight to keep the outsiders from knowing who I was.  I wanted to be discreet until I knew who was in the building.  There had to be a reason why Cheyenne was hiding the fact that she was a manager of a fast food restaurant.  Shit didn’t matter to me though.  I was here for that ass, not the latest weekly special! I walked in and there was hardly anyone present.  For it to be the middle of the afternoon off a major interstate, the place was a ghost town.  After standing at the register for a few moments, a young teenager emerged from the cooking area to take my order.

“Um, you know what you want?”

I looked at her sideways, but reminded myself of what I was here for.

“Yeah, can I get the number ten, with a sweet tea to drink?”

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear what you said with that mask over your face.  Can you say it again?”

I stared at her for a moment, trying to figure out if this cashier was stupid or slow?  After a moment of contemplating, I repeated my order again, raising my voice and speaking slower so the poor child could hear.

“Oh, okay!  That’ll be $8.45”

As the crew member processed my order, I scanned the area for my porn star.  I stood off to the left side of the counter after I paid, trying to see if I could find my seductress.  Then, as I looked all the way in the back, I could see her talking to someone in the office.  She looked my way several times, but paid me no mind as she went back to whoever she was talking to.  Just then I took out my phone, pulled up the messenger app and typed,

“Yeah, it’s me out here.  I wanted to see you face to face”

A few minutes went by and my food was finally ready.  The cashier examined me while she held the brown bag in her hand.  I refused to leave without seeing Cheyenne first.  Trust, I didn’t come an hour out of the way just for a scraggly ass fish sandwich!  Not to be denied, I dropped my mask and asked the cashier,

“Excuse me.  Can you tell your . . .”

Before I could finish my sentence, the young lady started screaming as she recognized who I was.

“You’re the guy in the video with Drake!”

I was more than that, but I took the compliment.

“Yes, I am.  And now, if you don’t mind, can you tell your manager that I would like to speak with her?”

I guess the screaming got Cheyenne’s attention as she stared in my direction.  I could see confusion all over her face.  I motioned her to come to me, but there was some hesitancy.  After a few moments, my imaginary lover came out from the back, looking like sunshine.  Her work attire attempted to hide everything I loved about her, but that only made me more of a fan.  I knew what was hidden underneath. She came through the side door and we embraced in front of the drink machine.  Even with fry grease and ketchup all over her, she felt good in my arms.

“Roman Ellis?  What the hell are you doing in Conyers?”

“I had to see you.  I mean, you keep sending me these salacious videos”

“Only because you keep requesting them.  But I know you didn’t drive all this way just to say hello?”

“What if I did?”

“You see where I work, right?”

“Yeah, and?”

“C’mon man!  I’m just a regular girl trying to make ends meet.  You date famous athletes, actresses, and shit.  I had to lie to you just to feel like I could talk to you.  And look at me?  I’m so embarrassed”

“You shouldn’t be.  You’re beautiful lady”

“Um hmmmm, but for real, why did you come out here?  If you found out where I worked, I’m sure you found out my relationship status”

“Oh, you mean Terry?”


“And you know about his other dealings?”

“I know it all”

“And you still want to get with me?”

“Cheyenne, there’s no need to pretend.  We both want the same thing.  I’m tired of just seeing you, now I want to be with you”

“I didn’t think you would even . . .”

She stared into my eyes as if she were about to cry.  As I reached to grab her hand, the alarm on her watch went off.

“Oh shit!”

“What’s the matter?”

“He’ll be here any minute to take over”


“Terry!  He’s the assistant manager from four to close.  He can’t see you here”

“Okay lady, do your thing”

“If you want, we can meet in the Kroger parking lot up the street for a few before I pick up my daughter from school”

“I’m good with that”

She gave me a wink and retreated back into her office.  I grabbed my food and hopped in my jeep, letting my GPS guide me to the supermarket.  After about thirty minutes, I started to wonder if I had been stood up.  At that moment, I got a message stating that my fantasy was inside.  I walked into the grocery store, covered again so that I couldn’t be noticed.  I perused the aisles until I came across Cheyenne putting frozen pizzas into her cart.  She smiled as I came and hugged her again.

“I can’t believe our first actual encounter and you are seeing me like this!”

“It’s all good.  Trust, I know how you look without those clothes on”

“I’m glad someone is a fan”

“Seems like the dude in the flick is a fan too”

“Terry?  Yeah, he used to be, but not anymore.  Guess he got used to me after awhile”

“Used to you?”

“You know how you men are.  You fuck a chick for awhile until you’re tired of her, then move on to the next.  For some, it’s a few months.  For others, it’s a few years.  But it’s still the same”

“So why do you keep him around if he’s not treating you right?”

“Probably because that’s all I know.  I’m used to lying and covering up for him.  But I’m also used to people being envious of us.  The power, the influence, I like it”

“So the restaurant is just a front?”

“Not really, but he uses it like one.  All the owner cares about is that the money keeps rolling in without any major repairs being made”

“I see”

“So, you actually want to be with little ole me?”

“Didn’t you already ask this question?”

“Yeah, but I’m still in shock that you want anything to do with me”

“Well I do, and I get what I want”

“Is that right?”

“Yeah, and right now, I wanna know what your lips feel like”

“Here?  In the store?  You know everybody got camera phones, right?”

“Not in the store.  Come to my Jeep”

“Now you pretending like we’re high schoolers again”

“Doesn’t matter.  I wanna taste you, anyway possible”

Cheyenne fanned herself as she gave me a nod.  I walked back to the ride and turned on the air.  Before I could miss her, my mistress was knocking at the door.

Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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