Black Magic Woman

She came through the door with confidence all over her face.  I played it cool as my concubine locked the door behind her.  I studied her hips as she made her way to the conference table beside me.  We locked eyes as she slowly unzipped her pants, letting them fall to her ankles.  Moments after, her panties followed.  She slowly bent over the table where I could see her pussy salivating.

“Is this how you want me, coach?”

“Yes baby.  Now spread it open for me”

Without hesitation, the normally uncompromising Algebra teacher did as she was told.  Who would have thought that a simple text would have led to this?  I knew that Mrs. Grant liked me, but I didn’t know that she was about that life!  Whatever fear I had slowly desiccated as I made my way to her thighs.

“Oh baby, baby!”

The instructor opened up to me with ease. Her love already felt like a stream as it wrapped itself around my shaft.  I stroked her slowly as I started to compare her to the previous week’s conquests.  Out of the five, Mrs. Grant was definitely the best.  I would have never thought that the rigid woman that I passed in the hall everyday was capable of this!  But she was indeed capable, as she glided up and down my pole.  

“Ohhhh Kenneth!”

Just as I was about to rub all over her beautiful posterior, I started to feel my ring finger itch.  My heart was rebuking my actions, but I refused to feel guilty about what I was doing now.  I was faithful the entire time while Morgan was out there living recklessly.  It had been three weeks since Ms. Bailey left me in that office.  She wasted no time unfriending me from all of her social media accounts.  Like a fool, I flooded her phone with countless text messages, pleading for her to come back.  As of this moment, I hadn’t received one reply.  I wish I could say that I never felt pain like this before, but I have.  My heart crumbled when Morgan betrayed my trust the first go round.  Despite my desire to leave, the Bishop manipulated me to stay.  I was angry. I was heartbroken.  I didn’t like that feeling then.  I damn sure don’t like it now! 

“Harder, Coach!  Give it to me harder!” 

I wasn’t going to let my conscious fuck up this moment.  I quickly inhaled the sex, which took me to another realm.  Without warning, I started to throw it back at her, our bodies colliding violently.  I smiled as my corpulent coworker held on for dear life.  Her moans grew louder with each stroke.

“Is this my pussy?  Is this my pussy?”

“Baby, it’s yours!”

“Whose is it?  Say my name!”

I smacked her round ass as if we were all alone.  I knew that others would hear us, but I didn’t care.

“It’s yours Kenneth, it’s yours!”

“There you go!  There you go!”

“Kenneth!  Ahhhhh, Kenneth!”

And there she went, all over the carpeted floor.  

“My god, Kenneth!”

I looked at the time.  Only ten minutes left before fifth period started. I should have left well enough alone and allowed my coworker to get ready for instruction.  However, I hadn’t been satisfied.  She started to raise up from the surface, but I quickly pushed her back down.

“I’m not done yet”

Her right leg began to tremble as I lifted the other onto the table.

“Baby wait!  I need to get to . . .”

I refused to wait.  I ravaged her soul with more vengeance than before.  Mrs. Grant gripped the corner of the desk as I put every inch of me inside of her.  

“Coach, I can’t, I can’t take it all!  I can’t!”

That’s all I needed to hear!  I felt the warm energy start to make its way up through my shaft.

“Yes, you can!  Yes, you can!”

She whimpered as I put all of my strength into the moment.  Before long, I erupted all over her pecan sandie backside.  I looked over to see if my lover was okay.  A smile was plastered over her face as she laid half naked across the desk.  I pulled out the wet wipes and collected my remains.  Just as she started to lift herself up, there was a knock at the door.

“Coach, are you in there?”

“Yeah Simmons.  Give me a minute, will you?”


My misguided mistress was slow to move. Me on the other hand?  My khakis were up and buckled, my shirt was neatly tucked.  I slapped my lover on the behind and said,

“Mrs. Grant, this was fun and all, but you gotta get dressed.  Don’t you have a fifth period class to teach?  Besides, if your husband finds you here . . .”

“And what is he gonna do?  He’d probably enjoy seeing his wife getting drilled by his idol”

“I’m your husband’s idol?”

“Kenneth, do you know how much power you have here in Eden Prairie?  You could probably run for mayor and would win in a landslide!”

“I’m still a Black man living in a white man’s world.  I could be lynched for having my way with you”

“Like I said, you don’t know how much power you have.  So many of these guys here want to be just like you, don’t you know that?  You have to know that every time you walk into town!”

“Okay, that may be true for the city.  Now as for the school, my son is still here for the next few days.  I don’t need him knowing what happened here, do you copy?”

“Copy that”

My afternoon visitor promptly slipped on her summer slacks and shook loose her brown hair before heading out the door.  Coach Simmons was standing there in amazement, waiting his turn. 

“Good afternoon, Coach Simmons”

Mrs. Grant happily sashayed past my defensive coordinator. He tried not to make eye contact, but even “Mr. Faithful” got caught staring at her behind as she turned back around.  After he wiped the embarrassment from his face, my old friend came into the office and took a seat.

“By the smile on your face coach, I imagine you saw that big thang up close and personal!”

I attempted to play it cool.

“Nah, she just wanted to know how many awards I was handing out to the seniors tomorrow night”

“So was that before or after she said she couldn’t take it all?”

I couldn’t help but laugh as I took my seat.

“Well since the cat’s out the bag, I don’t need to explain”

“Trust, you don’t have to justify your actions to me, Ken.  I know that this new phase of your life will probably be the most difficult”

I sat there trying to make sense of Simmons’ words.

“You mean AJ going off to Northwestern, right?”

“Ken, I think you know what I mean”

“If you’re pertaining to me and Morgan, she’s just on an extended business trip.  I just wanted to have a little fun”

“But Ken, this is not like you, so I know something’s up.  Besides, you haven’t worn your wedding band in three weeks.  Trust if I notice that, I’m sure all the women here have noticed.  That’s why Mrs. Grant was sharing herself with you during school hours”

“So what am I supposed to do?  Do I play the charade that my wife is coming back or that I love her anymore?  I’ve done that now for nearly ten years!”

“And smashing random women makes you happy?”

“Uh, yeah!  Why are you trying to ruin my high, SImmons?  I have my own father to do that!”

“Have you told him about the situation?”

“No I haven’t”

“But you know AJ’s graduation is . . .”

“I know, I know, it’s a few days away.  But let me worry about that.  I thought I was treating you to lunch anyway?  We gotta talk about who can fill your shoes now that you’re retiring”

“Okay, I’ll let it go coach.  We do have a lot to discuss”

Simmons rose from his seat and we headed out.  As I closed the door, I took one look back at the conference table, remembering what had transpired before Simmons’ entrance.  Then suddenly, the vision of my voluptuous lover was replaced by Callie.  I became uneasy as I found myself horny all over again.  I had to get her out of my mind, but how?

Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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