You’re My Man, Not Hers!

“Have a seat Mr. Bailey.  Dr. Hoffmann will see you both shortly”

I walked over to the waiting area and took my seat across from Morgan.  Despite us being the only two souls in the room, she still refused to speak, let alone look at me!  As of today, I was a month into the quiet treatment.  The reason?  Shit, I’m still trying to figure that out!  I thought things had been resolved when she kicked Callie out of our bed two months ago.  But somehow, someway, we ended up here, at our counselor’s office, trying to figure out why Morgan was so angry with me!  I hadn’t done anything but go along with her plan!  And I even followed all of her precious rules! 

Rule number one: Morgan believed that kissing was far more sensual than intercourse so I was never allowed to kiss Callie under any circumstances.

Rule number two: I couldn’t have any type of sexual engagement with Callie without Morgan being present. 

Rule number three:  I could not mention this ignominious affair to anyone.  No one could ever discover what we allowed our flesh to feel when we were all together.  

Now as unbalanced as these protocols were, I honored my wife’s wishes in hopes of strengthening our bond.  In the grand scheme of things, that’s all I wanted.  I remembered the last time we were here and the work we put in to salvage our love.  Did we make matters worse and lose each other all over again?

“Mr and Mrs. Bailey, the doctor will see you now”

Morgan quickly put away her phone and proceeded through the glass door.  I shook my head as I proceeded after.  When I walked into the office, Morgan was sitting in what appeared to be the doctor’s chair.  I sat on the corner of the blue couch while I watched the good doctor attempt to right the ship.  She took the empty chair that was near Morgan.  Both of the women were facing me, but only Dr. Hoffman cared to gaze in my direction.  

Morgan’s body language was cold and unyielding.  Even through the introductions, her words were short.  She tooted her nose in the air as if I were a peasant when I gave my brief   opening.  Her actions reminded me of when she was promoted to district manager.  She thought she was hot shit and her job became her life.  As the days rolled on, I realized that she found more comfort in being the manager at her job versus being with me and A.J.  I found myself having to be the mother and the father to our son as she was rarely home, flying all over the world.  And when she did come home, she was always “too tired” for conversation or anything else.  Even when I masturbated beside her in bed, she never felt compelled to help me out.  Instead, she would tell me to hurry up so that she could get her mandatory six hours of sleep.

“Okay Kenneth, let’s start with you.  What seems to be the problem?”

Before I could exhale, Morgan hijacked the conversation.

“The problem is Kenneth has been cheating on me!”

Say what?  I had to rub my ears to make sure that I was hearing correctly.  I had to be hallucinating, right?  I had to be!  I shook my head while our therapist began to mediate the dialogue.

Morgan, did you just accuse Kenneth of having an affair?”

“Yes!  He knows he’s been cheating on me with Callie!  Like I can’t put two and two together ninja!  Y’all must think I’m crazy!”

Bewilderment sat on my face as I stared in Morgan’s direction.  My wife, who pronounced that she was bi-sexual a little more than a year ago, was accusing me of sleeping with her girl?  Before I could confront the allegation, Dr. Hoffman held up her hand to allow Morgan to have the floor.

“Okay Morgan.  I need you to tell me why you believe that your husband has been sleeping with another woman.  Has he confessed to the infidelity?”

“He didn’t have to confess it!  I seen it!  Seen it with my own eyes!  And the fact of the matter is, he doesn’t even try to hide it anymore!”

I couldn’t sit there and not defend myself.

“What am I hiding, Morgan?  You brought Callie into our bed, not me!  How am I the one cheating when you were the one having an affair months before you told me?”

Dr. Hoffman’s pupils grew so wide that she had to take off her glasses.  Despite the jaw dropping revelation, she remained professional.  

“Morgan, did you bring another woman into your marital bed?”

“That’s not the point, Dr. Hoffman!”

“I’m afraid it is, Morgan.  Tell you what, let’s all take a breather before we go any further.  There’s no need for hostility to take place”

I nodded in agreement while Morgan simply sat there, stewing in her misinformation.  Why was my other half convinced that I was having an affair?  If anything, Callie and I compromised to make Morgan happy, and trust, that was no easy feat.  While I didn’t have a problem with Morgan’s initial proposal, Callie felt that I was a threat and didn’t want to share.  She was also uneasy about being penetrated.  It had been ten years since she was with a man sexually.  Despite her fears, Callie loved Morgan and was willing to try this polyamourous thing for her. 

At the beginning, things were a little, cuckholdish.  Men normally fantasize about having two women in their bed.  However, this wasn’t that kind of party.  Not at first anyway.  When we first started, I was made to sit on the sidelines while I watched Callie ravage my wife with her tongue.  Before all of this, I was never into plus size women. But I had to say, there was something titillating about seeing Callie intertwined with Morgan.  Now regardless of my time observing, I knew that I would always be tagged in.  Every week it became clearer that I was the headliner.  Although Callie was built like a rollercoaster and could do miracles with her tongue and toys, nothing could satisfy my beloved like my flesh in between her thighs.  Morgan’s eruptions from my lovestick were more climatic, which normally sent me and Callie to our own peaks.  So why would I ever want to jeopardize that?

“Okay Morgan, let’s try this again.  Why do you believe that your husband has been having an affair with your friend?”


I could see that Morgan was hesitant, the venom starting to leave her fangs.  Dr. Hoffman reached over and held her hand.

“It’s okay Mrs. Bailey.  Take all the time you need”

Morgan looked my way before she responded.  I knew that things were about to get weird, but the secret was already out there.  Still, I braced myself for what was going to come next.

“Because my girlfriend’s in love with him, too”

Dr. Hoffman rose from her chair and grabbed her coffee.  I’m sure she hadn’t envisioned working through this today!

“Okay Mrs. Bailey.  Let me make sure that I’m hearing you correctly.  You believe that your husband is cheating on you with your girlfriend?”


“Hmmmmm.  Okay.  So if I heard you correctly at the beginning, you invited your girlfriend into the bedroom with you and your husband”


“And why did you do that?”

“I didn’t want to live a lie anymore.  I was having an affair with Callie, but I didn’t want to leave Kenneth.  I love them both!”

“Wouldn’t it have been best to just not give into the temptation?”

“You see, I tried, but I’ve had this yearning in me since college.  I wanted to explore it”

“Okay, so was this a conversation that you had with Kenneth prior to you both agreeing to her being in your bed?”

“As it was stated, I was in the affair before I told Kenneth”


“To be completely honest, I actually brought Callie around Kenneth and my son so that they could get to know her.  I didn’t want to raise suspicion.  I didn’t know that she would become such good friends with my husband”

“And now you believe that Kenneth has been seeing your mistress behind your back?”


“Okay.  So Kenneth, have you been sleeping with Morgan’s lover?”

“Not without Morgan around.  That’s rule number two”

“Oh my”

I could see Morgan tapping her chair fervently as if she wanted to debate, but the good doctor pressed on.  

“And tell me Kenneth, are these rules just for you?”

“They are for me and Callie”

“So have you had sex with Callie without Morgan being present?”

“No, I haven’t”

Morgan shook her head as she attempted to remain seated.

“Morgan, would you like to interject?”

“Yes!  He’s lying!  He has had sex with Callie!”

“Mrs. Bailey, please!  Let’s take a beat before we continue.  There’s no need to yell.  Now can you tell me how you know he’s had sex outside of the rules?”

“All of a sudden, Callie enjoys being fucked by him!  Before, she hated any man to be inside her.  Now she forgets about me and wants to be first in line!”

I quickly tried to appeal to my wife.

“Morgan, I’ve never slept with Callie outside of our arrangement. Besides, you were the one that convinced her to try.  What’s the matter now?”

“What’s the matter is that she is in love with you too!  It was just supposed to be me!  You’re my man, not hers!”

Written by The Wednesday Gentleman

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