Heaux Tales, Part II

“So now that we’ve gotten my issues off the plate, what’s going on with you, Ms. St. Clair?  When are you finally gonna let Chance know that you love him?”

I ignored my presumptuous friend as the waitress handed me my much anticipated Margarona. I licked my lips as I extracted the Corona bottle from the glass.  Just as I was about to let the beer wash over my fears, Aisha interrupted once again, this time snatching my liquor blanket away.

“Nah sis! You’re gonna have to answer this one! Can’t hide behind the booze this go round!”

I shook my head in defiance as if I was in grade school again.

“I don’t have to tell y’all my business, Ms. Nosey!”

“Ohhhhhh, so I’m Ms. Nosey, eh?  Let me get this straight. It’s alright for you to give others the third degree, but others can’t come back you?”

“Girl stop!  TMZ always has you in their news feed!  It doesn’t take a detective to know what you got going on” 

“That may be, but every time we bring up the situation with you and Chance, you try to kill it before it begins.  We know you want him, so why don’t you just date him?”

“Probably because I work for the man.  I can’t allow myself to have feelings for a client.  That would mess up my money!”

I tried to grab the Corona back from Aisha, but she held firm.  Samantha gave me that silly smirk as she slurped the last of her concoction.  She started to giggle which only meant one thing: she was about to do something stupid.  You see, Sam was a lightweight when it came to drinking.  Give her two margaritas and she would tell you anything! Unfortunate for me, Aisha knew Sam’s limit too.  

“So tell me Sam, is Kamiyah telling the truth or is she just frontin’ for the congregation?”

Sam grinned at me and grabbed hold of my arm.

“Go ahead Kamiyah!  Tell her about the time you and Chance slept together”

I could only put my head down as Aisha dropped her fork into the plate.

“Kamiyah St. Clair!!  So you did have sex with Chance Lover Lover!  And you didn’t tell me about it?”

“Can you please keep your voice down!  Sheesh!  I don’t want Atlanta knowing all my business”

“But I wanna know!”

“Aisha, there’s really nothing to tell.  Honest”

“I think there is if you only told Samantha.  Soror, what did Kamiyah tell you?”

My eyes petitioned for Sam to keep quiet, but I could see that the patron was making her weak.  Aisha wasn’t entitled to my entire truth.  So before dear ol’ cuz could spill the tea, I took the reins.

“Since it seems I’m in a no win situation with loose lips over there, I guess I’ll tell you”

“Confession is good for the soul, my child!  Tell your story ‘Miyah”

I could only shake my head as Samantha was in full lush mode now.  I kicked her under the table to snap her back to reality.  Aisha, who was dying to know more about who crawled in and out of my sheets, leaned in as I took a sip of my drink.   

“Now let me start off by saying that I didn’t see this night coming.  It wasn’t unusual for me and Chance to hang out.  We’re both fans of anything anime, especially the DC Comic cartoons.  So whenever a new one came out, we would normally crash at my house.  We actually spent more time talking about our failed relationships than watching television”

“Girl you hanging with a hunk of a man watching cartoons?  Are you serious right now?”

“Honestly Aisha, I didn’t think he saw me more than just one of the guys.  He never came on to me.  Never sent any suggestive texts.  He treated me like I was one of his homeboys.  So I did the same”

“So if y’all homeboys, how did the two of you end up fucking?  The streets wanna know!”

“If you let me tell the story street walker, we’ll get there”

Aisha grabbed her drink and reclined in her chair.

“Like I was saying, we normally got together to watch cartoon flicks.  One afternoon, I got a call from Chance, asking me if I could stop by his place.  It had been two weeks since the whole fiasco at the hotel and he was trying to find out where he went wrong”


“Aisha, are you gonna let me tell the story or are you gonna keep stopping me?”

“I’m just waiting to hear how big he was.  But go ahead grandma, continue.  You went to his house . . .”

And this was the very reason I didn’t want to tell Aisha a damn thing.  She couldn’t hold water either, but the way I was diluting this tale, she wasn’t going to learn shit anyway.

“Well if you must know Aisha, Chance was the biggest I’ve ever had”

“Even bigger that DeMarcus?”

“Bigger than DeMarcus”

“Ahhhhh shit!  Now we’re getting somewhere!”

Aisha started to scoot her chair closer to me.

“So I arrived at his place and we started to watch “Disenchantment” while he told me about his new philosophy on love.  We talked for a few hours and then I started to make my exit.  Instead of walking me out, he grabbed my hand and begged me to watch one more episode.  I sat back down on the couch and attempted to watch.  I was getting sleepy so I started to use his shoulder as a pillow.  After a few minutes, he put his arm around me and began to rub my ass”

“Ahhhh sookie sookie now!”

“The next thing I know, he’s pulling me in for a kiss.  Then, we’re going at it, like thirsty wolves, tearing each other’s clothes off.  During the melee, he had managed to take off my bra and was sucking my nipples like he needed to be fed”

Samantha shook her head in agreement while Aisha started to fan herself.

“Before I knew it, we were in his bedroom with his tongue deep in my valley.  Before I could collect myself, he jumped inside of me and pulled my legs up.  I tried to wave him off, but it was too late.  He started to fuck me like we were in a porn movie”

“Oh no!  Not like a porn movie girl! Damn!”

“Yeah, and with him being so big, he was killing my insides!  When I asked him to take it slow, he did his best to oblige, but then”

“But then what?”

“He wasn’t as hard as he initially was.  After a few minutes, I could feel him raw inside of me”

“Wait?  Chance doesn’t strike me as the irresponsible type”

“He wasn’t.  He put a condom on, but somehow, it came off”

“I’ve heard that happens sometimes.  It never happened to me, but I’ve heard that things like that happen”

“Needless to say, Chance only likes sex hard and rough.  His dick went down when I asked him to slow the tempo”

“Ahhhhhhhhh.  Oh, wait a minute”

Aisha looked down at her phone.  Without even catching a breath, she stood up and told us,

“I gotta take this call.  Be right back”

Aisha darted away.  I exhaled, pleased with my storytelling abilities.  However Samantha, who was drying out from the liquor, was giving me the evil eye again.  Unfortunately, she knew the whole truth.  She knew that I had manipulated things to get with Chance.  

“So why didn’t you tell her the whole truth, Kamiyah?”

“What do you mean?  I told her the truth”

“Not even close cuz!  Why didn’t you tell her that you were doing everything to keep Prince Charming to yourself?  That you told everyone in the industry that we were dating Chance to keep other suitors away?”

“She didn’t need to know that”

“Why didn’t you tell her that it took you three years to build up the courage for that one night because you were scared he wouldn’t like having sex with you?”

“Because she didn’t need to know that either”

“And why didn’t you tell her that the real reason Chance went flat is because you asked so many damn questions during sex?  That the man felt like he was taking the SAT again”

“Because no one needs to know about that, okay?  I only told you because I need to become better in the bedroom”

“But Aisha is pretty handy in the department as well”

“I don’t trust her like that.  So if you don’t mind, can we squash the entire truth angle, please”

Sam could see the concern in my eyes.  She patted my hand as she took a sip of her complimentary water.  Right on cue, Aisha came back in like a mighty rushing wind.

“Can’t talk now.  I gotta get going!  I text y’all later!”

We watched her run back toward the exit towards, who else, Tito!  She grabbed his arm and they were out the door.  We looked at her plate and she failed to leave her portion for the bill.  Samantha just shook her head as she pulled out her black card.  Just as we were collecting our purses, a rather tall Nigerian woman came to our table.

“Excuse me ladies.  Would you happen to know a fair skinned woman by the name of Aisha Fleming?”

Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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