When Her Body Gets Weak

I sat there in the corner as I waited my turn.  It wouldn’t be long now.

“Don’t stop!  Don’t you dare stop!”

Brianna’s head continued it’s workman-like pace as she endeavored to please her master.  I wasn’t too familiar with her skill set, but by the way her client reeled in delight, I knew that she was doing just fine.   

“Yes!  There you go Bree!  I’m going to wet your fucking face!  Uggghhhhh!”

I smiled as the golden haired Jane squealed in delight, saturating her lover’s lips. Brianna wasn’t put off by the early morning rain shower.  Instead she carried on, allowing her fingers to take over.

“Oh my god!  Oh my, my!”

I applauded quietly as the blonde haired vixen reveled in her contentment.  Brianna refused to release Jane from her spell, causing her mistress’s nipples to shoot towards the sky.  Jane’s fingers started to tear the bed sheets as she let go of all inhibitions.  After a few minutes, Jane’s mouth opened just so as she began to come off her high.  Brianna gave a sinister smile as she positioned herself for another round.  Before she could pounce on her prey, I signaled that I was ready.  Begrudgingly, she withdrew her hand and nodded slowly and laid next to her master.  

“Bree, I can hardly catch my breath!” 

“I see!  I didn’t think that you would be in the mood this morning, not after last night”

“I know I was a blubbering mess darling.  I’m so sorry”

“Baby, there’s no need to be sorry.  I’m whatever you need me to be whenever you need me.  Besides, it’s been a minute since I just held you”

“And I’m glad that you didn’t mind being my support, unlike that cheating husband of mine!  Steve is always standing me up for some young bimbo!  And last night of all nights!  It’s not everyday that a girl receives the Humanitarian of the Year Award!  When I didn’t see him in the audience, I had to fake smile my way through the whole speech!  Then I had to lie to cover for him, again!  That man never appreciates me!  Never!”

“Sweetie, it’s okay.  I’m here, remember?  No need to worry about him.  Focus on me.  Focus on us”

Brianna began to kiss her master’s lips as if there were no tomorrow.

“You’re so good to me, Bree”

“Honey, I will always be here for you.  As a matter of fact, let me draw you a bath and I’ll start making some breakfast”

“Oh that sounds perfect!”

After her master smacked her on the backside, Brianna retired to the water closet and began the bath.  I slowly rose to my feet and put on my disguise.  Even though this was a new wrinkle to the game, I was ready for the challenge. I observed my blonde philogynist as she continued to enjoy herself.  Her fingers played a song that quickly led to another climax.  She was right where I wanted her to be, but I couldn’t inject myself into the play.  Not just yet.  My mind wanted to savour every bit of this moment.

Unbeknownst to everyone in my circle, my days had been consumed with this woman.  This powerful goddess was climbing into my hemispheres, interrupting my neural functions without a hello.  The fascination swiftly turned into a lust that was insatiable!  I had to have her by any means necessary.  So if that meant discord between her and Steve, I was willing to pay.  Brianna’s fee was slightly higher seeing as that she didn’t like sharing her master.  But like James always said, everyone has a price. 

And now she was right before me, naked and unashamed.  Those morning runs gave life to her plump posterior.  I admired it as she stumbled into the lavatory.  My mind hunter turned off the faucet and slowly submerged into the warm waters.

“This bath is perfect Bree!  You gonna join me?”

“Be up in a few”

With that confirmation, I proceeded to make myself known.  My feet began to guide me to her side.  The trek was slow, but deliberate.  Along the way, I made sure to pick up a washcloth to bathe her skin.  The smell of orange and ginger filled the space.  I took in the aroma as I knelt down behind her.  To my surprise, Jane wasn’t startled as I dipped the rag into the water and proceeded to rinse her shoulders.  Instead, she let out a deep breath, encouraging me to do more.  

“Oooooh, this feels so good Bree!  You knew exactly what I needed, didn’t you?”

I gave no response.  After a few more turns around her back, I made my way to her breasts.

“Damn that feels so good!  Pinch momma’s nipples baby”

I did as the goddess commanded.  Unfortunately, my touch wasn’t as delicate as Brianna’s.  I guess my wet gloves felt different against her chest.

“Who the fuck are . . .”

I stifled her words with the rag as the other caressed her throat.  Her legs kicked in the water violently as I began to lift us both to our feet.  Whether she wanted it or not, she belonged to me!  At long last, I was going to have my way with the commissioner.  My ego wanted to divulge the intricacies of this morning’s coup de grace, but time would not permit it.  I only had five minutes left before the security system was back on line.

She continued to struggle and fight as I brought her into the bedroom.  Since I couldn’t relay my plan, I wanted to hear her as I finally had my revenge.

“Bree!  Bree!  Call the police!  Bree!”

Her words trailed off in the November air as I began to take hold of her.  My stranglehold got tighter and tighter as I remembered my uncle and mother.  Immediately I was transported back to when I was seven, when my uncle and mom sang in the church choir.  I could see Uncle Bunny and mom in their green robes with the gold trim.  Back then, there were no mics, just wooden floors and six part harmonies.  I remembered how good I would feel when I heard them sing.  Even in their later years, mom and unc were soulful angels here on earth.  Now because of this devil, they were no longer here.

Her body began to get weak, and within seconds, she was no longer there.  I laid her on the bed as my benefactor instructed.  Then, I went back to the closet to get the gun.

“This is for Uncle Bunny, and my mother”

The silencer did its work.  I would have stayed to take in the view, but my time was up.  I came downstairs and saw Brianna draped over the kitchen table as we had planned.  I saw one of my men holding open the door.  I took off my mask and grabbed the canister from the corner.  I calmly walked outside and climbed into the extermination truck that I borrowed.

“Are we good Mr. Houston?”

“That we are gents. Steve should be home any minute now”

Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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