But It’s Too Late to Leave Now, Part II

“C’mon Ms. Carrington.  It’s time to go”

Oz motioned me to get out of the car, but my body wouldn’t budge. My mind was in a tailspin!  

“No, this can’t be!  Not this way!  Not this way!”

My whole right side started to quiver.  Before my left leg started to join the party, I gained control of my senses.  As the emotions started to die down, my business acumen started to kick in.  Oz was not the grim reaper anymore.  However if there was an issue, Eric always brought his faithful right hand along.  I started playing out scenarios in my head.  Before long, there was a knock on the window.

“Ms. Carrington!  We really need to get going!  You know how Mr. Houston is about time!”

I needed to reign in the fear so I reverted back to the old me.  No more of the guessing games,  I wanted the truth!

“So tell me again why are you here, Oz?  I thought this trip was just for me and Eric?”

“Ms. Carrington, you already know!  I’m sure he told you what he wanted you to do, right?”

“What he wanted me to do?  That would be a no, but we discuss the reason for flying to LA in the middle of the night”

“Well LA is part of it.  You can’t off no big time politician without some professional help.  Too many guards and cameras around.  Shit has to be calculated, precise.  Now don’t get me wrong, boss is a bad man!  But John Wick, he’s not!”

And with Oz’s laugh, I felt a little more at ease.  Whenever old John Henry wanted to kill someone, he rarely, if ever, made small talk.  He said that all that jaw jacking got in the way of the mission.  His demeanor told me that my life was no longer in danger.  But why was Oz rushing me out of the car when Eric hadn’t even boarded yet?  We were already behind schedule!  The glare that he gave me suggested that he had some pussy waiting on him.  So with that in mind, I finally stepped out of the car.  

I calmly started walking toward the plane, but Oz vered me in the direction of the SUV.  

“Wait now!  What’s in the SUV?”

“You forget already?  Didn’t boss tell you that there was some business that needed to be handled before we left?”

“Handled?  What do I need to handle?”

“If you don’t know Ms. Carrington, you’re about to see now!”

As we got closer, I started to hear what sounded like, a musical?  I wasn’t too familiar with the genre, but I could hear the chorus loud and clear:

“No one’s slick as Gaston,

No one’s quick as Gaston,

No one’s neck’s is incredibly thick as Gaston”

I stopped and stared at Oz.

“What in the hell?”

“What can I say Ms. Carrington?  I like the song!  Plus the music drowns out ol’ boy screaming”

As we neared the backside of the truck, I could hear someone crying.  Then from the passenger side, Eric emerged.  He walked towards me and Oz, rubbing his hands together. 

“Seems like one of your escorts was trying to ruin the election for us”

“One of my escorts?  Can’t be!  They all know the rules!  They know what will happen!”

“Not all of them.  Seems like this young lover wanted to press his luck.  Mister Ding a Ling here tends to fall in love with everyone he fucks, including the senator”

As Oz opened the door, everything became clear.

“Damn Quinton!  Not you?”

“Yep.  Mr. Massage Parlor over here can’t keep his mouth closed around high price pussy.  Ain’t that right young blood?” 

I hated to see Quinton like this.  I could tell that Oz and the boys laid the wood to him.  His face was battered and the duct tape around his mouth was bloody.  His hands were tied behind his back, and to make matters worse, he was naked.

“Really Oz?  You couldn’t have let him put on his clothes first?”

“You know we don’t work like that, Ms. Carrington.  Buddy was in the middle of telling secrets.  I had to bust in and stop that shit before it went any further”

“But he doesn’t know anything”

Eric smiled at me as he motioned for another goon to fetch his device.  Somehow Eric had managed to record Quinton spilling his guts about the true nature of him being with the legislator.  Quinton stated that he would feed false information to us if blondie paid him and his brother, Nate.  

“These low level niggas!  Always thinking they’re smarter than me.  Now look at ya dumb ass!”

“So why isn’t his brother here, Eric”

“Oh, that wanna be thug is on his way back to prison.  He’ll get a nice welcome home party for the next month or so.  I told the brothers inside to make him suffer, but not kill him.  I want the torture to get to the point where he kills himself!  I bet that bitch only last for a week!”

I could hear my soon to be former employee whimpering through his gag.  

“Okay.  So why did you guys bring him here to the runway?”

Oz pointed to Eric who was standing there with that evil grin on his face.

“April, this is your mess.  You hired him to work for you and now you have to dispose of him.  You know how this game goes”

“Me?  But that’s not my job, Eric!  You know that!”

“April, you’re my lieutenant now.  You have to be ready to exterminate anyone that gets in the way of business.  No matter how old or young.  Business is business”

Oz handed me the gun.  My hands started to shake, but Eric came close and caressed the nerves away.  

“Show me how loyal you are to me.  Show me that he doesn’t mean anything to you other than business”

He gave me a kiss and then gave directions to his old friend.

“Oz, make sure that you all dispose of him at the normal spot.  Gotta make sure that this doesn’t come back to us.  I’m sure your highness will try to piece things together, but it will be too late and she’ll be out of office”

Eric tapped me on the ass before he started towards the plane.  I stood there with the glock in my hand trying to understand all of this.  Eric had already told me that this was a test.  I needed to prove my worth.  Or was it more than that?  Was this payback for me ignoring him all this time?  Was it payback for the other men I slept with?  Or did he know I slept with the masseuse as well?  

“Ms. Carrington, we really need to get going.  Go ahead and put the bullet in him.  We’ve already got the plastic set up”

I stood there contemplating.  I had never killed anyone before!  I was fine with manipulating people, but actually taking their lives?  That wasn’t me!  My man was trying to take me down that rabbit hole he was in.  And if I went down willingly, would he truly love me?  

Time was ticking.  I took my stance and pointed the weapon.  When Quinton saw the pistol drawn, he went into immediate panic, trying to get up but the cords and tape had him bound.  I could see the tears falling from his eyes.  His screams through the tape got louder and louder.  I pulled the gun down, shaking my head.  There was no reason for me to do this!  Then Oz, the voice of truth, simply said

“It’s either him or you, Ms. Carrington.  We all have to clean our mess.  Just concentrate on all the mistakes that he made to get him in the situation he’s in now.  You’ll pull the trigger before you know it”

Now I saw why Oz never made small talk with any of the victims.  It made them human instead of mistakes on a piece of paper.  The bullets were simply erasers to Oz and Eric.  Now I needed to pretend this young man was just a word written incorrectly.  A verb out of place.  I started to think of all the missteps that he made.  From falling in love with Tiffani and telling all his co-workers to conspiring with that jailbird brother of his.  I gave him chance after chance, but he never learned his lesson.  I don’t know when it happened, but everything stopped and the crying ceased.

“You gotta be ready for that kickback, Ms. Carrington.  You keep shooting like that and you’ll rip the skin from your finger”

A part of me wanted to look, but I couldn’t bear to do so.  Oz and his crew went about their business as Beauty and the Beast played in the background.  I on the other hand was trying my best just to make it up the stairs of the plane.  As I reached the top, there was my champion, arms wide open.  

“I’m so proud of you baby.  Now I know that you belong to only me”

Written by the Wednesday Gentleman


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