The Return of the Hustle, Part IV

Seems like your big dick masseuse wanted to join the party after all!”

I stood there motionless as I peered at the screen.  I couldn’t find the words to say. But my new employer?

“What’s wrong Tiff?  Isn’t this what you wanted?  By working here, you can have your cake and eat it too!”

I continued to gaze at the screen as Quinton proceeded around the building.  Why wasn’t he going through the front door like everyone else?  His attire was different as well.  Instead of wearing his trademark tunic and jeans, he was dressed to the nines in all black.  His suit was tailored, fitting his six five frame perfectly.  It was hard to imagine that this man of mystery lived in the slums with his brother.  After a moment of thought, it came to me.

“You’ve been playing me this whole time, haven’t you?”

“Playing you? Tiffani darling! I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

She began to laugh to herself as she took out another cigar.  That smug look on her face made me want to strangle her privileged ass! 

“Bitch, you know what the hell I’m talking about!  You set all of this up, didn’t you?”

“Now, now, now Mrs. David! I’m going to ask you to calm down before you ruin this evening for the both of us.  Now like I said before, I just manipulate the surroundings.  You followed though, but who could blame you? Those lips?  That frame?  And that cock? Shit, I’d be surprised if Mother Teresa could pass up that brown sugar!

“So this whole affair was planned?”

“Not necessarily.  What I orchestrated to be a one time thing turned out to be a year long romance! He’s beautiful alright, but Quin has a problem following directions. I told him, momma always finds out!” 

“So he’s . . .”

“Yes, Quinton actually loves you, or so he believes. You got his nose open so much that he violated one of my rules”

“And what rule was that?”

“Never fall in love with a mark”

Shame was all over my face.   I was now in my own personal inferno with no way out.

“Now there, there Tiffani.  Everyone gets conned, even the smart ones”

“But I don’t wanna do this tonight! Watching my husband in lust with . . .”

Ms. Carrington firmly grabbed my jaws before I could finish my thought. She stared into my soul as if she were Lucifer herself!  

“Now see, I’ve tried to be nice with your self righteous ass!  I don’t give a fuck what you think! You work for me now!  Do you understand?”

I whimpered as I felt her grip getting stronger. I couldn’t believe all this power was in her hands! I started to feel my feet leave the floor!

“Oh God!”

Just as I prepared myself for the worse, a red light came on. 

“Well look who’s on the way?”

She let go of my face and snapped back into Mommy Dearest mode. As I got my bearings, I took a look at the computer screen.  Within seconds, he was in my presence again.

“Ahhhhhh, Quinton!  I’m so glad you could come on short notice!”

He looked over at me and froze in shock.

“Tiffani?  What are you doing here?”

I simply pointed to our employer.

“So you know everything huh?”

I nodded my head as I rubbed my jaws back into place.

“Ms. Carrington, why did you summon me here tonight?  And why is Mrs. David here?  I got you the video like you requested”

“So it was you Quinton?  You’re the one that took the video?”

“I didn’t have a choice, baby.  If I didn’t do it, my brother would have been on the first bus back to prison”

“Well Quinton, things like that wouldn’t happen if you would have just followed my instructions! So now that there’s clarity of who runs this show, let’s get down to business, shall we?”

Ms. Carrington walked back over to the computer with Quinton and started to toggle through different areas of the club. After a few moments, she zeroed in on her next victim.

“This lady right here is running for U.S Senate and my benefactor needs some information on her”

Quinton walked to the screen and made note of where she was.

“I’ve seen her in a few commercials.  Isn’t she married to some tycoon?”

“Yeah, that’s him over in the corner talking to another guy”

“So where do I come in?”

“Well good old hubby likes to watch his wife fuck other people, especially Black men”

“Say what?”

“Hey, who am I to judge?  Hell, I like to watch sometimes too! And since old moneybags has this voyeur fetish, you’re gonna be the main attraction! You’re gonna give that congresswoman everything she wants and then some! I want you to make her cum so hard that hubby gets uncomfortable in his seat! That’s when the real fun begins!”

I could see Ms. Carrington’s wheels turning as she laid out the game plan to infiltrate this politician’s home.  I couldn’t believe that Quinton had been a part of this from the start.  But the dejected look on his face made me understand that he didn’t have a choice in the matter either.  As they concluded their conversation, Ms. Carrington slipped a pill into his hand.

“Now go upstairs and be great!  Tiffani will be up to join you soon”

Quinton took his leave as he was instructed.  I stared at my employer who smiled to herself while puffing on her stogy.  I took a seat in the chair next to where she was standing.

“And how am I joining Quinton?  I thought you said the hubby enjoys wifey getting rammed by brothas, not sistas?”

“That is true. However, our dear senator loves women and you will play the part of the temptress”

“Ummmm, I’m not about to eat another woman’s pussy!  You can go ahead and tell Christian . .”

“See that’s what’s wrong with you Tiffani!  You’re quick to talk without knowing all the information.  You don’t have to do anything to her.  As a matter of fact, you’re just playing the hard to get role tonight. You’re gonna get her juices flowing”

“So I would just lead her on?”

“Pretty much.  Let her suck one of your breasts and invite Christian to suck the other”

“I know Christian won’t go for that!”

“I keep telling you Tiffani, I have seen what your man wacks off to.  He likes to see women pushed to the limit, whether it’s two men and one woman or vice versa”


“Yup.  He rotates between five movies, all threesomes”

“But I’m still not comfortable about the idea”

“Woman, you keep saying what you’re not comfortable with.  Tonight is not about you being comfortable! No, tonight is about making your husband the happiest man on Earth! Now come on girl!  We’ve kept Christian waiting long enough!”

Ms. Carrington helped me up out of the chair and reached back into her purse.

“Here’s two party favors on the house to help you guys loosen up.  You can slip it in Christian’s mouth during a kiss.  I’d advise you to take the other one.  It’ll take the edge off”

“What is this?”

“Don’t tell me that your drug dealing boyfriend back in the day didn’t sell ecstasy?”

“No. It was mainly weed and coke when he could get it”

“Damn girl! You really have a lot to learn, but that’s what I’m here for!  I’m gonna teach you! Let’s go!”

Ms. Carrington grabbed my arm and linked it with hers.

“When we walk out there, you gotta let those hips fly!  Let these people know that you own the room.  Be confident”

“I think I’m gonna need a drink”

“No problem.  I got you girl”

We walked out of the den and into the lights of the kitchen.  She motioned to the executive chef what she wanted.  Within minutes,  the wait staff was coming in with my cranberry and vodka.  I took the pill and gulped the drink down without wasting a drop.  

“Ah shit!  There you go girl!  Now let’s go find that husband of yours”

Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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