The Return of the Hustle, Part III

“Long term, I want you to manage the club.  Tonight however, I want you to watch your husband have fun with as many women as he wants.  You can participate too if you like”

“Excuse me?”

“Tiffani, you can join in tonight’s festivities. Call it an executive perk”

“I don’t know if I can watch Christian be with another woman?”

“Oh I think you can, pretty lady! As a matter of fact, you’re gonna let him choose the women!”

”First of all, why would I let him fuck other women in front of me? That’s ridiculous!”

“Well buttercup, you have been cheating on him for over a year now.  Second, you can use this moment to address the lack of bedroom intimacy.  You can acknowledge that you have always wanted to live out the fantasy of being with other couples.  You did say that he lives to make you happy, right?

“He is loyal, but you’re asking a lot Ms. Carrington!  And since this was your idea, how will you explain us both coming to this place?”

”Tiffani, every man likes visual candy.  I will explain that he seemed tense around the office and I wanted him to release some steam. Besides, he has to check the books. Now, he invited you here because I told him I had a job opportunity for you. So my bases are covered”

”I dunno”

”Mrs. David, you don’t strike me as an insecure woman.  You’re a go getter and I’m willing to pay you three times what you make now.  As far as the extracurriculars, I don’t see nothing wrong with having sex the way you want it as long as both parties agree. You already confessed that you couldn’t go backwards in lifestyle”

“Wait a minute?  So you watched the entire video?”

“Trust me, it wasn’t my intention. But the way you slid up and down his pole? Girl!  My friends always told me that adulterous sex was the best.  I never believed that until today”

I stood there in horror as she tipped her way towards me.

“So Mrs. David, do we have a deal?”

She extended her hand towards me with that signature smile.  There was no way that I could watch Christian be with another woman, let alone participate!  Then subject myself to watching random, unattractive people have sex on a nightly basis?  Just as I was about to tell her where to go, I thought about me and Xae having to live with Quinton and his uninvited guests.  I envisioned how I would have to fend off his creepy brother whenever he and I were left alone.  What other choice did I have?  Reluctantly, I accepted her hand and took the deal.

“Welcome to the team Mrs. David! It’s about ten after now.  Let’s get you acclimated to the clientele shall we?”

“Wait a minute?  Where’s Christian?  You said that he would be here?”

“And he will.  He’s running an unexpected errand. But don’t worry. I’m gonna help you set the stage so that he will give in to his desires”

“Set the stage?”

“Yes Tiffani.  Let me hip you to some game while we take a stroll through your establishment”

Ms. Carrington escorted me back out the way I came.  

“Tiffani, I don’t know if you understand this or not, but there is a sweet science to how one gets what they want.  Now some people believe that things happen by divine intervention.  However, most events occur by manipulating the environment”


“Well let me break it down to you.  How did you get Christian?”

“We met at church”

“But how?”

“Well he was sitting in the back and we met after service”

“How long were you hunting him?”

“I wasn’t hunting him”

“Tiffani, like I said before.  If we are going to be friends, you’re going to have to tell the truth”

“But Ms. April, I wasn’t hunting him”

She paused as she was about to open another door.  I feel the music underneath my stilettos now.  She looked me in the eyes as she pulled out a cigar.

“Let me break it down for you darling.  Before you had conversation with Christian, you noticed him before that day right?”

“Well yes”

“And how long was it before he noticed you?”

“I dunno”

“Was it one week, two weeks?”

“I dunno. We never discussed that”

“So he was unaware of you until when?”

“When I led the kids that Sunday for their presentation”

“Did you ask to be on that group?”

I stood there and saw where she was going.

“Ms. April, I wouldn’t call that manipulating”

“Uh huh.  Just because it occurs in a church doesn’t mean that you are not manipulating the situation.  As a matter of fact, most clergy and politicians use religion to influence others.  Why do you think all the evangelicals are not speaking out against injustice?  They only speak about loving one another.  Never any conversation about defending and depending on yourself”

“That’s because God will fight your battles”

“Tiffani, that’s only if you began to fight! Most people will sit by and call themselves waiting on God to resolve the issue.  Meanwhile, he has given us the tools to resolve and handle ourselves”

I stood there stunned as Ms. Carrington took a long drag of the smoke stick.  How did my employer know so much?  She didn’t strike me as a church goer and this place was far from a house of prayer. She extinguished her cigar before taking hold of the door handle.

“So can we continue the tour or do I need to explain further?”

“How do you get people to spend more?  I still don’t see it”

“Ahhhh, that I can!  Follow me”

She opened the door which led to a club of sorts.  I could see the DJ on the opposite side settling into his groove.  There was no one on the dance floor, but I could see various people starting to talk to each other on these plush, leather couches.  Drinks were flowing and hands seemed to be everywhere!

“So from the looks of it, you make most of your money at the bar?”

“No Tiffani, we don’t. As a matter of fact, people are encouraged to bring their own liquor and we make whatever cocktail they like.  We don’t serve alcohol here”

“Say what?”

“Yep, and the soda beverages are free before midnight”

I shook my head in disbelief!  

“So how do you pay the staff?”

“Keep walking and I’ll show you”

We came back to the entrance.  The girls that greeted me were now dressed in close to nothing!  I could see their nipple piercings protruding through their black outfits.  They were smiling so bright I couldn’t help but to smile back.  April looked back at me and shook her head in agreement.

“See, this is the start of how we make a customer feel good.  Smiling.  You can’t help but to smile back at a beautiful person”

“I see”

“But if you come look over here, we have all of our members in a database.  Members already pay a hefty monthly fee in order to get in”


“We also work with independent vendors who provide non members the experience as well.  We normally upcharge them so that the business can make a profit. We give incentives to the vendors when a visitor becomes a member”

“So what’s the draw?”

”The women darling!  No matter how racist these assholes are, they secretly want to be with ethnic women, and sometimes men as well.  So I make sure to have a good mixture of people to satisfy various appetites”

”Wow!  I see how you work”

“Oh, but that’s not the beautiful thing.  C’mon!”

I followed my employer through the kitchen and to a door that seemed a bit out of place.  Behind that door, was a flight of stairs that led to this mysterious room.  When Ms. Carrington turned on the lights, there were three desks with multiple screens connected to each.

“So what is this?”

“This Mrs. David is where the magic happens”

“How so?”

“This is where we manipulate our surroundings.  Now depending on the fetish of the executive or high roller, I have assigned staff that will mingle with them.  They give them a good time in the sex lounge.  So good in fact that these high rollers want to have more.  And since they think they are just dealing with regular people, they invite them to their homes and . .”

“Don’t tell me that you guys rob them?”

Ms. Carrington laughed at me as she came closer.

“On the contrary, we get information.  It’s amazing what secrets people divulge when they are high on sex!  The most guarded person feels free as this is their most vulnerable state.  Nobody suspects that a spy is blowing their brains out!  We take that information and parlay that into new legislation, land permits, pretty much anything we want”

“Isn’t that illegal?”

“Is it illegal when guys go on the golf course and broker deals?  This is no different”

“Yeah, but . . .”

“Trust me Tiffani, you are insulated from any prosecution.  And if worst comes to worst, you can use tonight to say that you were manipulated into all this”

I looked at my new boss who seemed to be just a little too giddy with that statement.

“Ms. Carrington, why would you want me to dime you out?”

“Well honestly honey, I don’t believe that you would.  With your husband doing the books for us and the dirt I have on you from earlier today, I don’t believe that shitting on the organization would work for any of us”

She had a point.  I didn’t want to serve up Christian to the feds, but if I had to, I needed to make sure I had enough money to live.  I took a peak at the time and saw that it was now half past nine!  

Okay, so now I have a lay of the land and have agreed to terms. Where is Christian?”

Ms. Carrington walked over to one of the computers and began to work.  Within moments, all of the screens lit up with multiple views of the club.  She could see everything!  Sure enough, my faithful husband was coming through the door.  However, there was another person entering that made me drop to my knees!  I couldn’t believe it!  How could this be happening?  My red head tormentor rose from her seat and smiled at me.

“Seems like your big dick masseuse wanted to join the party after all”





Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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