The Return of the Hustle, Part II

“Good evening Tiffani.  I’m April Carrington, the new owner of the Trapeze”

I managed to quiet my hysterics and direct my sights on the woman in black.  For a non-colored woman, she was very attractive, like she could have been a Victoria Secret model.  However, she was too curvy for that.  From the way her hair flowed, to the Louboutins on her feet, she exuded this aura of power.  I didn’t want to rock the boat before I knew the purpose of our meeting, but the way she was looking me, it was like she wanted me.  

“Ummm, excuse me Ms. Carrington, but am I supposed to know you?  And where is my husband?”

She smirked as she took a sip of her brown liquor.

“Now I understand why he covets you so”

“What do you mean?”

“Those breasts? Those hips?  That Cuban heritage shines through your skin”

“Wait?  How do you know about my heritage?  Are you psychic or something?”

“No dear.  I’m good at sizing people up.  It’s a skill that my benefactor taught me, among other things. But please, join me in the sitting area for a little girl talk.  We have a few things to discuss”

I rose to my feet and followed her over.  She motioned me to sit across from her. 

“Oh where are my manners?  Would you like something to drink?  Let me guess, Tito’s and cranberry right?”

I shook my head in agreement as she went to her bar and prepared my drink.  I surveyed the room looking for a way out, but there wasn’t another door in sight.  Ms. Carrington handed me my vodka cranberry and then sat in her chair.

“So Ms. April, why am I sitting here with you?  Where is Christian?”

“Ahhh, so full of questions!  Well beloved, I was asked to speak with you on behalf of my benefactor”

My spirit got up and ran for the hills!

“You, you, you don’t mean, Mr. Houston?”

“Mr. Houston?”

“Yes, Eric Houston”

“Nah, never heard of him.  Who is he supposed to be?”

“He’s a hired gun who works for Christian’s boss.  Surely you’ve heard of him?”

Ms. Carrington seemed confused by what I was saying.  Was she truly out the loop?  She couldn’t be that naive, or could she?

“Mrs. David, I don’t know what you’ve been told, but Christian works for me.  He’s been working for me for close to two years now”

“Say what?”

“Yes.  As a matter of fact, it was my idea for you to meet with me tonight”

“Meet with you?  So my husband’s not coming?”

“Oh yes dear, he’s coming alright!”

“So why did you have your goon handle me like that?”

“I do apologize for how Terry handled you sweetheart.  He’s one to follow orders to the letter.  He was probably trying to squeeze in a game before our regulars got here”


“Yes dear.  The club doesn’t open until eight.  Have you ever heard of the Trapeze before?”

“No?  I am supposed to?”

“Well, I guess not.  You are from that country town that’s built around the football team right?  Anyway, the Trapeze is a swingers club.  You do know what swinging is now, don’t you?”

“Swinging ain’t nothing but another term for orgies!  But I’m sure you know that Christian and I are not swingers.  We’re church going folks”

The red haired queen pin laughed to herself as she put down her glass.

“Girl, in order for us to be friends, we need to be honest with each other”

“And I am being honest.  My husband and I don’t subject ourselves to that lifestyle.  We believe in monogamy, not gangbangin’”

“Monogamy, huh?  So let me ask you Mrs. David, how well do you know your husband?  Better yet, how well does he know you?”

“I know my husband pretty well. He works hard and he takes care of home.  My man is loyal to me”

“Ahhhhh, so tell me, what does he do for work?”

“Why are you asking me?  You’re his boss!  You know what he does”

“But do you? You say you know your husband so I’m asking a legitimate question”

“As far as I know, he works for Caterpillar and was promoted to CFO today.  He also does some contract work on the side for several restaurants in and around Atlanta”

“So that’s what he told you, huh?”


“And that’s what you believe?”

“Why shouldn’t I?  The bills are paid and I’m taken care of”

“Have you ever seen the bank statements?”

“Why should I?  Christian handles that.  I trust him”


“What’s the humming for?”

“I think it’s odd that you trust him with the finances and your son, but yet you refuse to fuck him”

I was attempting to keep my cool, but the hostess was taking things a bit too far now.

“Wait a minute, Ms. Carrington!  I don’t mean any disrespect, but you’re dipping a little too much into my kool – aid!  My marital affairs are none of your business!”

April nodded her head at me and simply grabbed a remote.  She pointed it towards the flat screen that was behind her.  There on the screen was my husband, in an office, masturbating to what appeared to be porn on his desktop.

“You see Tiffani, I hate to see a man have to please himself at work.  Christian does this almost every day, sometimes twice if he has the time!  So do you still believe your marital affairs are none of my business?”

I needed to comeback with something.

“If he’s jacking off in the privacy of his own office, I don’t see any harm.  I mean, I’ve known people to do far worse”

“Ahhhhh, I thought you would say that.  I have another video for you to see”

The screen went to an all too familiar scene.  As the second feature began, I realized why I was here.  To my surprise, my encounter with Quinton was being played in full color.  I sat back in horror as my tormentor turned up the sound.

“Girl you getting down!  You crying out like Janet Jacme!  So is this what you call monogamy?”

My voice echoed across the room.  I was hearing myself in the throws of passion while Ms. Carrington looked on.

“I gotta say, he does have a pretty big cock.  I can see why you’ve been meeting with him secretly all this time”

“So you’ve been following me?”

“I call it investigating.  You see, Christian suspected something was going on since you refrained from having sex with him.  Poor man thought it was because he sucked some dick for drugs back in the day.  He asked if I could help with finding a private detective”

Tears started to well up in my eyes again.  

“So, does he, does he know about, this?”

“No he doesn’t and I’d like to keep it that way.  Sharing this video with him would only kill his confidence.  And if it’s one thing I know about a man, is that he needs to feel confident.  He jacks off because he’s under constant pressure.  And seeing that you haven’t been doing your wifely duties, I suggested that you both come here tonight”

“What stress?  He’s just doing the books right?”

“Oh Tiffani!  Your husband is responsible for the financial oversight of all my benefactor’s businesses, including the Trapeze.  Accountants have their own brand of stress. We gotta keep Christian razor sharp!”

“So I take there’s something I have to do to keep my affair silent?”

“Honey, there’s more than just something!  Your husband informed me that you have experience in management”

“I guess you can call it that”

“Well beloved, I need you to manage this club for me”

“What?  What do I know about managing a sex bar?”

“It’s just like managing those check cashing places.  You make the members feel at home while you get them to spend more money than they realize.  Trust, you don’t have to go hunting for your money either!  And staff? Girl! Most people would give anything to work here!  Don’t you see everybody smiling like they working at Chic Fil a!”

“But won’t people see me?”

“Oh, you’re afraid of your little church friends finding out?”

“I mean, I’ve worked so hard to establish myself in our new community”

“Oh, that’s right!  None of them know you used to turn tricks back in the day”

“Tricks? What do you mean?”

“Tiffani, I like you.  You lie to the very end, even when you know I know”

She took her remote and stopped the video. With a devious smile, April looked at me as she turned on another clip.  Somehow, she had found the porn video that I made with my boyfriend back in the day.

“Mrs. David.  If you haven’t caught on by now, I know everything”

“But Christian said that this was . . .”

“Who did you think he had to scrub it from every place on the internet?  Who had to pay people off to stop distributing?  Destroy copies?  Hell, every preacher in your little town had their own personal copy!”

“So what do you want me to do again?”

“Long term, I want you to manage the club.  Tonight however, I want you to watch your husband have fun with as many women as he wants.  You can participate too if you want”





Written by The Wednesday Gentleman

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