The Girl Is Mine

“ . . . My name is Carl Tenny, and we’re supposed to get married”


“Carl Tenny, eh?  You say that like I’m supposed to know you?  Have we met before?”


“No, but I’m here for the woman I love”


I chuckled to myself.  


“Is that right, Mr. Tenny?”


He removed his overpriced shades and looked at me as if I were the help.  Then he replied


“Yeah.  Now be a good sport and go fetch Naomi for me”


Did this smug motherfucker just say what I thought he said?  The arrogant fuck took a few more steps toward me.  He must have thought that I was gonna be intimidated and do his bidding?  Or maybe he thought the black and yellow Lambo he rode in was power?  Or maybe he thought that thousand dollar suit he had on was bulletproof like John Wick?  Mr. Tenny was stuntin’ like he was Jay-Z or some other big Willie, but that nigga was gonna fall just like anyone else if he continued my way! 


“Nigga?  Why are you here?  It’s obvious that you’re not the man anymore”


He took out a handkerchief and wiped the sweat from underneath his Fedora.  


“You low grade negroes!  You still don’t get it, do you?”


“Obviously I don’t, since I’m a low grade negro.  Help me understand, master sir”


“My man, she’s merely playing with you.  Having a bit of fun while I come to my senses.  And since I’m ready for her, there’s no need for you anymore.  As a matter of fact, she’ll forget about you next week!”


“You know what old bean? You’re a full of shit!  You probably believe you’re all that, don’t you?  You English motherfuckers always think you’re the hot shit!”


“Negro is you simple, or is you stupid?  You see the car?  You see my clothes?  And you?  You’re out here in fuzzy slippers and a bathrobe!  You’re not on my level son”


“Seems like I leveled up last night, Tenny boy”


“That was last night.  This is forever!  You can’t give her what I can.  So you see fuzzy slippers, she’s my woman!  I got her this house!  I got her that car!  I’m the one that makes her happy!”


My vision started to dart from side to side as my mind started to play tricks on me again.  


“This is Robbie all over again!  Remember when she left us for that starting guard on the Atlanta Hawks?  You went broke trying to please her and lost.  You’ll always have to settle for second.  Just get used to it.  Second is safe and not worth the heartache or the drama!”


I closed my eyes to gather myself.  I was about to give an ear to my self-doubt but rage wouldn’t let me.  Instead of an exchange of words, rage came up and viciously erased my doubt.  Shortly thereafter, my anger started to hype me up like a trainer.


“Look son!  We’ve been through too much shit to let this pompous lightweight have the last laugh!  Remember who you are!  You’re from Hyde Park, son!  Remove this bitch nigga and let’s go get breakfast!”


A smirk came across my face as I started to dip my hand in the duffel bag.  I pulled the steel up and let the bag fall to the ground.  My new adversary took a few steps back as he began to yell at me.


“Who do you think you are?  You ain’t nothing man!  You just a little notch on her belt!  I’ve been here through it all!  Not you!  Not her baby daddy!  Me!”


I stared into his eyes as my gun was firmly in hand.  I could tell that some demon was riding him to this moment.  I didn’t know if an exorcism was needed, but I was prepared just in case.  Just as I was about to step closer to him, a scream ranged out.


“Hamilton!  No!  Please baby!”


I kept my eyes on him, pistol drawn.


“Hamilton, please.  Put the gun down”


“Not gonna happen babe.  I know this nigga been blowing your phone up all morning”


“How did you . . .”

“Your phone was lighting up over and over while you were in the shower.  Then he’s out here waiting.  Wait a minute?  Did you plan to see him today?”


“No Hamilton”


I looked at Mr. Tenny with a new found hatred inside.  Was I going to lose out to the wealthier man again?  I could feel my face starting to get hot as my finger began to itch. 


“Hamilton, please.  All the neighbors are watching”


Naomi calmly put her hand over mine and got me to withdraw my weapon.  She looked at me with those beautiful spheres that I got lost in the night before, putting me at ease.  She turned her attention to the intruder, who was gawking at her beauty.


“Carl, what in the world are you doing out here this morning?”


“Baby!  I’m here because I love you!”


“Carl, you don’t love me”


“How can you say that?”


“Because you had a hold on my heart for all this time and I was never enough.  I was only your girl when you needed your ego stroked”


“Baby, that’s not it”


“Is it now?  You never admitted that we were dating at any stage of the game.  I was always kept in the dark while others had the spotlight”


“That’s not true!  If you weren’t my girl, then tell me why have we been in each other’s lives for over ten years?”


“Geesh!  You’re always quick to say that we’ve been together for ten years!  But in reality, we haven’t even spent a whole day together!  Definitely never any holidays!  I was the one that always had to initiate everything; calls, video chats, visits.  I even stood there and watched you marry another woman!  I watched you go off and have a child when you had me abort ours”


Oh shit!  Naomi was in full go mode.  I had never seen her like this before.  She was in total control of her emotions while she was telling buddy to hit the bricks!  Tenny looked down at his feet as Naomi continued her speech.


“And yes, it was my fault that I was content being your side piece.  For a good portion of my life, I thought that’s all I was good for.  That nobody would want me to be their only.  But this man right here, came along and challenged my way of thinking.  Because of him, I started to confront my insecurities.  He’s my hero.  He’s my man.


I couldn’t help but feel proud.  I tried not to smile, but I had to let old boy know that he lost.  I grabbed Naomi by the waist as I kissed her on the neck.  There was nothing the arrogant fuck could say at this juncture but 


“I guess there’s no reason to fight for you, huh?  Your mind is made up?”


“Yes it is Carl.  And I would appreciate it if you don’t call me anymore”


Tenny boy gave me a nod and started to walk back to his car.  I stayed there with my gun and Naomi in hand until he pulled away.  As soon as he left, Naomi turned into me.  Our lips met for a morning rendezvous.  After our formal good morning, I picked up my bag and we started back to the house.


“So Naomi, is that how you feel about me?  Truly?”


“Are you gonna make me say this now, Dr. Gangster?”


“Um, yeah!  Seeing how everything just went down I would say that now is a pretty good time”


“Yes Hamilton, you make me happy, truly”


“So why do you fight against me so much?”


She stood there for a minute while before we walked back in.


“My counselor said that people tend to fight against those things that are good.  Subconsciously, we want to stay in our confused state because we like the crowd that surrounds us there.  I finally got to the point that I didn’t want to be confused any more.  I want to experience true love”


“Is that right?”


“Yes.  And right now, I want to experience that good dick”


Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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