Cocoa Butter Kisses

Before I could finish, Hamilton had walked over to the couch in his entire birthday suit!


“I told you I didn’t have anything planned for tomorrow morning”


“I see.  So you just gonna come in here, all naked, and have your way with me, huh?”


“Well, that was the plan.  But like I said before, I don’t have anywhere to be tomorrow”


Before I could I take back what I said, Hamilton bent down and kissed me on the forehead.  My eyes were fixed on his round ass as he returned back to the bathroom.


“What the fuck did you just do Naomi?  Isn’t this what you’ve been waiting for?”


I shook my head as I battled my emotions.  I was so elated to finally be with this man, yet a part of me was trying to sabotage the moment!  My insecurities started to circle me like a gang, taunting me:

“You ain’t shit!”


“He’s too good for you anyway”


“Bet he’s had women that can fuck better than you!”


“Once he sees those rolls you got, he’s gonna run for the hills!”


I tucked my legs under my shirt and began to rock.  At a time when I should have been relaxed, my mind was playing tricks on me!  My insecurities were telling me to run, but my heart said no.  This was my house.  My sanctuary.  I remembered one of the relaxation techniques Dr. Ford had me practice in our last session.  I raised my hands above my head and began to breathe deeply.  Ten, nine, eight, seven . . .


When I opened my eyes, Hamilton was standing in front of me wearing one of my bath robes.


“I didn’t mean to be so forward before”


“No Hamilton.  You’re not the problem.  I am.  Please come sit down”


He came and sat beside me, smelling like my Dove body wash, all good and shit.  


“So what are you watching?


“I’m watching the Love It or List It marathon”


“Never heard of it, but I’m not one to watch HGTV either”


“I’ll hip you to it”


When I explained the premise of the show, he immediately took to it.  After thirty minutes, he was totally engaged, telling me what colors he would use for the remodels.  I started to smile as I imagined us spending cozy Saturdays together, in the bed watching HGTV, intertwining as the spirit gave us utterance.  As I daydreamed, my soul began to salivate once again.  I wanted to see what his shaft looked like fully erect.  What it felt like grinding inside of me.  He must have picked up on my vibe.  He looked me over and, without any words, kissed me.  


Now I’ve kissed my share of lovers before, but this man?  This man?  Lawd!  There was some type of potion coated on his lips because I couldn’t stop kissing him!  Within minutes, I was under his spell.  I don’t even remember us taking off our clothes or how he managed to get in between my legs once again.  I could feel his tongue all over me, bathing me like a newborn child.  I could feel the water underneath me as he made me climax again.  Unlike the kitchen episode, he continued his magic, to the point I had to beg for mercy. 


“Please Hamilton, I wanna feel you.  Let me feel you baby”


He brought his tongue up to my breasts and kissed on them ever so softly.  He was taking his time, being delicate, but the anticipation was more than I could stand.  I grabbed a hold of his steel and plunged him in.


“Naomi, don’t we need to . . .”


I kissed him and opened up as much as I could on that couch.  I wanted to feel him without any obstructions.  Once the good doctor relaxed, he gave me what I was longing for.  He started out very sensual.  The strokes were long, slow, and full of purpose.  He made me feel like I was the only one in his life the way he continued to kiss me throughout.  In my forty plus years of life, I’ve never encountered someone that made me feel quite like this.  This euphoria I was feeling?  It wasn’t just sex anymore.  The deeper he dove into my sea, the more passionate the kisses became.  I found myself erupting again.


“Damn it!  Damn it!”


I could feel him smiling at me as I struggled to catch my breath.


“What are you doing to me Hamilton?”


“Trying to make you happy.  You deserve to be happy”


“Baby, you are making me more than happy.  But now it’s your turn.  I want you to be happy too”


“In time”


“In time?”


“I’ll get mine in time.  I’m turned on by your response.  Is that okay?”


I nodded in agreement, but I couldn’t have this man turning me out.  The last thing I needed was to have a man controlling my soul with his dick!  I gathered my strength and took his hand.


“Okay baby.  Let’s go to the bedroom”


I started to lead the way, but I was quickly turned around and bent over.


“I’m not finished out here yet.  Spread that ass for me”


I wanted to object, but my hands were already following orders.  Instead of pile driving me like Carl would, Hamilton kept that same groove going that he had before, reaching depths that made me flow all over him!


“Damn you Hamilton!  Damn it!!”


Tears were streaming from my eyes as the tremors rocked my body for several minutes. Then in the calmest demeanor, I heard him say:


“Now, we can go to the bedroom”


I could feel him retract, but I stayed there, slumped over the arm of the sofa.  To tell the truth I was a little scared to get up.  I didn’t know what else he had in store, but I didn’t know if my back could take it?  I didn’t want to tell him about my ailments, but if he wanted me to ride, I know I wouldn’t be able to last.


After a minute, I gathered my strength and escorted my bucking bronco to the bedroom.  He laid on the bed, his shaft standing tall like a solider.  This was the perfect opportunity to take back the power. 


I grabbed my phone and turned on my Jill Scott playlist. 


“He loves me especially differently every time

You keep me on my feet happily excited

By your cologne, your hands, your smile, your intelligence”


I laid on my side and took command.  I could hear him breathing heavily, anticipating my tongue as his wetness began to emerge.  I made him wait, stroking it slowly in my hand.  I pressed it against my cheek.  I could hear him grab the covers as I took my lips and kissed it.  His body trembled as I finally took him in.  The sweetness of his essence was good to me.  I imagined him as my chocolate fudge pop, letting him slide across my tongue.


“Oh Naomi!  Oh Naomi!”


His moans made me feel sexy as my soul and heart twerked in unison.  The way his body gave way, the way he grabbed my hair, made me feel invincible!  I knew I had him where I wanted.  


“I want you inside me again”


“Climb on and let me give you what you need”


“No, babe.  I want to kiss you while you come”


I could sense a little hesitation, but he assumed the position as I requested.  He already had me on the verge ten strokes in, but I refused to submit.  I kissed his chest, biting his nipples ever so slightly.  He was almost there.  I just needed to encourage him to let go.


“Oh yeah!  I can feel you getting bigger inside me!  That’s it baby!  That’s it baby!”


The sweat was starting to fall like rain and he galloped to the finish line.  I could feel him pulsing through me as our lips met once again.  I bit his lip as I couldn’t hold back any longer.


“Hamilton!  Hamilton!”


“Naomi!  Yes, baby!  I’m coming inside you! Oooooooooooh!”


My body went numb as we experienced heaven together.  I couldn’t stop the tears as I laid there floating.  Was every time with Hamilton gonna to be like this?  I rolled over to see my lover, flat on his back, resting quietly.  I was a little nervous that he didn’t have his machine so I watched him while he drifted off to sleep.


I reached over to the nightstand to turn the music off and the ringer on.  To my surprise, I had fifteen messages unread from Carl.  I should have deleted the messages immediately, but curiosity got the best of me.  I unlocked my phone and started to read.


“Did you think I was gonna let you go that easy?”


I scrolled down a little more.


“Did my little present at the door disrupt your evening?”


I scrolled down a little more


“I love you Naomi Brock!  Will you marry me?”


Written by the Wednesday Gentleman





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