Dinner & The Good Doctor, Part II

“Naomi, I think we burned the grits”


I wanted to speak, but I couldn’t get a hold of my senses.  My mind was screaming “oh my god!” as my body was still in the midst of convulsions.  I tried to breathe again, but the air was getting caught in my throat.  The fact that I struggled to control my release made the orgasm earth shattering!  The exploding tremors going throughout my body refused to let up!  I thought I was coming off my high, but I wasn’t.  Tears continued to stream from the corners of my eyes.  I gave in and let the vibrations run their course.  As I came back to life, I saw Hamilton pouring the grits into a bowl next to the shrimp that were somehow already prepared.


“Hamilton, I was supposed to cook you dinner?”


“Dear, it’s quite alright.  I was more than happy to have you for the appetizer”


“Hopefully you won’t mind having me for dessert”


“And possibly for breakfast, too.  I don’t have any obligations in the morning”


“Neither do I.  The kids won’t be back until Sunday”


“Cool.  Well come on down lady.  I’ve already prepared your plate.  It’s on the table”


“Say what?”


“Yeah.  I took the liberty of preparing your plate.  I hope you don’t mind.  I also fixed me a little of your “famous” mac and cheese to see what you’re working with”


“But you said you can’t have any . . .”


“I can have a little salt every now and then.  It won’t hurt”


“If you say so.  I don’t want you blaming any weight gain on me”


“Just as long as you help me work it off”


He shot me a smile that made me happy and nervous at the same damn time!  Lord if this man’s stroke game was anywhere close to his tongue action?  I started to water just thinking about it!  He helped me off the counter and we made our way to the dinning room.  Not only did the man fix my plate y’all, but he had the silverware out along with the wine!


“Damn!  So I was spazzing for that long?”


Mr. Debonair laughed as he pulled out my chair.  This couldn’t be real! Could it?  This man actually cared for me!  Hamilton could have fucked me in the kitchen and then left, but he didn’t.  And I know, I know.  You all may have had a man to treat you special.  Take you on trips.  Spend gobs of money.  Wine you and dine you, but I haven’t.  After all I did to push him away.  After all the drama he had with his son and baby momma.  He saw fit to share his first night back with me.  I just had to find a way not to let my insecurities sabotage the night.


“So what’s the verdict on the mac and cheese?”


“Sweetness!  This mac and cheese is the bomb!”


“I see that you put it with your grits?  Is that an Augusta thing?”


“Girl, it’s just that good! How many cheeses did you put in here?  I can taste the sharp cheddar, which is a given.  I think there is Colby Jack in here too, right?  But what’s the third?”


“I can’t tell you.  It’s a secret recipe that was past down from my great, great grandmother on my father side”


“Uh huh.  My moms did the same thing.  She gave me her recipe but didn’t give me the specifics.  Took me five years before I could duplicate it.  But I got it!”


“What was the difference?  Don’t tell me.  You were trying to make it with all that healthy shit, huh”


“Well, yeah, initially I did”


“So you used almond milk?  Some vegan cheese?”


“I wasn’t as strict with my diet back then.  But I used regular milk . . .”

“Oooh no!”


“Don’t laugh!  I also used regular block cheese.  I made at least three pans wondering why I couldn’t get the taste right”


“Um, yeah”


“To make matters worse, I started throwing things in it.  One time, I threw in some pepperoni!”


“Pepperoni? Are you serious?  You sure you’re Black, Hamilton?”


“Yes I am!  Just got frustrated with it all”


“So how did you finally get it right?”


“Well I went through my moms refrigerator and made mental notes of everything she had in there.  Land O’Lakes butter and evaporated milk were the key components that I was missing.  It made all the difference in the world”


“That it does.  So you can cook?”


“I do what I can.  I know what good food should taste like.  Running a restaurant has always been a dream of mine”


“How’s that going with the pandemic and all?”


“We’re doing okay with the take out orders.  We won’t meet budget, but we can absorb the loss and make up for it next year”


“Well that’s great!  You know your shit, babe”


“I try.  But enough about me and my cooking trials. What’s your story?”


“What do you mean?”


“I mean, what’s your story?  I know that you weren’t born yesterday!  We’ve talked at length about your kids and your job.  But I wanna know more about you”


“Um, what else is there to know?”


“How about something from your childhood?  Like, what was the most embarrassing moment you had growing up?”


Was he really asking me about my childhood?  I looked at him and shrugged my shoulders.  However, the talkative doctor was not about to let up.


“Okay, then I’ll go first”


Dr. Simon began to tell me about how he split his pants during his first year in chorus.  While my lover went into detail, my hormones went into overdrive.  His words became background noise as I focused on his lips.  I never realized how beautiful those things were, or delicate for that matter!  Our encounter on the counter started to replay in my head as he continued his story.  I was getting hypnotized with every word he said.  I could feel my soul starting to sweat anticipating his tongue.  My nipples harden as I imagined myself mounting him in his chair.  Then I started to wonder what his dick tasted like?  Did it have a curve? Was it short and wide? I wanted to find out right then and there, but I didn’t want to appear thirsty.  Unfortunately, my mouth didn’t get the memo.


“So Hamilton, when was the last time you had sex?”


“Say what now?”


“You heard me.  When was the last time you had sex?”


He looked at me as if I said something funny.  But I wanted to know.  I didn’t want to wake up in the morning with critters all over me!  If he was gonna take the rest of my soul, I had to be sure he was clean.


“Naomi, if you must know, I had sex last night”


“Did you wear protection?”


“I normally don’t wear a condom when I masturbate.  Outside of that, I do.  And for the record, I was tested four months ago and I don’t have any STD’s or HIV.  I also took a COVID test last week and I’m clear on that front too.  Anything else detective?”


“So I’m a detective now?”


“With the line of questioning you just gave out of the blue?  Um, yeah!  But I get it.  I had my way with you in the kitchen.  No telling what I could be carrying or transmitting, even after the fact.  Understand that I wouldn’t do you like that Naomi.  I really like you”


There he goes melting my heart again.  I took a beat and tried to remember what my counselor told me the other day.  Whenever something appeared to be too good, I would normally find a way to wreck it.  Hamilton, however, wouldn’t allow me to do that.  It made me smile all over again.  


Just as we were about to leave the table, there was a knock at the door.  


“You expecting somebody Naomi?”


“No.  It’s probably just a Jehovah witness”


“This late in the evening?  I don’t think so”


Then there was a second knock, a little louder than the first.


“Naomi, I think you need to answer the door.  What if it’s a friend that needs help?”


But I knew better.  Whoever that was on the other side didn’t need the assistance Hamilton was thinking.  I froze in place while a third knock came across the door.


“Babe, I’ll go see who it is and send them on their way”


My heart stopped as Hamilton marched over to the door.  


“Who is it?”



Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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