Dinner & The Good Doctor

Was there any wonder why I fancied this man so?  There he was, standing outside my door.  Seven o’clock on the dot!  I wondered if he’d been thinking about me all day?  As for me, I couldn’t get the good doctor off my mind since our morning call.  The fact that he confided in me about his situation with his son?  Then he shared his fears about being vulnerable to love again?  That shit made a girl feel special!  And tonight, I wanted him to know that he was special to me, too.  Everything had to be on point!  I even changed several times to make sure that my girls sat up just right.  His eyes needed to be glued to my brown sugar as I crossed the room.  The mission was to feel his head in between my newly shaven legs.  As I stood there at the door, my body began to tingle thinking about what would happen in the next couple of hours.  We had been playing cat and mouse long enough.  It was time to be caught.


His smile lit up the room as soon as I opened the door. 


“Good evening Professor.  Long time, no see”


He stood there all calm and cool while I started to melt.  I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder because brother was looking so right!  From his bucket hat to the brown casual shoes, my man (yes, my man) was clean!  And y’all, he smelled so, fucking, good!  Jesus!!  I was tempted to pull up my dress and let him hit it right there.  But I couldn’t give in.  Not just yet. 


“Good evening, Dr. Simon.  I see you brought the wine.  And, are those flowers?”


“Yes they are.  I didn’t want to over think things with you anymore.  You deserve flowers so I bought you some.  Hope you like them”


Brother was definitely on his game!  Red and white tulips?  How did he know that I liked tulips?  I gave him a kiss on the cheek and led him into my domain. 


“Your home is beautiful Naomi.  Thank you again for the invite”


“It’s the least I can do since I ran from you the last time.  Here, let me take those off your hands.  You can sit on the couch while I finish up dinner.  The remote is in front if you want to watch television.  Do you want a glass of wine while you wait?”  


“I’ll take a glass.  What’s this you’re listening to?”


“This is my girl Harmony Devoe’s new project.  She wanted me to give her some feedback before she went to the label”


“Ohhhhh, that’s cool!  I can listen to this while you do your thing”




I walked into the kitchen and quickly threw the wine into the freezer.  I stood there for a moment and looked at the gorgeous flowers he purchased.  No one had ever thought to bring me flowers!  Well there was Terry back in the tenth grade with the little candy gram on Valentine’s Day but that doesn’t really count.  Besides, Terry gave those single red roses to all the girls he liked.  Hamilton had to have gone to a florist to get these cup shaped beauties. They even smelled heavenly! 


“I take tulips are your favorite, huh?


“They are actually.  I’m sorry babe.  Was I taking too long to bring the wine?”


“No, I just didn’t want to be away from you any longer.  Is it alright that I sit in here and watch you work your magic?”


“Now, I normally don’t like for people to stand over my shoulder and watch me work, but I’ll make an exception this evening.  Just for you”

He sat at the bar while I prepared his wine.  To my surprise, he didn’t say anything but I could feel his eyes searching me.  He was probably wondering if I had any panties on, which I didn’t.  Kinda hard to wear panties with a sundress on. Well, at least mine are.


“Here’s your wine kind sir”


“Thank you Naomi.  So what did you prepare for dinner tonight?”


“Well tonight, I thought I would give you my take on fried chicken”




“What’s the hmmmm for?”


“Well if someone is frying chicken, you can normally smell it coming through the door.  All I smell are Vanilla candles. So are we having your take on Publix or Popeye’s chicken?”


“So you doubt my culinary skills?”


“I mean, I did meet you up at the diner that morning.  And our first time out, it was at a restaurant so . . .”


“Maybe I cooked the chicken earlier and Clorox the floors to get rid of the smell?”




“You don’t do that?”


“No I don’t.  I don’t eat fried food remember?”


Oh shit!  I completely forgot about Hamilton and his no salt diet!  I couldn’t have him eating all this salt knowing it was bad for him.  Hell, the only thing he would be able to eat is the corn and that’s after I cleaned all the salt and cream from it!


“Hamilton, I’m so sorry.  I forgot about your no salt deal”


“It’s okay.  I can eat some things with salt.  Just can’t make a practice of it”


“But still.  I can whip up something real quick”


I grabbed my apron and opened the refrigerator.  I surveyed the shelves and my heart leaped for joy!  I grabbed the shrimp that my daughter didn’t put back in the freezer and pulled out a skillet.  I grabbed some Mrs. Dash, olive oil, and grits from the pantry.  Within a matter of minutes, I had grits bubbling and the shrimp ready to go into the pan.  I was so busy trying to whip up a meal that I didn’t realize Dr. Simon wandering into my kitchen.  It wasn’t until I turned around that I saw him standing there, smiling. 




“I’m sorry lady.  I didn’t mean to startle you.  It’s just that you never did give me a hug when I came in”


“I could have sworn that I gave you a kiss Hamilton”


“Ummm, I don’t think so”


Before I could respond, my lover pulled me in and kissed me.  It was totally unexpected, and at the same time, everything I wanted.  Before long, I found myself lost in his lips.  I couldn’t play the hard role any longer. My nipples were beginning to tear through my bra and my cha cha was indeed melting.


“Hamilton, don’t you think we should eat first?”


“You know what?  You’re right.  I should eat first”




He moved the plates out of the way and lifted me on the counter.


“Hamilton, what are you . . .”


It took everything in me to catch my breath!  I hadn’t planned this scenario!  But there I was, bare ass on the counter with Hamilton’s head in between my thighs, tasting every part.  The good doctor was so delicate with his tongue that I forgot where I was!  The euphoria I was feeling?  My senses were going crazy!  My body tingled a little more with each pass of his tongue.  It was rare that a man knew how to balance the right amount of moisture, licking, and sucking.  But Hamilton was that man!  Oh my god!  He knew exactly what to do!  I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of a climax so early in the evening, but I couldn’t help it.  I found myself grabbing his ears, gasping for air as I celebrated this experience.


“Hamilton!  Hamilton!”


He didn’t let up as I held on to the cabinet, trying not to knock over the plates!  I buckled in his firm arms that secured me in place.  I didn’t know that he was this strong!  This talented!  Fuck!  As I came down from my high, I saw Hamilton putting a pot into the sink and turning the water on.


“Naomi, I think we burned the grits”




Written by The Wednesday Gentleman



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