When You Have To Walk Away, Part II

“Hamilton, he said that his disciples picked him up.  He’s going to do his rehab with them”


“Wait a minute.  Say that again?”


“Why do I have to say it again?  Your son said that he is completing his rehab with his people”


“Nah.  You said our son has disciples!”


“Well that’s what he said, Hamilton”


“And this confession didn’t trigger you?  Does Brandon really think he’s the second coming of Jesus?  Why the hell didn’t you tell me this earlier?  Like when he was discharged two fucking days ago?”


“Because he told me not to.  He knew that you would blow up like you’re doing right now”


Was I in the fucking Twilight Zone?  Penelope literally begged me to come down here and help look for the boy! Now that he was treated, everything was okay?  Nah!  I needed some answers!


“So let me get this straight.  You implored me to come back to Augusta and search for our mentally unstable son.  I dropped everything and drove three hours to help.  I spent the next seventy two hours rummaging the city.  Going to every church, shelter, and hole in the wall trying to find my only child.  So now that he’s been located and received physical treatment, it’s like I don’t even exist anymore?  Like I’m not supposed to care?  You’ll have to forgive me. I’m having a hard time being as calm as you right now!”


“Hamilton, you can miss me with the pettiness, okay?  You’re always trying to make things to be about you.  Your son is fine now.  He’s with his people and . . .”


“Whoa, whoa, whoa?  His people?  We’re his people Penelope!  These so called ‘people’ weren’t out looking for him!  Do you understand that our son would have died in Hyde Park if me and Jimbo hadn’t found him?”


Penelope refused to respond.  Whenever shit made sense and it wasn’t her idea, she wouldn’t acknowledge me.  She couldn’t stand for someone else to be right!  But I wasn’t looking for kudos. I wanted to know where Brandon was so that he could get the treatment he needed.  I tried to settle down, but my hand could not as it continued to tap the steering wheel violently.  My mind started to play tricks on me.  One minute I was focused on the road.  The next, I saw Brandon attempt to walk on water, only to drown to his death.  My eyes began to dart erratically and I was unable to see clearly.  I had to pull over to a gas station just so that I could get myself together.  

I wiped the perspiration from my forehead and breathed deeply for several seconds.  Penelope was still on the line while the awkward silence continued.  After reigning in my anxiety, I continued my questions.


“So, you’re comfortable with Brandon being missing again?”


“I don’t have a choice right now.  He’s a grown man.  Besides, he promised to call me every day to let me know that he’s okay.  I can live with that”


“But his mental health issues still aren’t being addressed?  Doesn’t that give you pause?  Him being unstable doesn’t trouble you? I mean, isn’t that what you called me for?”


“A little, but I believe he will figure it out”


“He’ll figure it out?  And he believes that he is some grand savior or some shit?  Penelope, I’m scared!  If he’s in the wrong place and goes into psychosis, the police are going to kill him!  Then what?”


“Hamilton, I believe that God will protect him until he’s ready”


I could feel the steam rising from my head again!  I grabbed the phone from the console and got out of the car.  I started pacing so that I could get the negative energy out.  After a few seconds though, I noticed that the customers and the attendant were looking at me funny.  I walked into the store and purchased a drink while Penelope began again.


“Are you still there?”


“Yeah, I’m here.  Well since no one else is concerned, I guess I’ll head back to Charlotte”


“Well there is the matter of care for Katie and our granddaughter”


“What matter Penelope?  I tried to come and handle business, but neither you or my son want my help.  And since you say God will handle it, I’m gonna step aside so He can do His work”


“Well Hamilton, I was hoping that you would . . .”


“That I would what?  Take care of them myself while he splurges his disability check on bullshit?”


“I’m just saying.  You are making a lot of money right now”


“So you’re wanting me to take care of people I don’t know?  A grandchild that you nor my son have told me about or even sent me pictures?  Don’t you have a job?”


“But I’m barely making ends meet right now”


“That’s a load of shit, Penelope!  I’m more than just a check!  You and Brandon have created this mess and now you’ll have to deal with it!  I’m done!”


And with that, I disconnected the call.  I roared in disgust as I started the car again.  A small part of me wanted to cry because I had a grandchild I hadn’t been allowed to see.  But that other part?  The other part of me was seething!  At this emotional temperature, it was only a matter of time before I had an episode myself.  I needed to be recalibrated.  So I did the only thing I knew how to do.  I called up Keisha.


“C’mon on in baby.  So glad that you called. What’s it been? Almost five years?”


“Five years too long”


She gave me a hug and kiss as she closed the garage door. 


“So what brings you back to the Garden City?  I heard rumors that you were back in town”


“Yeah, I had to attend to some family matters.  But you know I wasn’t going to leave town without seeing you”


“Uh huh.  Well I don’t care what the excuse is, I’m just glad you’re here now.  I mean you normally blow in and out of here without a trace”


“This is true, but I’m here now”


“Indeed you are.  So do you need something to drink before I suck that dick of yours?”


“I see you just get right to the point huh?”


“Look Hamilton.  Let’s not pretend we both don’t know what this is.  And besides, my fiance gets home around five.  So if you don’t mind”


She unfastened her robe and let it drop to the floor.  Even after all these years, Keisha was still the same.  Her breasts were still the largest I’d ever seen.  I couldn’t wait to get in between them and release the stress that I had been going through.  I followed her into the bedroom and began to unbuckle my pants.  She climbed on the bed, waiting for me to finish.  She licked her lips as if I were the prey.  Little did she know that I was going to be the hunter today.


“Damn it’s been a long time Hamilton.  How does that dick taste?”


“I dunno.  Why don’t you see for yourself?”


She gave me a smile as slipped down to my shaft.  Keisha was cool with hers.  She never took in my entire shaft.  Instead, she allowed that long tongue of hers to do most of the work, going around the tip in every way possible.  As she went about her work, my mind started to find peace again.  It wasn’t long before Keisha’s breasts were wrapped around me, massaging my pain away as only she could.


“Baby, I’m . . . I’m”


“That’s it Hamilton, come for me!  Come for me!”


And I did as my mistress commanded.  I released the frustration of the morning on her chocolate brown pillows.  But there was still more tension that I needed to release.


“Now, it’s my turn”


“Wait Hamilton.  I thought you just wanted some head?”


“No, I want you”


“But if you . . .”


It was too late.  My tongue was already in her soul.  Her high pitch squeals fed my depleted ego.  I needed that.  My persistence didn’t allow for anything less.  The fact that she tried not to make a sound only encouraged me.  It wasn’t long before her body gave in.


“No, Hamilton, no!  Why you, make me? Shit!!”


As she quaked, I turned her over and gave her what she desired.  I didn’t need her on her knees.  I took it just like it was, relishing in the moment.  I thought back to how I first met Keisha in Zulu Hall after we all had watched Jerry Springer.  I wasn’t checking for her, but she’d been watching me.  She came up and gave me her phone number.  For that semester, Keisha and I were quite the exhibitionists.  Whether it was at a party, the library, or even at her mother’s house on the couch, we would get it in.  When I left Augusta, we stayed in touch.  Even when we were both involved, we found a way to cross paths.  Today was no different.

As the sweat began to rain from my pores, I felt the last of my frustration coming out.


“You ready for me baby?  You ready for me?”


“Come in my ass Hamilton!  Come all in my ass!”


And for the second time, I did as the lady of the house commanded.  I fell over to the side as Keisha continued to enjoy her orgasm.  I enjoyed my high for a few moments before I started to make my exit.


“Hamilton, you can use the kids bathroom down the hall.  Make sure you use the wipes”


I nodded as I gathered my things and headed to the bathroom.  While I put myself together, I could hear the washing machine start up.  And then, I could smell candles starting to burn.  I walked out the bathroom to see Keisha standing next to the door in that same robe.


“Okay Hamilton.  You gotta go.  It’s almost 4:30 PM”


“I gotcha.  Thank you for being my stress reliever”


“Anytime baby”


I kissed her goodbye and headed back down Deans Bridge. As I drove up, I saw that Jimbo had two guys attending to the lawn and shrubs.  When I walked in, Jimbo was sitting at the kitchen table talking to someone about a payment that needed to be made tonight.  I searched in the refrigerator, but I couldn’t find anything to quench my thirst.  I stood there for several minutes just looking.


“Aye man.  I’mma tell you like auntie used to tell us.  You letting all the cool air out of there.  Make a decision and close the door!  You driving up the electric bill”


I looked over at Jimbo who started laughing before I could hit him with a comeback.  I closed the door and laughed too.  I sat at the table and breathed again. After a minute, Jimbo began to sniff the air.  Before he could interrogate me on my whereabouts, my phone rang.


“Hello? Who is this?”



Written by the Wednesday Gentleman


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