My Beautiful Twisted Reality, Part II

“I still love you Hamilton”


I could feel my heart doing wind sprints in my chest shouting  


“She loves us!  She loves us! Yes! Yes! Yes!”


Happiness was all over my face as I gazed into her alluring, brown spheres. I stood there in awe of the moment.  In a matter of minutes, we would be intertwined once again.  Before my mind could react, I recklessly responded 


“I love you too”


She closed her eyes as our lips connected.  I was immediately transported back to the day we shared our first kiss.  We were outside of my office on an unusually cold, May afternoon.  On that day, Monique finally confessed her true feelings for me.  The negative energy that she gave during our board meetings was all an act.  She couldn’t pretend any longer.  I felt that same vivacity as we clung to each other in the middle of the room.


I wanted to kiss her forever, but Monique had other plans.  My impatient lover was already unzipping my pants!  Then she whispered in my ear 


“I want you now!”


“Do you?”


She pulled my steel out and restated her demand.    


“I need your dick inside of me!”


A devilish grin emerged on my face as I took her free hand and led her upstairs to the bedroom.  I started to unbuckle my trousers as my love slipped off her dress.  I stood there as I looked at her angelic body.  Seeing her shapely ass in that black thong brought out the animal in me.  I didn’t even wait for her to take it off!  Before I knew it, I picked her up and threw her on the bed.  I pulled the string to the side and dove in.  I was hungry for her.  The dew on her peach tasted so sweet.  I came back to myself and devoured her, slowly, as “Sweet Love” filled the air.   Monique’s hips buckled in my arms as her moans echoed in the barely furnished room.  


“Oh how I’ve missed your tongue Hamilton!  Dammit! Dammit!”


It wasn’t long before she was grabbing my ears while her body shook uncontrollably.


“Hamilton! Dammit baby! Dammit!”


She whimpered as her body began to slow down.  I slid off the bed, admiring her physique.  I began to unbutton my shirt and prepare for the feature show.  Before I could finish, I felt Monique’s warm hand pulling me into her mouth.  


“Lay on the bed baby so I can do this properly”


I did as I was told.  I threw the shirt away and laid on the bed.  She continued to get reacquainted with me in the best way.  My eyes rolled back as I started to fly.  The high I had been yearning for was mine once more.  I was soaring above the clouds, higher than I’ve ever been!  My heart was at peace.  Then, in a terrifying turn of events, I began to fall, crashing head first back into the bed!


“Yeah, I’m gonna turn you out!  Yeah nigga!  This is my dick!”


I opened my eyes to see that Monique was twisting my shit like she was grinding pepper!  She had a smile on her face like she was doing something fantastic!  She then spit on my shaft and continued to grind more!  This was incomprehensible!  Why in the hell was she twisting my rod so roughly?  It began to hurt more and more.  I didn’t want to address the issue in fear that she might stop, so I did the only thing I could do.


“Baby, I want you to ride me”


Now normally, this would have been the time that she would have just climbed on and taken all of me.  Instead, I was met with opposition.


“No baby.  I want you on top first.  I want you to see what you’ve been missing”


Even though I was a little put off by her request, I was determined to follow through.  I was tired of masturbating and I needed to remember how it felt to be with a woman again. I grabbed the contraceptive from the nightstand while she laid on her back.  I opened her legs and took command, or so I thought.


“Aw shit!  That’s what I’m talking about!  Work this pussy!  Is this your pussy Hamilton?  Is this your pussy?”


“Um hmmm”


“Tell me this is your pussy!  Tell me this is your pussy!”


“It’s my, pussy?”


“Say this is Hamilton’s pussy!  Say it!”


I didn’t know whether to stop or slap the shit out of her!  This was not the encounter that I had envisioned when she walked through the door.  I could feel my heart leave the room as I gave in again to her request.


“This is Hamilton’s pussy!”


“Yes it is!  Now give it to me!  Uh huh, work that clit baby!  Ooooh yes!  Give mamma what she needs!”


I pulled her legs up half way so I could get in deeper.  


“That’s it nigga! Fuck me harder!  Fuck me harder!”


I started to feel uncomfortable, as if cameras were around and Monique was trying to win an AVN award.  This no longer felt like intimacy.  But maybe this is what she needed to get off? So I shouldered on.


“That’s it!  Tell momma that it’s good!  Tell momma that it’s good!”


“It’s good baby!”


“Say momma’s it good!  Say momma it’s good!”


“Yes momma!  This is so good momma!”


I could feel her body start to convulse again.


“Don’t you stop!  Make me come!  Make momma come!”


So I continued until she came with joyous delight.  This was definitely not the Monique that I spent five years in a relationship with.  While I was happy that she was able to climax again, this was definitely not what I wanted.  I wiped the sweat from my brow and laid down on my back.  She rolled over to her side and kissed me on the cheek and asked


“Did you come baby?”


Did I come???  Who was this person and what had they done with Monique?!


“No love, I haven’t”


“All that and you didn’t come?  You know I can’t leave you without you getting yours?”


I stroked myself giving her the signal to climb aboard.  She looked at me and turned over on her stomach.


“I know how much you like hitting it from the back like this!  C’mon and work this kitty!”


Huh?  What?  So I had to put in more work?  She wasn’t even gonna ride?  My erection was now beginning to descend and I needed help.  I tried thinking about the previous times that Monique and I had been intimate and how I reached my peak.  However, this new model was now turning me off.  Way off!  In a desperate attempt to get back to where I was, I didn’t make a request.  I stripped off the condom and turned her over.  I steadied myself and slipped back into her mouth.  As demeaning as I felt it was, it seemed to turn her on all the more.  I held on to the head board as my eyes took in the show. I watched her play with herself while inhaling every inch of me.  Her groans grew louder as her fingers played her favorite song.  I could feel myself on the verge of release.  I was almost there, but she pushed me out of her mouth!  Damn!


“Hamilton!  You made me come so hard!  I want you to come all over my breasts!  Can you do that for me?”


I nodded my head as I grabbed another rubber.  Before I could slide back in, Monique said


“Alexa, play 2 Chains”


Immediately the soulful sounds of Marsha Ambrosia were replaced with “Good Drank”.  What the entire fuck?  I stared at Monique, searching her face for answers.


“C’mon Hamilton!  Work momma’s pussy!”


For the next twenty minutes, I tried my damnedest to come, but to no avail.  I tried several positions.  No matter which one it was, Monique would spaz within minutes, pushing me out of my spot.  My heart had left nearly an hour ago.  And now, I was no longer interested mentally.  I didn’t want Monique to think any less of herself since she had driven all this way.  I didn’t need the unnecessary drama.  So, I did the only thing I could do; fake it.


I turned her on her stomach and went to town.  I was pouring sweat as if I had just ran a marathon!  Two minutes into the position, I began the charade.


“Monique!  Monique!”


“That’s right, baby!  Give it to momma!  Give it to momma!!”


I made my member jump two times before I pulled out.


“Ahhhhhhhhhh shit!”


After my growl, I made my way into the bathroom.  I stripped myself free and flushed the evidence (or lack thereof) down the toilet.  I washed my hands and then grabbed a towel for Monique before returning to the bedroom.


“That sounded like a lot Hamilton”


“Yes it was.  Thank you”


“I told you I wanted you to come on my titties.  Why didn’t you?”


Think quick playboy.


“I guess I’m a creature of habit”


“You could have come inside me baby.  I wouldn’t have minded.  Besides, I had my tubes tied after Khalil was born”


“Okay.  I’ll have to remember that next time”


“Thank you for tonight Hamilton.  You know how to make a girl feel special”


“Anything for you dear”


“Dr. Simon, you haven’t changed a bit.  Six years older and you still got that stamina!  I don’t know why I ever left you?”


Monique was wrong.  I had changed.  As I sat there and looked into her eyes, I no longer saw my future.  The past was something that I now realized I could never get back. 



Written by the Wednesday Gentleman


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