Your Body’s Here With Me . . . . . .

“Yea yea baby! That’s it!  Give it to me! Give me my pussy!”


His pussy huh?  Now was not the time to correct my Sunday night jump off.  I was just happy that he was gonna bring this torturous mistake to an end!  Any other time my soul would be relishing in the girth of Robert’s sturdy cock, but tonight was  . . . . different. He had been banging the hell out of me for the past ten minutes. Nights like this I was thankful for being limber, however I was growing tired of having my legs in the air.  Even though I was beginning to catch a cramp, I refused to let ol’ boy stay in me any longer than he had to. I released my legs and crossed them over Indian style so that he could get as deep as he wanted.


“Awwww shit baby!  Awww baby! You about to . . . . make me . .  here I . . . here I . .”


Then in a turn of events, he gathered himself and pointed it straight in my face!  No this ninja is not gonna?! Damn. . . . . . . 


“Shiiiiiitttttttt! baby!”


Robert unloaded all over my face without my fucking permission!  Now fellas, it’s only cool to do this if it’s been discussed beforehand.  Like if I say “cum on my face” during the act, then it’s cool. Tonight? Hell no!  I didn’t agree nor did I ask for a sperm facial this evening!  Now, I had to go through the process of getting this shit out of my hair!!  Mr. Happy, who was now laying on his back trying to collect his breath, was immune to my disgust.


“Damn girl!  You were definitely worth the wait!”


I needed to get out of this place.  There was no need to tell him how I really felt so I lied . . . sort of . . . 


“I can see that . . . literally”


I could feel him looking over as I used a pillow sham to wipe my face.  This ninja didn’t even have the couth to bring a sister a towel!


“Yeah.  That shit has been building for a minute.  Trying to renegotiate a contract is stressful!  Sorry if I got any in your eye. I was just happy that you came over”


“I’m glad I came over too.  I really needed that release”


“That you did!  It was like you were possessed at the beginning!  I don’t know why you try to pretend like you don’t want this dick?”


What I wanted to tell Robert was that if my vibrator hadn’t conked out, he wouldn’t have got that call back.  I would have creamed over my own fingers tonight! But since the hotel wasn’t that far . . . .and he was well endowed. . . . I didn’t see the problem at the time.  However, I was starting to feel uneasy, as if I had cheated on my spouse. But why? I got up and made my way to the shower.


The more I continued to wash away the night, the dirtier I felt.  I didn’t need to feel self guilt at the moment. I wasn’t going to allow myself to have feelings for a guy who hadn’t even made a move on me.  I was doing my best to let this brother know that I was into him. I even sent him nude pictures of me to which he replied . . . 


“That’s nice”


That’s nice?? How about “when are you gonna let me hit that?  Or how about “when you gonna sit that pussy on my face?”  It was clear that I wasn’t the size that he was used to.  He was probably used to those petite women like the hostess at the restaurant.  No doubt he’s probably fucking her young ass . . . . 


I dried myself off, but I couldn’t keep the mirror from fogging up.  I wiped the glass to make sure that I had gotten all traces of Mr. Wonderful out of my hair.  As I looked on, I didn’t see myself.  Instead I saw . . . Hamilton! He grabbed my shoulders and kissed my neck.


“Ayyye girl.  Just want to thank you for tonight.  You can stay here if you like”


I shook my head and looked in the mirror again.  It was Robert . . . . . 


“I mean the hotel is paid for tonight.  It would be a crime if both of us had to leave”


“Both of us?”


“Yeah.  I told my wife that my flight was delayed but that I would be home before eleven.  If I didn’t come home she would know something was up”


“You’re right.  Can’t have her being suspicious and all.  But I need to get home too. I need to finish some lesson plans”


“Didn’t they close the college two weeks ago?”


“The physical buildings, yes.  But we still have to give instruction online.  So I’ve got to give lessons and oversee students.  This week, I start giving advisement as well so it’s a packed week!”

“I hear you lady.  Well if you’re not gonna stay, let me at least call you an Uber”


“Oh no!  I drove my own car.  Let me get dressed and I’ll be out of your hair”


I started to walk out but Mr. MVP grabbed hold of my arm.


“I hope I can see you again soon.  I don’t know how these contract negotiations are going to go.  They may trade me to another team”


“Well we’ll plan it out baby.  No worries”


He patted me on my ass as I walked out the bathroom.  I could hear the shower start again. I turned on the lights and gathered my clothes.  As I put on my shirt, I looked at the bed. I felt this huge lump in my throat. I picked up my cell and saw a missed text from my beloved . . . . . 


“I pray that I didn’t offend you.  If so, I apologize. Pray that your day went okay and that you have a good evening”


To make matters even worse, I saw that he had left a video earlier in the morning that I had failed to look at.   Hamilton was good at wanting to keep the communication going. He was learning me and I didn’t like that. Yeah I liked him, but I didn’t want to like him.  Even though I had stated that I was going to be upfront and honest, I found myself lying about my whereabouts.  There weren’t too many places one could go now so he had to know. I just didn’t want to tell him. I purposely stopped texting Hamilton because he was causing me to have feelings.  I didn’t need that. Not right now anyway . . . 


I gathered the rest of my things.  I thought I could ease out before Robert finished his shower, but he caught me.


“So you were going to leave without saying goodbye?”


“Well, I thought we already did in the bathroom?”


He shook his head and smiled as he intercepted me at the door.  He brought his face to mine and kissed me. I was now being repulsed by what used to turn me on only weeks ago. 


“Since you won’t let me call you a car, let me give you something”


He reached for his slacks and pulled out a wad of cash.  He took several hundred bills from the roll and handed them to me.  I looked at him, puzzled.


“Don’t look at me like that Naomi.  I know it took some money for you to get your car fixed.  Don’t pick tonight to be proud”


“But you’re making me feel like I’m one of your groupies or something.  I don’t need your money!  I’m a professor, remember?”


“Well don’t take it for you.  Take it for your kids. Use it for your class.  Look at it as seed money for whatever project you’re gonna start.  Just take the money”


“Please Robert.  I really don’t need it”


“I’m not taking no for an answer Naomi”


I didn’t want the drama so I reluctantly took the money.


“Thank you . . . . ”


“No thank you darling.  You always give me what I need”


He slapped me on the behind again as I left the hotel room.  I put the money in my purse and headed down the long hallway.  I looked at the mirror that was next to elevators and saw myself.  I couldn’t believe the person that I was. I was continuing this toxic cycle of dealing with men who were unavailable and shunning the one that actually cared.  I looked at Hamilton’s text again but was too ashamed to respond back.


As the doors opened, I climbed aboard the empty platform, tears falling . . . .



Written by the Wednesday Gentleman


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