She Was Warm Against My Tongue . . . . .

“Tony!  Do you know what you’re doing?”


“Yes baby . . . . . I know exactly what I’m doing . . . .”


No other words needed to be conveyed.  I fell to my knees in worship. As I began to spread her legs outward, a tear fell as my mouth entered into her manicured tabernacle. I could feel Latonya trying to find her balance as my analogous organ entered into her holy of holies. My heart held no fear, only determination to satisfy my Liberian queen. She tasted like salted caramel, warm against my tongue. I could hear her breaths become shorter and shorter, her legs shaking with every touch. She was ready to give in  . . . . . but I wasn’t done yet.


I stopped to admire the pleasure that was running throughout her body.    


“Baby . . . please don’t stop!  Please don’t stop!”


I smiled at her desperate plea.  And then, as was the tempo for the night, I kissed my way back slowly to her temple.  I could hear the anticipation before my lips began to taste the center of her desire.  


“Ahhhhhh . . . ahhhhhh. . . . . ahhhhhhhh!”


I continued to reverence this opportunity, savoring the wetness that emerged from my  beloved’s walls.  Her legs started to shake once more as I could hear my cologne and other items being knocked over.  I grabbed Latonya’s brown sugar thighs and began to immerse myself in her, my tongue leading the charge. I wanted her to let go and let me be her everything. Within moments, my lover surrendered to ecstasy, saturating the bottom of my beard as she screamed with delight . . .


“Tony!  Dammit! Shit!  Dammit!”


She pounded the sink as she continued to shake.  But I still wasn’t done. I needed her to remember me.  So again, I went back into prayer.


“Tony stop!  Stop it now! You not . . . you not . . . playing . . . fair!”


I could tell that she was ready to come again.  The way she buckled in my mouth only made me want her more!  I massaged the honey that was protruding from me as my other hand began to join the chorus. Immediately I searched the temple for her spot.




I rose to my feet leaving my fingers to play.  I knew I had her right where I wanted.  My lover’s hands were still trying to find their balance; her left one gripping firmly around the faucet.  I could only see the whites of her eyes as she was suddenly lost in the rapture. Her chest heaved with every thrust.  And then, as I could feel her blackberry start to burst. . . . . . 




Somehow my ladylove was able to curse through her clenched teeth and gasping breaths!  Her eyes were now closed as her body convulsed in my hand. I couldn’t do anything but smile as I felt all the warmth of unsaid “I love yous” run down my arm. After I dried off, Latonya looked at me . . . . . . . . amazed that I had her in such a way.


“Damn you Tony!”


“What did I do?”


“Got me all draped on the counter and shit!  Got me thinking about having your babies and shit!”


I laughed to myself.


“I only want to satisfy you”


She looked at me and summoned her strength to rise from her slain state.


“Well let me return the favor.  Let’s go to the bed”


She grabbed my hand and began to lead the way.  Her voluptuous ass mesmerized me as I followed in humble submission.  My soul was leaping so much that I thought I would come before we even started again!  My mind was already engrossed with how it would feel to be inside her without the vicious pounding.  There was only one remedy: the playlist.


“Hey babe, let me put on some music before we begin”


“Sure!  Let me get comfortable”


She laid on her stomach, crossing her legs at the ankles.  Now why did she have to go and do that? I couldn’t even hold my phone straight as she made her cheeks rock back and forth.  She looked over from the bed and gave a devilish grin.


“I’m waiting Tony . . . . .”


I picked up my phone and put my game face on.  No way was she gonna take back control from me!  I knew this was a test and dammit, I was gonna do more than pass! She was gonna remember me tonight!


“Trust me darling, I’m coming. . . . .”


Within seconds, Daley and Marsha were conveying my feelings . . . .


“Well my heart’s been racing chasing after you

You’re the sweetest dream my incredible you

You’re the star so bright, your eyes the lightest blue

I can’t help but stare at you”


“Oh Tony, I like this song!  C’mon over here and put it on me”


I wanted to, but I needed some time to settle down.  I didn’t want to climax before I pressed inside. I climbed onto the bed, gradually ascending as I made my way to her. Then as I held my position, I meticulously kissed the back of her neck. Her body jumped in excitement.


“Wait!  Wait . . . . wait . . . a minute nicca?!  Who told you to kiss me there? That’s . . . . that’s . . . my . . . spot!”


“I told you I was gonna make love to you didn’t I?”


I proceeded with the mission, kissing her neck, then each ear.  Then her left and right shoulder. She let out a faint wail as I continued down the small of her torso.  Tamia permeated the atmosphere as I continued to torture my muse. I allowed my shaft to play with her soul as I made my way up and down her back.


Latonya started reaching back for me, trying to get me inside of her well, but I refused.


“Tony please . . . . please baby!  Let me feel you inside of me”


That’s all that I needed to here.  I started to get up but my mistress had other plans.


“Latonya, I need to go and get . . .”


“Fuck the condom Tony!  I want it!”


As if it had a mind of its own, I found myself deep inside her walls.  I couldn’t catch my breath! Lord have mercy! Latonya was more than I ever dreamed!  I was definitely losing my control. With each stroke I found myself going deeper as her cathedral consumed all of my pride.  I had to divert my mind. Shit! We were only on the second song! I needed to make it to track five at least! I started to imagine ugly women to help me get through this.


As I began to regain some of my confidence, I took a moment to soak in the atmosphere. Latonya had thrown the pillows out of the way and was face down in the cotton sheets. Her fingertips were firmly anchored into the mattress.  


The mission continued.  I alternated my speed as I slow wined all her insecurities away. But then, I made the fatal mistake that all men do in this position: I stared into her brown sun.  It was far too much for my heart! I quickly found myself becoming the savage she always wanted.  In the heat of the moment, I took my lover’s arms and placed them behind her back, subduing her as I put every inch of myself inside of her.


“Baby, I’m about to . . . . . to . . . . .”


“C’mon Tony!  Come inside of mommy!”


There was no choice.  My arms were shaking and she had a firm grip on my muscle.  I didn’t want to, but the warmth of her temple had exhausted my will.




After she squeezed every drop out of me, I fell to the side in a heap, trying to collect myself.  I could see Latonya still holding onto the mattress, trying to live through the aftershocks.


Without warning, I uttered those three words again.


“Latonya, I love you”


I waited a moment as Joe told the tale of how friends shouldn’t let friends sleep alone. I made my way closer to where she was and started to put my arm around her. 


“Now Tony, if you start that cuddling shit, I’m going to go to sleep.  Then I’m going to get the third degree from mama and Tisha!  I need to get on up!


I watched her stumble across the room as she went back into the bathroom.  I should have been on cloud nine, but my mind wouldn’t let me be.  It kept telling me “she never said I love you back”.  I kept thinking to myself that it really didn’t matter if she said so or not.  I knew how she felt.  I knew that she wanted to be with me . . . she was just scared.  Just as I started to sit up, she came out of the bathroom looking for her shoes.  


“They are on the side next to the lamp dear”


“Thank you babe.  So are you gonna show a girl out or you gonna sit there and keep admiring my fat ass?”


I laughed aloud as I hopped off the bed and escorted her to the door.  She turned around and gave me a peck on the lips.


“Thank you for tonight Tony.  My heart needed that”


“Well hopefully we can do this again . . . . . “


She smiled, then gave me another kiss and darted out the door . . . . again without a response. . . . . .



Written by the Wednesday Gentleman


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