Her Sensual Lover, Part II

And then . . . . just as I was sliding into home . . . . I found out why men were crying after it was over . . . . . .


Her love felt like warmth from the fireplace on a cold December night.  Her light made all the clouds of self doubt disappear. My head fell back in expectancy. I held my torso steady as she made herself at home.


“Ohhhhh Tony . . . . you feel so good in my pussy!”


My heart wanted to say “I love you”, but my mind was still in amazement of this moment. She must have been too as she took her time to descend.  I could feel her trying to allow more of me inside her.  Her walls gave way as I touched her deeper and deeper.  I could feel her trying to catch her breath against the backdrop of the television.


“Ah . . . . ah . . . ah. . . . . .”


I could only imagine how her face looked as her immeasurable fundament continued to spread on me.  Her gasps grew louder and louder. She reached back and grabbed the edges of the seat cushions that were to the side of me, as if she needed leverage.  Her secrets encased me. This slow technique was setting my soul ablaze!


“Baby . . . . . you are amaz . . . . . . . . . . “


Before I could finish, Latonya started pounding her assets against my pelvis . . . . hard!  I was all for the passionate sex, but my lover was becoming relentless!  She began to bounce on my shaft as if it were a pogo stick!


“Yeah baby!  You about to get the royal treatment tonight!”


She continued her unmerciful assault against my flesh.  Her beautiful, plus size, black tail transmuted into an unforgiving wrecking ball . . . . pummeling my insides!  There was no escape! All I could do was . . . .




“That’s right baby!  You gonna take this pussy baby!  Ain’t this snapper good to you baby?!”


“Dear God in Heaven!”


“That’s right nicca!  You going to heaven tonight!”


My most cherished aspiration was turning into a nightmare!  I couldn’t believe Latonya thought that this was pleasing to any man! 


“Yeah nicca!  Keep it right there!  Make . . . . me . . . cum!     Make . . . me . . . . .  oooooohhh!”


The rollercoaster ride was finally over!  Her aftershocks were hitting her like body blows.  After she collected herself, she grabbed her chest and asked me . . . .  


“Did you come baby?”


If she could have seen the agony on my face!


“No . . . . no I didn’t . . . .”


“Ohhhhhhhhh!  You got stamina huh?  You’ve already lasted longer than the rest!  I see I’m in for a treat tonight!”


She adjusted herself on my shaft and started her infamous slow drop once more.  I couldn’t go through this shit again! Just as she was getting ready for her first hop I yelled out . . . .




I could see that it startled her.  


“You need to scoot up on the sofa baby?  Or do you want me to turn around so you can suck on momma’s titties?”


I was normally a punk when it came to situations like this. Normally, I would let the woman think that I had climaxed and that the sex was wonderful (yes ladies, men fake it too!). But Latonya . . . .  she was more than just another lay.  She was more than just my friend. She was the love of my life.  


“Latonya, can we talk for a minute please?”


She dismounted and looked on me as if she turned me out!


“You need to get your wind huh?”


I wanted to tell her that I was trying to snap my pelvis back in place, but instead I mumbled . . .


“No I don’t need to get my wind Latonya”


She continued to stare at me, smiling, as the perspiration glistened from her face.


“Whew!  I need a towel!  When I dry off, how about we move this to the bed?”


Before I could gather my breath to respond, she darted off into the bathroom.  After a few minutes and a toilet flush, she emerged from the bathroom wiping herself down as if she had just stepped out of a bath.


“Don’t think you’re off the hook that easy Big Daddy!  I want some more of that dick!”


She made her way over to the couch and sat next to me.  She licked her lips as she set her sights on my tortured rod.  She started to reach for it, but in a knee jerk reaction, I slapped her hand away.  Like a hungry wolf, she stared into my eyes as if I were her prey. Then suddenly she leaped on me, straddling me this time from the front.  


“You gonna get all of me tonight!”


Enough was enough!


“Latonya Myers, you are trying to kill me!”


“What do you mean I’m trying to kill you?  Oh you mean I’m trying to wear you out? Yeah, I get that a lot!”


“Latonya, I don’t mean kill in a good way.  I mean you’re actually trying to break my lower extremities!  That’s doesn’t feel good!”


“Say what??!!!  So what are you trying to say Tony?  Are you saying that I’m fat? Are you trying to fat shame me nicca?  Are you trying me my nicca?”


She got up and started to search for her clothes.  


“Latonya, it’s not even like that!  Let’s talk!”


“What the fuck we need to talk about Tony?  Out of all people, you . . . you!”


I could see she wanted to cry, but she was too strong willed to let me see her vulnerable. She gathered her things and raced to the bathroom, slamming the door behind. Apart of me was disappointed.  The moment that I yearned for since undergrad was lost because of a misunderstanding. I didn’t want to throw away an eighteen year friendship.  So instead of sitting on the couch, I went over to the bathroom door and opened it. There was my beloved, in the shower, standing under the fountain, crying into one of the washcloths.


“Go away!”


I didn’t say a word.  I took off my shirt, slid the glass door open, and joined her in the shower.  I reached for her short towel, but she resisted. I invaded her space and came closer.  She placed her hands on my chest and attempted to push me away. I stood fast and continued to make my way until my arms surrounded her.  She still kept her face covered, crying into my chest.


“You wanna know something?  I’ve loved you since the first time I saw you across the yard.  I was too scared to approach you.  You were like an angel to me . . . literally”


She continued to hold fast, but I wouldn’t accept defeat.

“My heart

As precious as the sun that fills the sky after a midnight rain,

Ancient mistress to the spinning Earth,

Causing my world to stand still to behold your eyes

Which are the stars that shine brightly in their spheres

And dress your adoring face.

How I can sit in my space and just stare at it,

Trying to figure out how to actually touch the sun

And live to see another moonlight?

My how you entered my life and touched me with the light from your smile.

I am truly thankful that you were not afraid

To come down from the heavens above

And give me the thing that I thought I had lost forever;

My soul”*

Latonya dropped her hands slowly.  She looked at me as if for the first time. I could still see her tears amidst the shower rain.  She wanted to speak, but was at a lost for words. 


“Latonya, I wrote that the first time I saw you.  I was heading to my dorm and saw you outside of Brumby Hall.  You were standing there, the sun giving you life. I stood across the way trying to figure out how to get into your space.  From that day, I knew I had to be in your life, in your world


“So . . . . .  if I mean so much to you, why did you say I was fat Tony?  Did you wanna humiliate me or something?”


“That wasn’t my intention darling.  I’ve wanted you since senior year. Always have”


“So you thought when I took my clothes off I would be that girl you were infatuated with all those years ago?  That somehow these child bearing hips and these divorced fat rolls would disappear?”


“Latonya, I love your ass and all of your rolls.  I just don’t like getting my nuts crashed in! It’s like you turn into Wesley Pipes or something!”


“But that’s what y’all like!  I mean, at least that’s what my ex-husband told me.  He left me for a woman we had a threesome with because she was into that rough shit”


“But I’m not your husband dear.  I need you to get that out of your mind.  I’m not him”


I turned off the shower.


“I wanna show you what my interpretation of love making is.  Is that alright?”


She nodded her head as I led her out the shower.  I watched intently as she dried herself off. For a woman who I thought was so confident, she was just like me.  Our circumstances had made us become so hard that we didn’t want anyone to touch our soul. Both of us walking around with that impenetrable wall that doesn’t allow others to see our fears.  Always having to be strong.


She stood in the mirror and began to dry her hair.  I walked up from behind and placed my arms around her.  We looked at each other’s reflection. My heart was finally to free to say what it wanted.


“I love you Latonya Myers.  I’ve tried to date others, but there is no one for me, but you . . .”


A smile came over her face as she nodded yes.  I turned her around and our lips caught each other, never wanting to let go.  I felt a new spirit rise in me as I lifted her on top of the counter.


“Tony!  Do you know what you’re doing?”


“Yes baby . . . . I know exactly what I’m doing . . . .”



Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

*My Heart (1997) written by the Wednesday Gentleman


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