Her Sensual Lover

“Bing! Bing!”


I knew who it was before I even answered.


“So I just stepped out of the shower and I’m feeling completely and totally like sex”


Yep, right on time!  I knew this was a game.  But since I had nothing else to do, I decided to play along.


“Well you know where I am”


“Yeah . . . . well unfortunately it’s a little late for me . . . . . . ”


This was the typical tango between me and Latonya.  She was forever taking the lead, teasing me with promises of mind blowing copulation.  My heart would take hold of her hand, believing that she had finally come to her senses.  Only to land on the polished floor as I often would. Time after time I found myself looking up as she stood over me, telling me her elaborate account of the other dancers.  How she gave her all to them, but her love was never reciprocated. How she allowed herself to become a personal slave to her male and female suitors while I begrudgingly watched from behind the glass.  


Well tonight, I was tired of being dropped on the floor!  Instead of the banter that we would normally engage in, I simply said . . . .




No emotion.  No curiosity in my voice.  I had grown weary of Latonya’s games.  I was in town all week on business. I had asked her the week before if she wanted to meet up,  As usual, she stated that she was working and would only be free after I left town.  Mind you, I’m at a hotel, less than twenty minutes away from her house, kid free.  Now if she really wanted sex, I was willing to give it to her.  


Latonya was always going on about being this insatiable cougar (which I always thought was total bullshit).  She would tell me how men couldn’t handle her.  It didn’t matter if they were older or younger, the story was still the same.  She bragged about her bedside hospitality, stating that she left most men crying or passed out from the climax.  She was never short of takers, but for some reason, I was never one of them. Just as I was about to hit the shower, she responded to my text.


“Room number?”


Now see she was taking this shit too far!

“206.  Go to bed!”


She responded with only a question mark.


“You said it was too late”


“Mmmm . . . . . okay”


Was she being serious?  I didn’t want to misinterpret so I called.


“I thought it was too late for you to come over?”


“Didn’t I ask you for your room number?”


“Yes you did”


“So that means that I’m coming.  I’ll be there shortly”




Like any G, I played it cool.  I wasn’t going to get too high.  I proceeded to the bathroom where I prepared myself for tonight’s festivities.  I started playing out scenes in my head. I couldn’t help but think how she would feel underneath me, then on top of me.  But just as I started to feel good about the night, I started second guessing the whole thing. I began to think what option was I tonight?  Was I the second, third, fourth, or fifth? What was different about tonight that she finally gave in to me? Would she pretend that I was somebody else? Did she have her heart broken and need relief from the discomfort?


I walked out of the bathroom smelling like coconut oil and Givenchy.  I sat on the couch waiting for her arrival. I grabbed my phone and made sure that my sex playlist was at the ready.  However after twenty minutes, I started to think that she was never coming. I turned the television to the Criminal Minds marathon and began to immerse myself in the awkward storyline of Morgan and Penelope sleeping with each other.  How fitting that this particular episode would be on tonight?


As the hour was coming to a close, there was a polite knock at the door.  I made my way to the metal frame and opened it, without even looking to see who it was. . . .


“Sorry I’m late.  You know Tisha had to ask a thousand questions before I left!”


She made her way into a part of my life I rarely shared with anyone.  She stood there in her pink t-shirt, faded blue jeans, and . . . . her natural hair!  I couldn’t believe my eyes!


Oh, you’ve never seen my real hair have you Tony?”


“Latonya, I haven’t seen you without heels!  But here you are in sneaks and a mohawk!”


“Do you like?”


“Absolutely!  Why don’t you wear it more?”


“I’ve been letting my hair grow.  Yesterday, I decided to ditch the wigs and weave for a while.  But enough about the hair, what are you watching?”


“Criminal Minds, but it’s about to go off”




She made her way to the couch and smiled as I gave her the remote.


“C’mon and sit down.  Tell me about your day”


I didn’t want to bore her with the details of the funeral home business.  Instead, I became engaged in the television with her.


“Is that American Soul?”


“Yes!  Do you watch it too?”


“I love this show!”


She turned up the sound and we watched the making of Soul Train.  As the first commercial came on, I turned toward her and kiss her sultry lips.  I quickly made my way to her ears and neck, making her gasp with delight.


“Tony . .  . . .”


I started to lift up her shirt and kiss her cleavage.  As soon as I started unsnapping her bra, the show came back on.


“Commercial’s over!”


I returned back to my seated position while Latonya sat there, nipples now piercing through her bra.  I smiled as I played it cool.


“So you’re just gonna leave me like this huh?”


“Nah, I’m not gonna leave you like that.  I’ll be back at the next commercial”


She slowly nodded as we turned our attention back to the show.  As soon as the next commercial came on, my tongue found its way back to her breasts.  I made short work of the bra and wrapped my hands around her. My mouth was taking her in like a newborn as her breaths began to increase.  I unloosened her jeans and began my descent. She opened her legs and allowed me to play in her valley. I refused to stop until I felt her river overflow.


“Damn Tony!  You got me messing up my jeans!”


“I guess that means you need to go ahead and take them off”


She slipped off her jeans and underwear as the show came back on.


“Shows on!”


I could feel the heat from her eyes staring through me, but she submitted to the game that I was playing with her.  She must have saw the tent in my shorts get higher and higher.


“Seems like someone doesn’t want to wait until the next commercial”


“Is that right?”


“And I don’t want to wait either!”


She rose from her seat and stood in front of me.  She pulled my shorts down and exposed my nature to the cool air.  She bent over and began to suck the top of my mountain. Her breasts dangled in the air as she pleased me.  I dreamt of this moment for so long that I wasn’t going to last!


“The commercial break hasn’t come yet.  Why don’t you sit on my lap so we can finish watching the show?”


She raised up and smiled.  She then turned her glorious ass around and slowly fell on my shaft.  Just the feel of her valley on top of me made me want to forget everyone else I had ever met.  My right leg was trembling as she started to move up and down. And then . . . . just as I was sliding into home . . . . . . I found out why men were crying after it was over . . . . . . .



Written by the Wednesday Gentleman


Author of the forthcoming novel “Addicted to Chaos” and co-host of The Dame Truth Podcast (available on Apple, Spotify, and all podcast platforms)



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