What Would You Do For Her? Part II

I took the longest way home.  What should have taken an hour and a half drive was easily stretched an additional sixty minutes.  I needed time to decompress. Callie left a hole in my heart that I don’t think the downtown farmer’s market could cure.  But still, I walked and bought items until I was able to get in the car and face Kenneth. Even though Callie did not want to be apart of our family, I still felt the need to tell Kenneth of my new lifestyle. I was too liberated to go back to how things used to be. I couldn’t. He needed to know the truth.
As I opened the garage, Ken’s truck and motorcycle were in their usual place.  At that very moment, all of the terrible consequences of my reveal ran through my mind. I started to believe that Callie was right in all of this as anxiety struck me like an infuriated pimp!  Now even though I was ready to divulge my new way of life to Kenneth, I didn’t think about how he would react when he found out the truth! My significant other was never known for violence, but what if this triggered some repressed spirits from his youth? Come to think of it, I didn’t know much of Kenneth’s childhood.  He never spoke of his father, only his mother who died when he was ten. He spent his remaining school years with his aunt Carla.  

“Ken is going to have a coronary when he finds out he wasn’t the reason for the good sex we’ve been having lately!”

Nevertheless, I had gone this far. I cut the engine and proceeded to step out of the car.  To my surprise, I heard music coming from the kitchen.  My heart began to run pass my nerves!  I pressed the key inside the lock and decided to accept my fate, no matter what.

“I call my baby on the phone, got to get a message to let her know . . . . . Heeeeeeeey babe!  How was the conference?”

There was my off key, two left feet having Boaz, trying to sing while he prepared . . . . . lunch?

“Is that Salmon you’re preparing?”

“Yes it is dear” 

I placed my phone on the counter and set my bags on the floor.  I gave my chef a kiss on the cheek while I observed his nouvelle cuisine.

“So when did you start cooking Mr. “that is a woman’s job?”

“Ha ha ha!  Well Miss Fancy Pants, people can change.  I knew that you would be coming home soon so I decided to make us lunch”

“Lunch?  In all this time that we’ve been married, the only time that you cooked was when I was pregnant with A.J.  You remember how that fried chicken turned out don’t you?”

“I remember!  Lord!  How that chicken was done on the outside and still had flour on the inside, I’ll never understand!  That’s why I stay out of the kitchen!”

“Yeah, that’s why you have breakfast duty!  You can’t get Lucky Charms or sausage links wrong!”

“I hear you.  I just wanted to show you that you were missed and I appreciate you dear. You’ve been on the go for the past few days and I just wanted you to have some peace when you got in”

My heart melted.  He was going out of his way to be the husband that I always wanted.  I wrapped my arms around him and gave him the biggest hug.

“Thank you baby.  You don’t know how much this means to me”

In returned, he leaned down and enveloped his arms around me, kissing the top of my forehead.  As I looked into his eyes, his lips consumed my disappointment from this morning as they pressed against mine.  Our tongues began to meet as I felt him began to rise against me.

“I see someone else is happy to see me as well, huh?”

“In time.  He just can’t help himself!  Every time he sees you, he just wants to be inside you . . . one way or another”

“You are talking mighty slick this afternoon!  Is A.J. here? I don’t need him listening to all of this player talk!”

“He took his SATs this morning and now he’s with Coach Wagner and the O line.  Wags wanted to treat the guys to pizza and games this afternoon for winning state”

“Didn’t you treat them all the day after you guys won?”

“Yeah, but this was a big deal.  The city has been showering us all with gifts.  I doubt if Wagner has to pay for anything!”

“So how much time do we have to ourselves lover?”

Ken’s face lit up.

“A.J. won’t be back ’til this evening.  Probably seven if I know Wagner. Plus I told coach to call me when they were on their way.  So we have some time. But I know you have to be tired after that conference. I was thinking we could have a nap date after lunch”

“That sounds so good babe . . . .”

I hugged him again before I picked up my bags and headed toward the bedroom. My hero went back to seasoning the salmon as I walked out of view.

I placed my bags down and immediately unhooked my bra.  I took off my clothes and slipped on the Hillman College shirt that I got Ken for his birthday last year.  I fell back on the bed and allowed my mind to slip away, smelling the food that was coming from the kitchen.  After several minutes, Ken came in the room, looking rather disturbed. . . . . .

“Babe, you left your cell phone on the table . . . . and you had several messages . . . . from Callie”

I immediately shot up to a seated position.

“I wouldn’t have looked but there were several messages back to back.  So what does she mean by ‘have you told Ken the truth?’ What is she talking about?”

Damn it!!!!!!!  I was hoping to have this conversation after some nap time sex.

“I’m not sure what she’s talking about babe”

Ken stood in the doorway bemused.  I had to act quickly . . . .

“She’s probably halfway drunk on mimosas and wants me to join her”

“Hmmmmm . . . . . . I don’t think that’s it Morgan.  Try again”

“Ken, I can’t give you an answer if I don’t know the question?”

“Let’s try it this way:  Were you with her last night?”

“Last night?”

“Yes Morgan!  Were you with her last night?  Have you been having sex with Callie Carrington this whole time?  Have you been cheating on me with your so called best friend?”

I wanted to put off the answer for as long as possible, but to do so would insult Ken’s intelligence.  There was no way to play it but straight. The evidence was there on my cell phone (which was in his hand).  This was not the way I wanted Ken to find out.  However, I summoned the confidence I found earlier and disclosed my secrets.

“Yes Ken”

“Yes Ken what?”

“Yes I’ve been having sex with you and Callie”

“With me and Callie? Why is your answer ‘with me and Callie?’  Have you been sleeping with other women at your office?”

“No babe, just Callie.  Callie’s been the only one that I’ve shared my love with”

He stood there, in his black apron pondering all that had been said.  He slowly came towards me. His hands were relaxed instead of clinched.  I was expecting to see fire and brimstone in his eyes as he came toward me.  But I didn’t. Instead, I saw . . . . curiosity . . .

“Why didn’t you just tell me you were curious?”

“Say what?”

Kenneth sat on the bed next to me and grabbed my hand with the same softness that he had when I came in earlier.

“Why didn’t you say that being with another woman was something that you wanted to explore?”

I stared at him for a few seconds then I began to laugh.

“Ken, when would it have been the right time to tell you?  When we weren’t talking to each other for years?  Or maybe when we were having our attorneys mediate our divorce?”

“Morgan, you could have told me when you started having feelings for her.  We could have worked it out”

“Worked it out meaning?”

“Meaning that I would have been cool with you and Callie”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, I get it.  You would have been cool with two women in your bed right?”

“That’s not it Morgan.  I knew something was going on but I didn’t know exactly what it was.  You seem to forget that these past five months have been wonderful for us.  There has been balance in the home. Sex has been great! Before then, you were too busy to look at me. Now, I’m your Nubian warrior”

This understanding, kind man could not be my husband!

“So what are you saying Ken?”

“I’m saying that we need to be honest with each other.  No lies. When we were dating, we said that if we ever evolved in any area of our lives, we would sit down and work out the parameters.  Our goal was to stay together, never leave. Remember that?”

“I guess I forgot that . . . . .”

“Well I didn’t”

I wanted to hear these words, but I couldn’t trust them.  Not coming this easy.

“So why are you so accepting of my new lifestyle?  Is there a man you want to have in our bed? One of your coaches maybe?”

“Nah, that’s definitely not it!  Trust me when I say, I love women.  However, there are some things that I would like to explore with you.  Like handcuffing you to the headboard, interlocking your boots and having my way with you . . . .”

I couldn’t do anything but smile.

So you like that freaky shit huh?”

“I’ve always liked that freaky shit!  We used to do it all the time before we had A.J.  Then our careers took off and we became the stale, well to do couple”

“I didn’t know Ken.  I’m sorry. Baby I’m sorry for lying. . . . . ”

“You can make it up by getting Callie to come over”

“Say what?”

“Look, I’m not going to lose a friend over this!  If you don’t call her . . . . . . . . .  .”

Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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