What Would You Do For Her?

It was 4:23 AM and I was having trouble sleeping yet again.  I had tossed and turned to the point where I was now sitting up on the side of the bed, feet on the floor, frustrated.  I walked over to my purse and grabbed a melatonin pill to help me find rest once again.  I came back to the bed, this time sitting up with my back against the headboard.  I closed my eyes and tried to empty my mind of every thought.  But after twenty minutes of quiet, my spheres were fixed on the ceiling for a second time!  I didn’t want to fall asleep in my office again!  When I went to the doctor about my sudden bout of insomnia, he simply stated that I had a respiratory tract infection brought on from the stress at work. He gave me some antibiotics and requested that I slow down.  However, work wasn’t my stressor. My relationship with Callie was . . . .


My seductive mistress laid next to me glowing with only her black halter top on.  I hadn’t noticed that Callie failed to properly disrobe after her Pure Romance party last night! Then again, I didn’t know the Love Star fragrance that I wore would make her insatiable! Add that to the toys I purchased and it was easy to see why we were both ushered into another sexual stratosphere!  As many times as I touched the sky, slumber should have been easy to come by!  Yet here I was. . . . . alone in the dark, to battle my conscious. For the past five months, I was living the life I always envisioned. While my heart was embracing this new person I was becoming, my mind refused to let up its interrogation,  quickly reminding me of my current sins.  For all the empowerment that I felt, the fact still remained that I was cheating on my husband . . . and he was none the wiser.


Callie and I paraded our love in front of Kenneth without fear . . . . well . . . . sort of. While we didn’t show any public affection, Callie slowly became a permanent fixture in my life. And not only my life, AJ and Kenneth lives as well. Whether she was assisting AJ with Calculus or discussing a new offensive set with my beloved, Callie was a favorite around the house. So much so that Ken asked me to invite her over for our annual Superbowl party!  Whenever she came to the house, no one suspected that we were lovers. It didn’t bother Kenneth that I spent time away from the family with her.  But it was beginning to bother me. . . . . .


As I continued to stare at the ceiling, I could feel my beloved starting to stir.  I didn’t want to bother her so I eased out of the bed and onto the balcony.  Even though it was still dark, the waves were able to calm my restless nerves.  I started to drift away until I heard a voice say . . . .


“ . . . so how long have you been awake tonight?”


“Don’t worry about me dear.  Go back to sleep. I’ll be okay”


Callie raised up from her spot and came toward the edge of the bed.


“That’s what you said last week, and the week before that.  I’m starting to worry about you babe!”


“My doctor says I have acute bronchitis.  I just have to ride it out. I’ve already scheduled a follow up appointment.  I’ll be okay”


I didn’t want to look in her direction so I stared straight ahead to the patio chair that was in front of me.  Several seconds later, Callie had made her way from the bed to the exact same chair.


The fact that she still didn’t have on any underwear, about to sit on that cold, metal seat intrigued me.


“So you just gonna come out here with no panties on huh?”


She attempted to sit, but realized that the seat was a little too cold for her taste.  She came next to me and proceeded to sit in my lap.  I held on to her as if I were about to lose my friend.


“Now see, this is why I’m worried about you.  Like . . . . I’m worried that you’re not gonna be here tomorrow babe.  I know what your doctor is saying and all, but this shit is not normal”


“Well, I’ve never had this before darling.  As a matter of fact, I’ve never been sick before so I don’t know how this goes.  All I know is I want my energy back”


“You and me both.  You don’t realize that I fear that you are gonna fall asleep behind the wheel because you’re not getting any sleep”


I looked down at the ground.  Her fear was justified. The last time I had to go out of town for a meeting, I ran off the road twice!  I had to stop in a grocery store parking lot and sleep for thirty minutes so that I could function. I didn’t tell Kenneth about it and I damn sure wasn’t about to tell Callie!  I guess she could feel my nervousness.  She pulled her torso from me and looked in my eyes. 


“Okay Morgan, what’s really going on with you?”


“I’m . . . . . I’m just hoping this is it.  I’ve never been without sleep for several days at a time”


“Yeah, I was just starting to get used to all the snoring you did!”


“Is that right?”


“Babe, you’re normally so tired that you start snoring five minutes after the sex is over!  


“Well first of all, I don’t snore!”


“Ummmm, yes you do!  Every time you ride my face, you snore!  You even have that saliva running from the side of your face!”


“Maybe I don’t want you to hear me snore.  Maybe I’m trying to let you sleep”


“Morgan, quit!  I actually sleep better when you’re pleased.  It makes me happy.  So back to my original question, what’s going on with you?  How long have you been up?”


“I dunno.  Since three o’clock maybe?”


Callie turned to look at the clock on the nightstand.


“Morgan, you’ve been awake for over two hours already?”




“So what’s bothering you?”


I didn’t utter a word.


“Morgan . . . . . . please tell me what’s going on?”


I didn’t want to tell her, but my soul wasn’t going to let me rest if I didn’t address the matter.


“Callie, it’s nothing.  How about you help me go back to sleep the ol’ fashion way?”


I started to unloose her corset but she quickly made her way to her feet.


“Nice try babe, but I’m not gonna let this go quietly”


“Well Callie, how do I explain?   


“By just telling me the truth”


I took a deep breath and prepared for the worse.


Well . . . . . . for the past several months, I’ve enjoyed our love affair.  But while I love everything about it, my mind is beating me up about cheating on Ken”


She stepped back from me.  I could see the hurt starting to form in her eyes.


“Ohhhhh, so now after five months, you have a conscious about what we’re doing?!”


“Callie, please don’t start that!”


“No, I will start that!  You’re trying to find a way out of this!  You’ve had your fun with me and now you want to return back to your regularly scheduled programming?”


“That’s not it either!”


“So what is it then?”


“Callie, I don’t want you to go anywhere.  I want you by my side”


“So . . . . . you’re contemplating divorce with your husband?”


“The thought crossed my mind a time or two.  I played out the scenarios. I would probably end up losing my son, my house . . . . . I’d be giving up my family for you which wouldn’t be fair since they love you too”


“Wait a minute?  Now I know we have been passing off as good friends to your husband but he loves me being around?”


“Yes!  The funny thing is that he wanted me to ask you if you would join us for our annual SuperBowl party.  He normally invites the team and coaches over to watch the game. Either that or we go to a restaurant and rent out a room there”


“Wow babe!  I didn’t know it was that deep!”


“That it is.  Callie, you’re important to all of us”


“So you’re telling me what?  That you want both me and Kenneth?  Like we are supposed to be this polygamous family?”


“Well . . . . yeah!  We’re actually doing it now!  The only thing is that Kenneth is in the dark about the arrangement”


Callie crossed her arms as she stood there in front of me.


“So you want to tell Kenneth what we’ve been doing for the past five months?  Don’t you think that might go sideways?”


“Honestly, I think it might shed some light on why Kenneth and I are getting along so well right now.  The sex we have has been nothing short of spectacular also”


“So you’ve been having sex with Ken too?  Willingly?”


“Yes Callie.  Does that bother you?  That I’m aroused by both you and him?”


“I have to admit, I didn’t want to know . . .not all of this”


“But why Callie?  We’ve been nothing but honest with each other.  It’s been refreshing to have someone that I can love and talk to without having any hang ups”


“Well, I guess I haven’t been quite as honest.  You see Morgan, I’ve been loving you with the intention of you leaving your husband to be with me.  We wouldn’t have to hide anymore. We could really just be”


“But if Kenneth knows about us, we could do that anyway!  If people wanted to call and say I was cheating, he could answer them and say that we are his wives”


“But I would have to share you . . . . . with him”


“That’s what you’re doing now isn’t it?”


“But I want to be enough for you Morgan!  Why am I not enough?”


She stood there and I could see the tears start to roll out of her eyes.  I reached for her, but she simply knocked my hand away. She walked back into the bedroom area and began to gather some things.  I quickly followed inside.


“Do you understand that I love you both?  That I need both of you? Is it too much to ask?


The coldest silence filled the room.  Callie refused to say a word as she put on her jeans and grabbed her car keys.




My angry concubine proceeded to the door.  


“Callie talk to me!  Don’t leave me! Please!  I love you!”


She continued her pace as she walked out of the room and to the elevator.  I jumped on the elevator before the doors could close.


“Callie can we please talk about this?”


“Morgan, I can’t talk about this right now!  Do you understand that you are asking me to share you . . . . . with a man?  You know I don’t like to share my food, let alone my lover!”


“I can’t lose you babe!  I can’t!”


I started to grasp at her, hold her in some fashion but Callie was not in the mood for my affection.  As the metal doors opened again, Callie dismounted.


“When will I see you again?”


She looked back with tears in her eyes with no response.




Written by the Wednesday Gentleman



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