The Uninvited Guests



What the entire hell?!  I closed my eyes praying that this was all a dream! But as my brown binoculars found the light once again, they were still there. . . . with their beady little eyes on me! 


“Quinton!!!!!!!  Quinton!!!!!!!”


As I stood in horror, I thought I felt one trying to crawl on my booty!  I started to itch all over! I began looking for anything clean to stand on so that my bare feet weren’t on the floor!  Now I’m normally a pretty good judge of character, but I have to admit: I totally missed this one!  Somewhere between having Avery and living in the burbs, my Spidey sense must’ve been damaged something terrible!


It seemed that I stood in place forever as I waited for Quinton to rescue me.  When I finally decided that I could wait no longer in this unknown realm of purgatory, my deceptive guide came through the door . . . . . laughing . . . . . . as if this shit was funny?


“And just what in the hell are you cackling about?”


“Tiffani!!!  Girl, you got up so fast!  You took off like you were Usain Bolt!”


“Ha, ha, ha, Mr. Funny Man.  Where are my clothes?”


“Clothes?  I thought we could finish where we left off?”


Finish where we left off? I looked at him and then the brown vermin that were beginning to surround us.


“Say what now?  Finish what now?”


He eased up on me and began kissing my neck while he caressed my bare ass.


“Can’t we finish . . . .where we . . . left off?”


His tongue went straight for my nipples.  Although it felt good for a quick moment (the man knew how to use his tongue!), I couldn’t seem to take my eyes off of the unwanted visitors.  More were starting to emerge from behind the plates and cups next to the sink. They were watching us, as if we were an old fashion peep show!  I swear I even saw one take out some tiny spectacles to get a better look!  I couldn’t allow myself to be taken on one of these nasty ass counters! I had to change the atmosphere . . . . and quick!


“Quinton, who came in the front door?  Don’t you have company?”


“Company?  Oh no baby!  That was just my brother!  He’s nobody! He’s staying with me until he gets on his feet”


“For a nobody, he has access to your house.  And that means he can walk in on us at any minute.  No babe, we need to try this another time”


“So you gonna leave me like a humped dog? Really?


It was never my style to leave a man unsatisfied.  But due to the infestation in the home, there was nothing I could do about that now.  I didn’t know his brother and I didn’t feel comfortable. For all I knew, Quinton could have told his brother that I was down for the gangbang.  I promised myself that I would never go back down that road. I gave Quinton the “I got you next time playa” look.


“Well I can’t do nothing but respect that.  But you look so damn sex . . .”


“Where are my clothes Quinton?”


“I put them in the bathroom.  It’s the first door to the right”


I kissed him on the cheek as I scurried into the small washroom.  I shook my dress several times before I slipped it over my head. I checked the bottom of my feet before I laced up my heels.  I didn’t need any of this going back home with me. I fixed my assets in the mirror before I left out of the bathroom. As I came back into the main area, there was Quinton sitting down with his “brother” coming down the stairs.  Why didn’t he have a shirt on? I’m so glad I trusted my gut.


“Heyyyyyyyy ma’am.  I’m Nate, Quinton’s brother.  I apologize for the intrusion”


“No worries Nate, I was just leaving”


“Leaving?  I hope it wasn’t because of me?”


Quinton gave Nate a cold stare.  It was obvious that there was more to this living arrangement than my masseur let on.


“Well I hope you can visit us again sometime”


And that, more than anything, made me thankful that my clothes were already on.  Mr. Wannabe Tupac would have probably tried to take my goodies! At least that’s what the ankle monitor told me.


“Tiffani, you have to excuse my brother.  He missed that home training class while we were growing up.  I’ll walk you out”


Quinton handed me my purse and stood in between me and the felon as I proceeded to walk out.  The tension between the two was thicker than molasses! It seemed as if Quinton was stuck trying to help an ungrateful relative.  So maybe he wasn’t to blame? I just knew that we could never, ever, have sex at his house again!


He escorted me to my car and closed my door after I got in.  Quinton looked like a sad puppy as he gathered his words.


“Tiffani, I’m sorry for this evening.  I wanted . . . .”


“I understand Quinton.  We’ll try another time. Promise”


He looked depressed as I drove off.  A part of me felt sad, but there was absolutely no way that I was going to sit or lay down in that filthy house ever again.   As I started thinking about the undesirables I saw, I started to itch once again. There was only one thing I could do . . . . . .


“Sherri?  Girl are you at home?”


“Yeah girl I’m home.  Where else am I gonna go?  John has my car”


“Well do you mind if I come through and take a shower?”


“Come through and do what?  Take a shower? What the hell did you do this time?”


“You remember the cute masseur I was telling you about?”


“Did you let him taste your cookies girl?”


“Yes . . . yes I did!”


“Oh you’ve got to tell me the details to this one!  What I wanna know is this:  Was his tongue as good as his hands?”


“Girl!!!!  And his dick had that hook shape too!”


“No you didn’t let him fuck you in the parlor!  You didn’t!”


“I did.  And to make matters worse, I waited until after he got off to get some more!  I wore my easy access dress and let him have his way with me”


“Wait a minute!  So you let him taste and dip his meat in your Polynesian sauce?  And then you wanted more? He must have that fire girl!”


“He was all that and then some!  Unfortunately, buddy lives with his brother”


“Okay.  I don’t see anything wrong with that.  He is younger right? Who doesn’t have a roommate at his age?”


“But that’s not the half Sherri.  My beautiful god has roaches all in his house too!”


“Say what?? Damn Tiffani!  That is a problem.  What are you gonna do?”


“I dunno.  I can’t go back to his house.  And besides, how do you tell a person you’ve been intimate with that you are turned off by the roaches in their house?”



Written by the Wednesday Gentleman



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