Christian’s Cookie, Part II

“If I’m not married, I can be had!  And right now, I want you to have me!”


I stood there staring at her nakedness.  Her right leg was still twitching. A part of me wanted to purify my hands and exit the room, stopping while I still had respect for myself.  What I had done was unprofessional and cheap. Having my way with another man’s woman went against my moral code. But the more I surveyed her body, the more I began to grow out of my pants.   Karma would definitely have her way with me later!


“See?  Your dick wants me!  C’mon baby, give it to me!”


She slid down from the table until her feet touched the floor.  Her torso remained prostrate on the work bench while she gave me another look at her treasure.  I closed my eyes trying not to feast on the vision that was before me. I shook my head in disgust as I was already stroking my muscle, using the honey as my own personal lubricant.  The more I attempted to deny myself, the more I wanted to experience the satisfaction that her fiance was privileged to.


“Please Quinton?  Please?”


She was begging me to give in.  Somehow, I had taken off the bottom portion of my uniform and began to close in on my destination.  I continued my massage, rubbing her back while my soul touched her gently. I worked my way back to her hips, leaving kisses down the small of her back.  She died and came back to life with every touch. I didn’t want her to wait any longer. I slowly made my way inside. I grabbed on to her hips as her lips took me deeper.


“Yes . . . yes . . . yes!  Fuck me Quinton!”


What I thought was going to be a sensual, romantic exchange was quickly turning into a porn movie!  Tiffani began throwing her body against mine as she reached back for my hand.


“Grab my breasts baby!  Grab momma’s breasts!”


Within seconds, both of Ms. Green’s mammary glands were in my hands.  I used them for leverage as I continued to please my client.


“You better fuck me Quinton!  Fuck me harder!”


My hands quickly left her breasts and went for her wrists.  I brought her arms back as I gave my temptress every ounce of energy I had.


“That’s it!  That’s it! Make me . . . . make me . . . .”


Before I knew it, there was a rush all over me which sent me over the edge as well.


“Damn Tiffani . . . . .”


I tried to hold on, but I was too far gone.  My self control melted away the moment she came all over me.


“Ahhhh . . . mmmmmmmmmmmm”


I curled both of my lips in to stifle my roar.  Tiffani milked every drop out of me until there was none left.  We fell over in a heap on the table, sweaty from the intensity of our love making (if you could call it that).  I started to kiss her shoulders as a way to thank her for this sinful opportunity.  Then, I remembered where I was!  I checked my watch and saw that our time was nearly up!  I knew my boss would be coming any moment to wrap up the session. I was thankful for the soy candles as it hid the scent of our encounter.  I quickly gathered my pants and put them on. As I got dressed, Ms. Green sat on the table smiling.


“So can I have this at every session now?”


“Tiffani, do you realize that I can get fired if we ever get caught?”


“But you can’t tell me you didn’t like that passion? That intensity?”


The truth was . . . . Tiffani was the best sex I’d ever had!  I was still shaking as I was trying to collect my lotions and what not.  Her ocean would make any man submit to her whim. I was just happy that I could last as long as I did!


“I did Tiffani.  And yes, I want to be with you again, but it can’t be here”


“Well you can still give me massages right?”


She licked her lips as she gave me a devilish grin.


“That’s not wise either.   And honestly, I don’t want to take any chances.  I need this gig”


“Okay, okay.  So next time we go half on a hotel?”


I didn’t know how to tell her, but it had to be obvious . . . . .


“Ms. Green, I’m in college trying to complete my Master’s program.  I don’t have the money for a hotel”


She looked worried at first, but a smile came to her face.


“That’s fine.  You have your own place right?”


“Yes . . . .”


“Well, we can just meet at your place for my personal massage.  Do you have a table there?”


I smiled to myself.  This must be some fantasy she always wanted to experience.  But no matter, I was here for the cause! Any guilt that I may have felt disappeared inside of Tiffani.  As we exchanged numbers, there was a knock at the door. We both smiled as she started to get dressed and I exited the room. . . . . . .


As I was finishing my last client for the day, I could feel my cell phone vibrate.  After I left the room, I checked for messages. Tiffani was already texting me . . . .


“I want to see you again”


“I want to see you too.  This afternoon was great!”


“Imagine how good it can be when we don’t have to rush?”


“I hear you.  So what day next week do you wanna meet?”


“Day next week?  I wanna see you now!  Do you have plans?”


“Well . . . kinda”


For a few minutes, she didn’t text back.  Then she sent me a picture of her breasts.


“Can you cancel your plans and make time for these?”


Her majestic mountains were gorgeous!  I imagined myself kissing on them as she rode me to exhaustion.


“Let me make a few calls and I’m yours for the night.  Here’s my address”


I texted the information to her and started home.  I called my friends and told them that I wouldn’t be watching the game as an emergency came up.  I dared not tell them that I was meeting a taken woman at my house! I wouldn’t hear the end of their judgmental asses!  I continued to replay this afternoon in my head as I took the highway home.


By the time I arrived, I saw a pearl white BMW parked outside of the townhouse.  There she was, sitting in the car, lip syncing to Silk.


“Wow! I didn’t expect you to get here so fast!  I thought I’d have time to clean up and take a shower before you came?”


“We can do that afterwards sweetheart.  Right now, I want you inside me again”


With that declaration, I sprinted to the door and opened it.  The coast was clear. Tiffani came through the door wearing a blue, off the shoulder, shift dress with silver heels. I bit my lip as I noticed her garment barely covered her backside.  Her body glowed as she sauntered into my world again. I quickly closed the door.  When I turned around, Tiffani pinned me to the metal barrier!  I was flushed as her noticeably long tongue was forcing its way inside my mouth!  She smelled like cotton candy as I held her plump posterior in my hands. I wanted to take her right there. Instead, I hoisted her up by her thighs, allowing her straddle me.


“Awwww shit!  You gonna do me in the air cowboy?  Remember you dealing with a grown woman!”


I simply smiled as I carried her to the couch that was a few feet away.  I sat down easy so that she could stay on top.  As she lifted her dress up, I allowed my tongue to taste her sinful, sweet skin.  She melted on top of me as our lips commingled once more.  My beautiful strumpet reached for my soul and quickly united us once again.  I could already tell that I wasn’t going to be able to shake her!  Her moisture was all over my lap and I couldn’t get enough!  I placed one hand on the small of her back.  The other frantically clutched one of her breasts, bathing it with the wetness of my tongue.


“Yes . . . . yes . . . that’s it!  Keep sucking me . . . just like that!”


Our tempo increased with each stroke.


“Just like that! Dammit, just like that!!!!!”


Her body shook as we tried to continue. She placed her hand over her face as she let the orgasm wash over her.  We looked into each others eyes, probing for a sign that this was where we both needed to be.  As I was started to wind back up, there was a rustling of keys at the front door.  Instantaneously, Tiffani jumped up and ran into the kitchen and closed the door behind her!  I had never seen a woman run so fast in my entire life! Then as the front door came open, a loud scream echoed through the house.


“Quinton, who is that yelling in the kitchen?”



Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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