The Death of Mr. Nice Guy, Part II

I started to laugh, but the look on Mr. David’s face gave me great pause.  There was no sign of joy in his eyes. The intense scowl on his face made me feel like I was seven years old again.  That was the last time I ever saw my father. My last image of him was his powerful brown eyes staring straight through my soul as he warned me from the pulpit:


“Children, obey and respect your parents in the Lord, for this is right”


I had never been more frightened of anyone in my life!  And on that day, my old man was warning me to obey him. You see, I accidentally walked in on him and Sis Eloise before service.  He told me not to tell my moms what I saw. But when she asked why it took me so long to come back to my seat, I had no choice but to tell her the horrid details. I haven’t listened to a “father figure” since. . . . until I met James. . . . .


“So you think that you’ve got the game figured out huh?”


“With all due respect Mr. David, I know there are things about the business that I can learn from a man like you.  But I think I’m doing okay with getting women in my bed”


“Because you keep your personal life and business life separate . . . is that it?”


“Well . . . yes”


He shook his head intently.  


“So let me ask you something?  When you killed Princeton and the dungeon mistress’ husband, what was the reasoning behind that?”


“Well, both of them went against their word and cost me money”


“And why did they go against their promise to you?”




“Yes.  What made them feel that they could get away with sneaking around with their lovers?  With withholding funds from you? What made them think that you would be soft and forgiving?”


“Stupidity comes to mind!”


“Well young blood, love made them act irrationally.  You will end up dead like them or in prison like James.  You’ve got to get that shit out your system.  It makes you soft and vulnerable. And when you fall out of it, it makes you reckless!”


Charles took another taste from his shiny bottle.  It seemed to give him life.


“So are you telling me not to have any meaningful relationships?”


“If you want to be who I know you can be, you can’t”


“And what about you?  You mean to tell me that you don’t love any of the women that you share your bed with at any given time?”


“No I don’t”


Chills went up and down my spine!  Those three words came out of his mouth with no remorse, no pause as if he were trying to make himself believe it.  His answer let me know that he would destroy anyone that got in his way . . . . including me .  . . . 


“But . . . . . . how?  They trust you with their lives!  They cater to you. Do they know that you would kill them if it meant your livelihood?”


“Young blood, I tell them what they need to know.  If you believe that you need to be honest in the bedroom, then you’ve been listening to too much of that R&B music!”


“Well sir,  you are known to be a man of your word.  I don’t see why you wouldn’t let them know”


“Trust me when I say every lady here knows their role.  They know that if they get out of pocket, they can be replaced”


“Wow. . . . . .”


Do you think I keep women because I send them all good morning texts daily? Do you believe I have the time to check in with them sporadically every day?  If I stooped to that level, my ladies would start questioning me.  Asking me why do I have all this damn time on my hands? I’m supposed to be out here growing an empire! So if I find the time to talk to any of them, they are appreciative.  They knew what they were getting into when they met me. They don’t try to impede my progress with lovesick foolishness.  They simply enjoy the security and the lifestyle my money affords them. Now they won’t tell you that, but that’s the real deal young blood”


“So you’re saying keep my mind on my money?”


Charles nodded his head in agreement


“You’re starting to get it young blood.  Damn, I’ve been sipping on this Ole Tennessee and didn’t offer you anything.  Would you like a drink?”


After everything I heard, I needed one!  I needed to digest what was just said to me: I couldn’t allow myself to fall in love.  But how could I keep myself from falling? In my dreams, I always pictured a woman laying beside me, sharing in the reality of a new Atlanta.


I nodded my head.  I proceeded to rise from my chair, but Mr. David signaled me to sit back down.


“Just tell me what you want and I’ll have Adrianne bring it to you”




“Yes, she is my live in bartender”


“Wait . . . . wait . . . wait?!  You have a live in bartender?”


“Well Adrianne does a little more than keep the bar.  She actually is responsible for keeping this level of the house secure and ensures that the cleaning staff do their job”


“Now that makes sense”


“Does it now?  I’m glad you approve young blood!  Now what’ll you have?”

“I’ll have a Grey Goose and Cranberry”


He smile and nodded as he called out the order over the intercom.  Just as we were about to continue our conversation, a buzz came from the inside of his desk.  He opened the drawer and pulled out a cell phone. He looked at the caller ID, then looked at me.


“My apologies young blood.  I have to take this. Very important matter”


Mr. David quickly rose from his seat and headed out of the study through a side door I didn’t even notice was there!  It was almost like he disappeared in the wall! Truly my eyes were playing tricks on me! But I needed to see for myself.  Just as I finished putting on my new shoes, the barkeep entered the study with drink in hand. Adrianne couldn’t possibly be the bar maid!  She was simply . . . . breathtaking! This beautiful work of art had already captured me in her cocoa brown spheres, and I couldn’t turn away. It seemed that she was experiencing the same troubles as well.  After a moment of us staring intently at each other, she cleared her throat and handed me my drink.


“I’m so sorry!  I didn’t mean to stare!  It’s just that . . . you remind me of someone I saw on TV”


“You sure about that?  I don’t remember being on television.  Maybe the internet?”


Her face lit up as she began to realize who I was.


“Are you Eric Houston?  The Eric Houston? Owner of the Six?”


“Yes I am”


“I knew it!”


She giggled to herself like a teenage groupie.  


“You’re on the latest episode of Atlanta Housewives!”


“They actually used that footage?  I need to speak to Mona asap”


Adrianne looked at me and smiled. I returned the smile as I tried not to gaze at the mound of cleavage spilling out of her black leather corset. 


“You’re more handsome in person that on television Mr. Houston”


“Well thank you for the compliment.  You’re not too bad yourself”


“Oh you like?”


She graced me with a Miss Universe turn so that I could appreciate her backside as well. After she returned to center, she stared into my eyes. I was still trying to find a response to her question.


“Let me ask you again.  Do you like?”


I stood there mesmerized by the sight of her beauty.  Then I remembered what Mr. David told me. I couldn’t allow myself to be tripped up by the hired help.  So I took control, or so I thought.


“If you wrapped your lips around me, you would have your answer”


I closed my eyes imagining that my words filled Adrianne’s heart with shock and disgust. I was waiting to hear those thigh high boots march out of the door. But instead of heels marching out of the room, I only heard the close of a door.  Then I heard the zipper on her top coming down. When I opened my eyes, the largest breasts I had ever seen were filling my view. She bowed down before me and started to unzip my pants.


“Excuse me Adrianne, but . . . . but . . . I said that so that you would . . . . “


“Just relax and enjoy your drink Mr. Houston”


I could feel the night air against the top of my muscle before the barkeep went about her business.  I didn’t think I would be able to hold on to the glass, but somehow, she kept me at ease? This was a strange feeling for me.  I would normally allow myself to get caught up in the act, watching her head move upon my shaft.  But tonight was different. Tonight, I felt like Richard Gere and Adrianne was my Brooklyn girlfriend. I began to formulate my plans for expansion.  While she was there in my lap, I was able to develop strategies that would grow the city within a year.  She hummed in agreement. 


I took a sip as I let my hand ride through her hair.


“Just like that, yes baby . . . just like that”


I took a final sip from the glass as Adrianne’s pace quickened.  I could feel the tip of her tongue massaging my rod. Where I would normally want to feel a woman’s breasts to get me close to my climax, I managed to say . . . . .


“Take me there”

I could feel Adrianne withdraw her mouth, giving attention to the head.  Her tongue played with me until I submitted to her whim. She didn’t break her rhythm as I came to her.  She took away the fear and doubt that I had. Every single drop. As she rose to her feet, I anticipated her telling me she yearned to be with me.  Go off with me. However, she gathered herself, zipped up her corset, and grabbed my empty glass. She smiled as she went out the door.


As I wiped the sweat from my brow, Mr. David came back in through that same mystery door that I failed to discover.


“So young blood, did you enjoy your drink?”



Written by The Wednesday Gentleman

2 thoughts on “The Death of Mr. Nice Guy, Part II

  1. This was an interesting read that I enjoyed. Mr. David sounds like a pimp to me. I had a good laugh to myself when he mentioned “…lovesick foolishness”. He set that whole situation up with Adrienne. I wonder if Mr. David’s words and this experience will forever change Eric’s dealings with women in the future. Will he be able to have that partnership with a woman (or some form of it) that he originally imagined? I say that because I think it was interesting how his interaction with Adrienne brought him some form of clarity (possibly new-found clarity) regarding his thoughts on business. However, Adrienne surprised Eric as well, she didn’t ask for more than what they shared in that moment. Hmmmm… hope he “really” clocked that.
    Looking forward to seeing what else is in store for Eric.

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