I Thought She Liked Me?

I felt his sweet lips on the small of my neck as he pulled me closer to his body.


“Good morning babe!”


I could feel him growing behind me as I laid in his arms.  I caressed them as he began to smell and taste me again.  Kenneth wasn’t much for cuddling, but he was today!


“And good morning to you too, my love.  Are you okay?”


“I am this morning!  Thank you for taking all my stress away.  I really needed last night”


“I see. . . . .  You haven’t held me this tight since AJ was little”


“I know. . . . It’s just been a while since . . .”


He couldn’t even complete his sentence!  I had to admit, it had been some years since we made love for more than ten minutes.  Somewhere along the way, Ken and I became comfortable. With my career taking off, I was rarely at home anymore.  When I was home, sex was more of a wifely duty than me wanting to share that space with him. But last night?  That was all fueled by Callie Carrington!  I was horny for a good portion of the day and needed a release.  With my son staying at a friend’s house after the game, I seized my opportunity. . . . . .


Kenneth went to the bedroom as I threw my portable seat cushion and rain gear in the laundry. As I entered the chamber, I saw his body again for the first time.  He was shirtless, looking for the something in the midst of the sheets. I stood there examining his massive shoulders, then his face. I envisioned myself sitting on top of his delicate lips, making him gasp underneath.  While I stood there daydreaming, my lover questioned me on the whereabouts of his remote. Before I could respond, my feet began walking in his direction. My hands collided against his chest, causing him to fall to the bed.  My thighs held him in place as my lips began their assault. His neck was overtaken by my lust . . . . . his chest slowly following behind. He moaned my name deep and loud, which only enticed the animal within. I wrestled my suit pants free and climbed on top of his face.  I held his forehead as I pulled my panties to the side . . . .


“It has been a long time.  Sorry if I was a little rough.  It’s been a long week”


“Rough?  Shit! I welcome that kind of sex anytime!”


“Really?  You like me taking control like that?  Making you suffocate inside of me?”


“Morgan Bailey, I loved that shit!  You got me hard just thinking about it!”


He rolled me over and kissed me madly before making his exit.


“Where you going daddy?  I thought you were going to give me some more?”


“As much as I want to, I need to get up.  It’s already after ten”


“After ten?”


“Yeah.  I gotta pick up AJ and meet the other coaches at the school by eleven”


“Don’t they get a break?  I mean, you guys just won your first game of the year?”


“There’s no rest for the weary dear.  Me and the other coaches have to start breaking down film of North High and start developing a game plan for next week.  AJ wants to be apart of the process since he’s the starting quarterback now”


“You men and your football!  So are you guys gonna be gone all day?”


“Not all day babe.  Hey, how about we all go out to dinner later?”


“You know what babe?  You all eat out too much.  How about I prepare dinner and those pickle wraps that you love? Then we could go out and do something fun?  Like Dave and Busters? AJ would love that!”


Kenneth stared at me as if he didn’t know who I was!


“Who is this woman and what have you done with my wife?


“You got jokes huh?”


Kenneth bent over and kissed me on the cheek before heading to the bathroom.  I took a morning stretch before reaching for my phone. To my surprise, I had already received two text messages from my work wife:


“Good morning sunshine.  Hope that your son’s team won last night.  What kind of wine do you like?”


“Btw, what’s your addy?”


I took a deep breath.  My mind was already starting to race.  As much as I wanted to explore being with another woman, I couldn’t do this right now.  I loved Kenneth. And even though we were thinking about a divorce, last night showed promise that we could save it. But what words would satisfy her disappointment?  “Sorry babe. . . . I fucked my husband last night and I’m having second thoughts?”  Or, “Callie my son was hurt in last night’s game and I won’t be able to make it?”  I didn’t need that kind of karma coming back to bite me.  

“Morgan, why don’t you come and join me in the shower?  I can’t seem to get rid of this . . .”


Kenneth was standing there with the longest morning wood!  He definitely needed some attention so I kindly gave it to him . . . again.


After our morning interlude, Kenneth went on his way and I cha cha slid into the kitchen.  I pulled up some music and made a quick breakfast. That ol’ school Babyface was giving me life!  It felt good to be home. Just as I was getting ready to catch up on Ghost and Tasha . . . .


*buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz!*


I reached across the counter and saw that I had missed a call from Callie.  No time in our flirting had she ever called me! Everything was a text. As I swiped away the missed call, I saw that Callie had left two more messages!  The first asking if I had received her earlier messages. The second asking if I were okay. I stood at the counter and thought for a minute. I needed to respond, but I hadn’t figured out what I was going to say.  I didn’t want her to hate me because I was now having a change of heart. But the sad truth is, I lead her on. Callie believed that I was available. That was a lie I could no longer tell.


I attempted to dial her number, but hung up before I could press send.  My conscious was getting the best of me. Why did I owe her an explanation?  It was just something to do at the office, right? I started playing out all of the various scenarios.  What if Callie was the jealous type and told my husband that we had been having an affair? If she did, that would give Kenneth all the leverage in the divorce and I would be left paying him alimony!  I couldn’t risk being Mary J or Sherri Shepherd working several jobs just to make ends meet!  What if she went to HR Monday morning and said that I was sexually harassing her? It became evident what had to be done.  As much as I cared about her feelings, I had a family to protect. A job to maintain. So instead of meeting for coffee and being upfront, I deleted her messages and her contact from my phone.  I pretended that Callie Carrington didn’t exist anymore. . . . .


I arrived back from my conference in Colorado Friday afternoon . . . . just in time to watch my two men do battle on the gridiron.  To my great delight, there had been no other text messages or calls from Callie since Saturday and today was her last day at the office.  I would be able to go into the office without fear of running into my jilted lover. After I gave my son and Ken a victorious hug, I headed to the office.


I came into the building and for some reason, I could still smell her perfume.  I looked at the water cooler where we talked about who gave the best pedicures in Minneapolis.  A part of me was sad that I would no longer be able to talk to the person that gave me life every time I came into this place.  As I unpacked, I heard the clicking of heels walking towards my door. I had no idea if anyone else was in the office area besides me! Immediately I went out into the hall, but there was no one there.  Maybe it was mind playing tricks on me? At any rate, I hurried up and placed my laptop back on the docking station and placed the items I received from the conference on the bookshelf. As I turned to leave, there she was standing in the doorway . . . . .



Written by the Wednesday Gentleman


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