A Rainy, Friday Morning

It was a rainy, Friday morning when Callie walked into the building.  My office was several doors down, but I could hear her voice singing “Good morning!” to the front desk secretary.  My heart couldn’t help but smile.  Just hearing her voice on this dreary day gave my world the light it needed . . . even though I couldn’t tell her that.  Instead, I made myself busy, pretending to read emails as I anticipated her arrival.


“Good morning honey!”


“Now see, calling me honey is how rumors get started around here!”


Callie looked around and stepped into my office.


“They can say whatever they wanna say about Callie Carrington!  I don’t even care anymore! I turned in my notice two days ago!”




“Yeah, I took a sales rep position with CVS.  You’re the only one I’ve told outside of my supervisor.  I just can’t keep dealing with this stupidity! How is the VP gonna give impossible deadlines to impossible quotas?  Ain’t enough drugs in the world!”


“I’m so sorry to see you go, but at least now I can take you out”


“What?  Take me out?  Are we back in grade school?  You could have done that waaaaaaay before now!”


“Callie, you know why I can’t . . .”


“Yeah, yeah, yeah . . . . I know.  The chief of operations can’t be associated with co workers or subordinates.  Money over bitches right?”


“Callie, that’s kinda crude.  I don’t think I said it quite like that!”


“But that’s what you said right?  You were quoting Tupac?”


“To a certain extent, yes, but . .”


“You don’t have to apologize dear.  I told you I wasn’t the type to jam you up like that.  But I get it. You’ve got a lot to lose. You have a family to protect”




“But somehow along the way, we’ve become friends on Facebook and you text me every morning even though we’re coworkers. I must be wearing you down!”


“You think so?”


I gave her the side eye, but Callie was speaking the truth.  The two of us had been playing this office flirt game for a while now.  It started with a simple smile.  Then a small conversation around the water cooler.  Then there was lunch with coworkers in the cafeteria that progressed into company dinners.  I started imagining that every outfit she put on was for my benefit. Especially those sundresses with the low cut tops!  Whenever I could juggle my family and work obligations to be in her presence, I did. . . . . absorbing all of her energy. 


In my quiet moments, my mind would pretend that she was my aggressive lover, tasting every part of me. Her mocha browns painting my flesh with that mahogany lipstick she loved to wear.  She would pin my arms down as she began to run her tongue along each fold.  Each pass would be different.  Sometimes soft and sweet.  Other times bold and reckless (and how I loved when she was reckless!)  It wouldn’t be long before I saw the sun with my fingers entangled in her hair. . . . . .  


“Yeah, I think so.  As a matter of fact, I’m surprised you’re here today.  Shouldn’t you be in the air somewhere?”


“Not this week.  AJ has his first varsity game today so you know I gotta support!  Now next week, that’s a different story! I’ll be gone for several days to attend a conference in Colorado”


“You’re always gone somewhere!”


“Nature of the job, lady.  Speaking of which, I need to get ready for this nine o’clock conference call with the powers that be”


“Well before you get on your call, can you help me put on my necklace?”


Now why did she need me to put on her necklace?  She came a little closer to where I was sitting and placed the tangled chain in my hand.  I rose to my feet examining the glittery mess.


“So I gotta untangle this damn thing too huh?  You never make anything easy you know that?”


Callie didn’t utter a word.  She calmly proceeded to turn her entire ass (I mean back) towards me. I steadied my hands as I placed the strands of gold around her neck.  She started to lean her back into my chest. I acted like I didn’t know what she was doing and kept it cool, or so I thought.  My body was preparing for her touch, ready to give into temptation. I yearned to taste every part of Callie. I imagined my lips racing down the side of her neck and across her shoulders.  I dreamt that I grabbed her hips, slowly making my way to her breasts, massaging her nipples with my fingertips. She would grab for my ears and moan as her dress fell to the floor.  But instead . . . . I remained composed as I fastened the clasp.


“I gotta . . . . I gotta get ready for this budget call.  Joan will have a fit if I’m not on!”


“Thank you for helping me this morning.  I’ll let you get ready for your little meeting.  I’ll check back on you later . . . . ”


I watched her magic walk out of my door.  After taking a breath, I raced to the bathroom to wipe away the honey that was beginning to soil my underwear.




After downing a bottled water and attempting to negotiate a new contract, I had forgotten about Callie and her golden sundress.  But just as I was submitting another revised budget proposal, guess who showed up at the door?


“Damn Morgan!  You still down here working?”


“Yes. Had to revise my budget proposal.  Now I gotta hurry so I don’t miss my son’s game!”


“Oh okay . . .”


I could hear the disappointment in her voice.


“What’s wrong?”


“Well I wanted to know what I owed you for helping me with my necklace this morning?”


“What you owe me?”


“Yes, what I owe you?”


“Is this a trick question?”


“Dammit Morgan!  I’m trying to ask your ass out!”


She laughed at my naivety, but I needed to be sure.  I didn’t want to assume anything.


“Well we can go out.  Where you wanna go?”


“To your house”


“My house?”


“Yeah!  Your son goes with Kenneth on the weekends right?”


“Well . . . . yeah . . . .but . . . . .”


“So is seven tomorrow night good for you? Please say yes?”


“S . . sure . . .”


“Good!  Text me your address tomorrow.  I’ll bring the wine!”

I simply nodded my head as she made her way out the building.  I stood there realizing that fate had brought me to this chapter of my life and I wanted to explore it.  I needed to explore it.  Then maybe I could finally accept who I am.  



Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

7 thoughts on “A Rainy, Friday Morning

      1. I can”t wait to read it I like to read Romance story and it gives me something to do when I”m noting working and thanks for sharing your story .

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