Bye Bitch!

She caressed me with more than just her hands as she disappeared between my thighs. Somehow my shorts had melted away, and I was subjugated to the bed without restraints.  Indeed she had found a way back into my lap.


“Kyla . . . . . I don’t think . . . . . .”


“Shhhhhhh . . . .”


Somehow she had paralyzed me from the waist down.  I tried to remember that she belonged to another. Her coming back to my room was definitely a mistake.  But it was too late now.  I was helpless in her mouth. And unlike our first night, she reminded me of what a good blowjob felt like.  Instead of using her hands, she worked her tongue to entice my dick down the back of her neck. In between her soft moans, she had figured out all the right angles, yielding to the axis of my love.  She pressed me against the roof of her mouth, as if I were fudge stuck hard to a spoon. She slowly sucked it off with the warmth of her kisses.


“Damn Kyla . . . don’t stop baby!  Don’t stop!”


I could feel her tongue wash against the top of muscle, encouraging me to let go.  I didn’t want the moment to end! I prided myself on lasting for at least twenty minutes, thirty on a good day!  But she had touched my heart. She made me want to love her, fight for her, rescue her! Our conversation at dinner was merely the foreplay.  She had found my weakness and I couldn’t hold on any longer . . . .


“Kyla . . . Kyla!”




She quicken her pace so that there was no turning back!  And for what seemed an eternity, I gave her all of me . . continually . . as if I were a broken faucet!  She was taking the very essence of me, jacking me for my soul! I laid there in my aftershocks, thanking God for the high I was experiencing.  But while I was in the midst of my exaltation . . .


*knock, knock, knock*


“Who could that be?”


Kyla rose from the bed as if she were going to answer the door.


“No love, you stay here.  It’s probably just my assistant.  I’ll be back in a few”


I kissed her on her forehead as I reached for my shorts on the ground.  I put them on and headed towards the door.  As I turned the handle, I was treated to another surprise . . . .




“Ummm, is that how you greet me now Chance?  I came up early to surprise you! No need to put off tomorrow what you can do today!”


Motherfucker!!!  Tangie was at my door with her bags wanting to come in!  Meanwhile I had Kyla in the bedroom naked!  


“So aren’t you going to invite me in?”


Think Black man!  Think!  You can’t let her in now! How would I keep her from going to the bedroom if she came in?  As I frantically flipped through my playa handbook, something hit me: Why am I lying to her?  We weren’t in a defined relationship.  And the fact still remained that I didn’t trust her.  With both women here, I could finally get to the bottom of this mess!


“I’m sorry Tangie.  The heat must be getting to me.  C’mon in.  I do need to talk to you”


The songstress came in and dropped her bags next to the door.  She started to take off her heels when guess who emerged from the bedroom wearing only my MJ shirt?


“Oh . . . . it’s you.  You always trying to run up after me!”


“Kyla Cunningham!!!!  What the fuck are you doing here?!”


“I was sucking the life outta Chance before you knocked on the door!  Baby, you been eating those orange slices again? I can taste it all over my tongue . .”


“You raggedy bitch!”


Before I could get a word in, Tangie ran up on Kyla and pimp slapped her to the wall!  It wasn’t long before Tangie had Kyla’s locks in her hands and was slamming her head against the carpeted floor!”


“Stop it! Both of you! Stop!”


I managed to pull Tangie off the floor and sit her in a chair.  Kyla slowly rose from the mat, holding her head.  


“What the fuck Chance?  So you just decided that you were gonna play both of us huh?”


“No, that wasn’t the plan.  The plan was to take some time to figure shit out, but the two of you won’t let me!”


“Figure shit out?  Chance, you told me to come out to LA”


“Yes, after we talked to Kyla, but you insisted to do it by yourself.  How you gonna throw juice on your cousin in IHOP?”


“Well, it wasn’t juice . . and I told you that bitch is only my cousin through marriage”


“That’s beside the point Tangie.  I told you to let me handle it, but you didn’t.  You didn’t tell me the truth. And now, I’m doubting your sincerity for wanting me”


From the corner of my eye, I could see Kyla smirking while Tangie continued to plead her case.


“Chance, I’m not that kind of . . . . . “


“Angelica, you know you ain’t nothing but a gold digger! You’ve always been a gold digger!  Diggin’ gold is what you do!  Just admit it!”


Why did Kyla have to open her yap?


“Bitch, stay out of grown folks conversation before I come back over there and beat your ass again!”


With every insult they hurled at each other, my decision became clear.


“Tangie, I don’t know whether to believe you or Kyla right now”


“So you’re having trouble believing a single, professional woman over a married, sleazy, bus driving hoe?”


“I have history with both of you so yes”


Tangie looked at me, then stared through Kyla.


“You must be confused as hell if you are sleeping with this heffa!”


“You you calling heffa, skank!  Who invites a man over after he fucks another woman?”


“Bitch, if you don’t . . “


Tangie jumped out of the chair and charged towards Kyla again, but I intercepted.  


“Sit in the chair Tangie!”


She refused, but stood right where she was with her arms crossed.  


“See, this is what I was talking about!  I don’t want this drama in my life!  Not now!  I’ve come too far to be caught on TMZ for this shit here!”


Tangie nodded while Kyla started sipping on a bottled water.


“Tangie, I’m confused right now.  Two years passed and no one was really checking for me. Now, everyone is coming out the woodwork wanting a piece.  I’m having a hard time processing because I don’t trust women right now”


“Wait a minute.  You don’t trust women?”


“No I don’t.  And that’s the sad thing.  When you came along Tangie, I wondered if love had truly passed me by?  You showed me what a true partnership was like. You made the struggle easy.  Any adversity I felt you helped me through it. I was able to center my thoughts and write songs that the world could enjoy.  Happiness was on tap with you”


 Tears started to flood her cheeks.


“But when you faded away, I started questioning myself again.  I didn’t feel like anyone could want me. No matter how much weight I lost, I still felt that I was ugly because you left.  Even when you said that you would continue to help me write, you reneged on that, stating that you were too busy. I had to watch you on television being on another man’s arm when you could have stayed with me”


“Chance . . . .”


“And now, I wouldn’t know happiness if it grabbed me by the throat and said “Hey nigga! I’m happiness!  Be happy!” It could have on a shirt saying “I’m Happiness!” and I would still be skeptic . . . . . .  asking happiness for its birth certificate, because honestly, I don’t know what it is anymore”


“You can be happy with me again Chance”


“Tangie, that night I saw you in the restaurant.  I thought back to all those times on the road we had.  My heart transported me back to those feelings. But they were the past.  If I meant anything to you like you did to me, you would have at least emailed me to see how I was doing.  Send a text or something when you heard one of our songs on the radio”


“But I didn’t. . . . I didn’t . . .”


“That’s right.  It didn’t mean that much to you while it meant everything to me”


“I’m sorry for hurting you Chance!  I want the opportunity to make it up to you!”


“I want to believe you Tangie, but I can’t right now.  I need some time to collect my thoughts. To think things through.  This is not how I envisioned happiness . . .”


I walked over and opened the door.  Tangie looked at me . . . then took another long gaze at Kyla.


“Bye bitch!”


Tangie’s face was full of tears as she started toward the door.


“So it’s like that?  You’re choosing . . . her . . .  over me?”


“I’m not choosing anyone Tangie.  Right now, I’m taking some time for me”


“But what about what you said at the contract signing?  Was that all a lie?”


“No it wasn’t Tangie.  You made living easy at the most difficult times.  I’ll never forget that. However, I can’t launch into a relationship with you and not believe anything you say”


“But I’ve changed Chance!”


“And that’s great Tangie.  But right now, I’m asking for some time to get myself together”


Tangie attempted to hug me goodbye, but I stepped back.  I didn’t need the voice of her perfume taunting me throughout the night.  I couldn’t allow myself to be trapped like that. Not again.


“I love you Chance. . . . and I’m going to wait for you.  Just don’t have me waiting too long”


She softly kissed me on the cheek as she made her exit.  I closed the door and turned towards Kyla who had taken off my shirt and was dancing on the chair.  I walked to the desk where my notepad was and then began gathering some clothes from the bedroom.  Kyla sauntered in and jumped onto the bed.


“What are you doing babe?”


“I meant what I said earlier Kyla.  I can’t have you sleeping in the car, but I can’t be in here with you either”


“Why not?  Did Angelica disturb our groove?  I know that I can get us back to where we were . .”


“That’s just it Kyla.  I don’t need to.  Regardless of the situation, you’re a married woman with a crazy ass husband!  I don’t want my career to fall apart because of our affair”


“Baby, I can handle Derek when he gets back”


“No Kyla.  You need to handle him now!  You can serve him papers while he’s overseas.  I’ve seen it done plenty of times”


“Okay, I’ll handle it first thing in the morning.  Now come to bed baby. It’s getting late”


“No Kyla.  You can have the room for the night.  I’ll get another”


“I can’t put you out like that!”


“Kyla, I appreciate you coming all this way.  But like I told Tangie, I think it’s best if I get my head right”


“Get your head right?  Look like your head was right when you were coming in my mouth!  Now come back and give that dick! You owe me!”


I could only shake my head.  I sincerely wanted more of Kyla’s sloppy toppy,  but I  couldn’t allow myself to fall again.


“You know, a lot of the songs I wrote in the beginning were because of you?”




“Yes Kyla.  You’re every man’s dream girl. But it’s because of the way you refused to talk to me after that night that I doubted myself in the first place”


“Chance, that’s not fair!  You left me with blue balls remember?”


“If I didn’t think so much of you, I would have rolled the dice.  But I didn’t. I was thinking of how life would be with you as my wife.  You had already met my mother, my friend’s mother, my boys. I wanted you by my side for all times.  You wouldn’t even give me a chance to explain. Sent you edible arrangements, flowers, but you never responded.  Back then, I had to take my bill money and purchase those things. I allowed myself to get behind on everything so that I could be in your world”


“I didn’t know that Chance . . . .”


“You knew I loved you. . . . and you took your love away.  And now, you want me back? It’s gonna take me a little time to process Kyla.  But for now, enjoy the room. Here’s a grand to repay that airline ticket and to purchase the boys some back to school clothes”




“Good night Kyla”


Written by the Wednesday Gentleman



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