It’s A Little Complicated

*knock, knock, knock, knock*


“Who could that be babe?”


“Just ignore it baby.  It’s probably that Charter representative trying to sell me some internet”


“But why would they be knocking on your door this late at night?  I think you need to see who it is”


“Fuck that Sheila!  I’m almost there! I’m . . . almost . . . .”




“Dammit man!”


“That sounds like the police Derek.  You may want to see who that is”


Disgruntled, my chocolate morsel dismounted and proceeded to put on his shorts and Batman t-shirt.  I wiped the hot sweat from my brow as I laid there . . . . enjoying the breeze from the air vent above.  My dependable stallion had worked me over to the tune of eight orgasms!  (nine if you count the foreplay in the car!)  I took in deep breaths as if I had just ran a hundred meter sprint!  Derek wasn’t the one for quick sex. Brother was a marathon runner! It took everything in my power just to last as long as he did!  I wasn’t about to be another story of a woman over forty not being able to last more than ten minutes! Not me!  Besides, it would be a horrible testimony after praying to God for a man who could last and I couldn’t hold up!


Despite the interruption, Derek was still all smiles.  His brown eyes were fixated on my juicy breasts before opening the bedroom door.


“Don’t move from that spot beautiful!  Once I dismiss whoever is at the door, I’m coming back to finish what I’ve started”


“I’ll be here waiting . . . .”


He closed the door behind as he went to greet our uninvited guest.  After a few minutes, I could hear the front door open. A female’s voice at fever pitch was blaring through the entire house!


“Where is she?  Where’s that bitch you’re sleeping with?”


Was this woman referring to me?  I quickly rose from the bed and proceeded to get dress.  I didn’t know who this unruly intruder was initially, but as the yelling grew louder and louder, I knew that it could only be one person . . . . Antoinette!


“Oh shit!”  was the immediate thought that came to mind as I quickly locked the door.  It seemed that the insane stories Derek told me about his soon to be ex-wife were indeed true! I could hear her getting closer and closer to the door. Then in a rush, I could hear the knob turning and wild banging against the door!


“C’mon out bitch!  Yeah, you bitch!  I know you’re fucking my husband!”


I wanted to respond but I held my peace as I put my weight against the door.


“Did he tell you that we were still fucking?  Did he tell you he fucked me last night? Did he tell you he fucked me this morning too?”


I could hear Derek interceding, pulling the deranged creature from the door.


“Ann, if you don’t get the hell away from my room!  Get out of my house!”


“Your house?  You mean our house don’t you?!”


“This is MY place you crazy wench!  You don’t pay for anything here! And if you don’t get out, I’m going to call the police!”


“Call ‘em you punk motherfucker!  Call them! Ain’t shit they can do to me!  I still have rights! And I’m about to beat this new bitch ass!”


“No you’re not!  Please don’t make me put my hands on you Ann!”


“Ni**a, I wish you would put your nasty ass hands on me!  I wish you would!”


I unlocked the door as the word exchange stopped and the fisticuffs began!  I opened the door to see Derek attempting to cover his face as Ann hurled inanimate objects in his direction. Despite the barrage of glass, my bewildered lover managed to push her toward the door.  Derek had warned me that Ann was psychotic, but I couldn’t believe what he said was true. He warned me that Ann didn’t want anyone else in her life besides him. He told me that Ann would come over anytime she felt like it, claiming that she needed money for their daughter, Angel.  Normally when anyone converses about their ex lover, there are details that are greatly inflated to make themselves look good. I always believed that Derek didn’t want me coming over to his house because he was dating other women. No player ever wants to be exposed! However, it seemed that Derek was on the money with this one.


As Derek finally managed to get Ann outside of the house, I heard a little girl’s voice in the distance . . .


“Daddy!  Daddy!”


There was Angel, barefoot and in her night clothes, running past her mother to her father’s arms. Derek’s shirt was ripped and there was blood sliding down the back of his head and neck.  There was broken glass everywhere! Angel looked at me over her father’s shoulder.


“Ms. Sheila!  Can you help my daddy?”


“Yes Angel”


Derek turned around and I could see the cuts more visibly now.  I took Angel from him and held her in my arms. I could hear the vengeful barracuda from the streets as the front door was still open . . . . .


“You better not touch my daughter!  She’s not your child! She’s mine!”


Ann made her way from her dusty car that was in the middle of the street and started walking back up the driveway.  On the way, she took her keys out and ran them along the roof of my car! Apart of me wanted to slap the taste out of Ann’s mouth!  But the other part of me saw that Ann was a big and ugly bitch, resembling Cesar from Planet of the Apes! I looked around and saw Derek’s neighbors peeping out the windows, some even coming out the door to see what the commotion was about.  Halfway up the driveway, sirens filled the air and Ann ran back to her Fiat and darted off. Several cop cars barricaded the driveway with about five officers emerging from the vehicles. I was more afraid of the boys in blue than Ann truth be told!  All of the officers were White and I didn’t know how this was going to turn out. Hopefully it would be for our good.


“Mr. Cantrell? We got a disturbance call.  Is everything okay sir?”


Derek talked to the officers as I led Angel to her room.


“Is daddy going to be okay?”


“Daddy will be just fine pumpkin.  He just needs to talk to the police”


“Why did mommy start hitting daddy?”


“I don’t know pumpkin”


“Was it my fault?  I told her that you did my hair and that it was the best hairstyle I ever had. . .”


I smiled at Angel as I digested what she told me.  Could this all be my fault? Derek told me that he wanted to get Angel’s hair done.  Seeing that I was a stylist, I thought it was only right that I did her hair. I mean I was dating her father right?  Even though it had only been two months, I felt that this relationship was trending in the right direction. He told me to hold off on the hair as his ex may flip, but what woman would get upset with her daughter getting her hair styled by a professional?  Hell, I saved her two hours! I would have thought she would have been grateful. But instead, it seemed that Ann took it another way.


“Sheila, do you mind answering a few questions for the officers while I tend to Angel?”


“But who’s gonna tend to you?”


At that very moment, Derek imploded, hitting the walls and crying.


“I try my best to get away from her, and I can’t!  I just can’t! Now look at me! How am I supposed to go into work tomorrow with all these gashes on my head?”


Angel wrapped her arms around her father’s legs as he rested his head against the wall.


“Ms. Shephard, if you don’t mind, we need to get a statement from you as well as to what happened here tonight”


As I gave my statement, I could see Derek finally calming back down.  I could only imagine trying to get out of a marriage where your spouse refuses to let you go.  I had seen these type of scenarios play out in Tyler Perry movies, but nothing quite like this. During the midst of my statement, I could hear a voice yelling in the distance.


“I want my daughter!”


The midnight terror had come back to the scene of the crime!  One of the female officers went out to meet her. I walked to the door after giving my two cents and I could hear the officer informing Mrs. Cantrell that she could no longer show up unannounced at the home or anytime until the court hearing.  Mrs. Cantrell stated that she understood but that she wanted to leave with her daughter. The officer came back inside and asked Derek to return Angel back to her mother. It was obvious that Angel did not want to go back.


“But daddy, I want to stay here with you!”


“Mr. Cantrell, I think it would be best if your daughter goes with her mother for tonight.  We will have the report ready for you tomorrow. You can take it to your attorney and go from there with the courts”


Derek stated that he understood and bent down to one knee to give his princess a hug.


“It’s okay darling.  Go with your mother tonight.  I’ll see you soon”


Derek brushed back the tears from Angel’s eyes before handing her off to the officer.  He watched from the door as Ann placed Angel in her booster seat. Then watched as the door closed and saw his world leave him once again.


Before leaving, the lead officer restated that the report would be ready by noon tomorrow.  Derek nodded as DeKalb’s finest took their leave. I started to speak, but Derek cut me off by saying . . .

“I think you need to leave too.  Please . . . . . ”


I was befuddled, but I didn’t argue.  This was not the time. He refused to walk me to my car, but instead stood in the doorway until I was out of the driveway.


The next day, I sent my good morning text as I always did, but got no immediate response.  At lunch, I sent him a Marco Polo video. Even after several hours passed, there was no response.  I called him as I headed home, but he kept sending me to voice mail. Did I do something wrong? Should I let Derek go until he handles his business?


Written by the Wednesday Gentleman



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