. . . But The D@#k Is So Good!!

“With all my heart, I love you baby

Stay with me, and you will see my arms will hold you, baby

Never leave ’cause, baby I believe I’m in love

Sweet love . . . . . ”


I had been humming Anita’s infectious tune all day.  Even at three in the afternoon, the song was fresh on my heart as if I was hearing it on Foxie 103 for the first time.  Ms. Baker was the soundtrack for today as I anticipated a visit from my midnight marauder tonight.


“Mrs. Phillips!  I love that grape pantsuit you have on!  Girl it fits you very . . . very well! And those heels?  You must be stepping out this evening?”


“Thank you Tiffany!  I have a dinner engagement with my hubby later tonight”


“Well I know he will be glad to see you!  Those spin classes are definitely agreeing with you! Yes indeed!”


“Tiffany, you’re making me blush!  Thank you!”


“No problem beautiful!  Have a seat and Dr. Ford will be with you shortly”


I started to walk away, but I could feel Tiffany’s eyes on me.  I turned around and I caught eyes with the unsuspecting admirer who was transfixed by the curvature of my firmer backside.  She winked her eye and then took a slow lick of her top lip with her rather long tongue! Instead of causing a scene, I simply smiled back and took my seat.  


I picked up an Ebony magazine and started flipping through the pages trying to divert my mind before the session.  But no matter how I tried, everything reminded me of him. Whether it was an ad for cologne or an article on the newest fads for the culture, it brought my mind back to Stanley.  Just thinking about him made my nipples hard to the point that they were trying to come through my chiffon top!


“Calm down girl!  Calm. Down”


I took a few breaths before I scanned the room to see if anyone noticed.  On cue to the right of me, I saw a young man smiling at me, noticing my level of heat.  Unfortunately for him, his significant other caught him watching me as well!


“That should be an interesting discussion!”, I thought to myself.  Before too long, my name was called.


“Mrs. Phillips?  Dr. Ford will see you now”


I made my way to the back and I could still feel Tiffany’s eyes on my ass!  The way she lusted for my body made me feel even more sexy.  


“My! Someone is in very good spirits before their session?  I take that you had a great day at work? Land a new account?”


“Work was okay”


“So what’s got you glowing and beaming so bright this afternoon Cassandra?  Did Stanley decide to come back home?”


All I could do was smile, even though that wasn’t the answer.


“Well Cassandra, this is definitely a change from how you normally come to our weekly meeting.  I’m proud that you two are making headway outside of my assistance. I can’t wait to hear what transpired since our last session”


I sashayed to my chair.  Before I took my seat, I reached into the mini fridge and grabbed a Dasani water.  I took a swig and attempted to get comfortable. But I couldn’t!  In less than four hours, I would be in his arms again!  I was beyond horny! I had been anticipating the command of his touch since last week!  I was craving his body on top of mine, feeling his beard tickle my breasts and thighs. I was feening for him to pull my hair with the power that flowed through his veins.  I salivated at the thought of trying to take all of him without passing out!


More than anything, I needed Stanley.  I wanted him to know that I was still his.  I wasn’t going to allow any of those congregation concubines to have what was rightfully mine. Tonight, Stanley will call my name so loud the entire neighborhood will hear! I’m going to take my tongue and . . . . .


“Eh hem . . Mrs. Phillips!”


I couldn’t believe it!  I had gotten so lost in my thoughts that I was starting to lick circles around the top of the water bottle!


“I’m sorry for that Dr. Ford.  It’s just that . . . me and Stan have a date tonight and I can’t wait to see him”


The good doctor attempted to hide her laughter.  


“I . . . I can see.  So Cassandra, when did Stanley move back in?”


I took a sip of the drink and muttered inaudibly . . . . .


“He . . . . . . hasn’t”


Dr. Ford’s facial expression changed and took on a serious nature.  She looked at me through her golden spectacles and restated the question.


“So when did Stanley move back in to the home Cassandra?”


I didn’t want to answer, but there was no more water to drink!  I took a breath and prepared to be chastised.


“Maybe he will tonight . . . . when he comes over . . . .”


“So you guys are meeting for “dinner” to have that heart to heart that we’ve been discussing right?”


“Well . . . . . not exactly doc”


“Uh huh.  I could tell by the way your tongue was wrapping around the water bottle that no talking was going to be done”


“Dr. Ford, you don’t understand!”


“Cassandra Phillips!  You’re allowing yourself to be used for sex without resolving the bigger problem at hand.  Is he coming over to have sex with you and then leave again?”


“Yes, but I want to have wild sex with him Dr. Ford!  I mean, he is my husband!”


“This is true Cassandra, but you two are not discussing anything.  The obstacle is still there”


“But we’re working through it”


“How is that?  Are you talking to each other face to face like you used to before he moved out?”




“Does he call you at night wanting to discuss why he still can’t move back home?”


“Well .  . . . no”


“Are you at least sending emails to each other stating how you feel about the situation and want to work it out?”


“Ummmm. . . . no”


“So tell me exactly what the two of you are doing to repair your marriage?”


“Well . . . . . we are seeing each other every week now”


“Let me guess, for sex?”


“Well yes!  What’s wrong with that?”


“Is he still refusing to kiss you on the lips when the two of you make love?”


“Yes Dr. Ford, but you don’t understand!  The dick is so good!! In our twenty plus years of marriage, the love making has never been like this!  It’s like he’s a whole other person! No more wham, bam, thank you ma’am! He pleases me, continually, sometimes for hours on end!”


“And how does that make you feel Cassandra?”


“It makes me feel special . . . that he finally listened and is taking the lead in the bedroom.  I’m getting moist just thinking about it!”


“But what happens when you began to grow weary of being on standby?  Sure it’s exciting now, but what happens when it gets stale? And what about Stanley paying for two places? Do you think that’s fair to him?  Don’t you think he’ll grow tired of that as well?”


“We’ll come to an agreement before then doc!  Dang, why are you trying to kill my high? I mean can’t I just be happy?”


“Cassandra, I want you to be happy.  I truly do. As your counselor however, I have to point out that the way you’re going about this can lead to additional heartbreak.  This is unhealthy for you in the long run”


“Additional heartbreak? Unhealthy? How? I’m the only woman he’s sleeping with!  Stanley believes that masturbation is a sin so he’s always swollen when he comes to me.  Trust me, I check every time!”


“Cassandra, that’s not a true indicator.  He could sleep with a woman right after he leaves your house and you’d never know”


“He’s too tired to sleep with someone else after leaving me!”


“That may be true Cassandra, but he still refuses to kiss you.  Isn’t that the most intimate part?”


“Well . . . . I don’t know”


“Mrs. Phillips, your husband still hasn’t forgiven you for your infidelity and you both need to examine why.  Until you face that hard reality, I’m afraid your marriage will not truly mend”


“Truly mend?  C’mon Dr. Ford!  We’re seeing each other every week!  We have mind blowing sex every time! We are on the mend!”


“But Mrs. Phillips, you don’t talk to him outside of sex do you?  You probably don’t talk during sex, do you?”


“I mean . . . we do . . . sort of?”


“I don’t mean screaming out names and saying turn over.  I mean having a conversation about him forgiving you. You forgiving him”


“Isn’t that what the joint session is for?  By the way, why haven’t we had the joint session yet?  I thought Stanley was coming to counseling just like me?”


“Beloved, Stanley has only been to one session.  He feels that counseling is not necessary for him.  You may want to talk to your husband regarding that because he needs to get some things out in a one on one before the joint sessions can begin”


“Does he really?  I mean . . . . he did come once and talk right?”


“Mrs. Phillips, your husband walked out twenty minutes before his time was up.  There is more work that needs to be done”


“So what can I do about it?”


“Stop giving him the cookie.  Tell Stanley that he needs to meet with me before you will give him any more of your Girl Scout cookies”


I crossed my arms and sulked in the chair.  


“I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear, but you two are jogging in place.  If you wish to move forward, you’ve got to address the setback and not sweep it under the rug.  The dirt will still be there waiting to soil your marriage again if you don’t get it out of the house”


I sighed as I suddenly felt fat again.  Dammit! How was I gonna turn Stanley and his thick tree trunk down when I wanted it all the time?  None of my vibrators could match that warm girth that excites my world over and over again! Should I die to my urges and give Stanley an ultimatum tonight?  Or should I have sex first and then bring up the issue after sex?



Written by the Wednesday Gentleman


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