The Rules to Casual Sex

It had been several weeks since their last encounter.  Since that night, Terry had gone out of his way to ignore Nadine at work.  Whenever he saw her in the hallway, Terry no longer flashed her a smile and said “hello”.  The abandoned lover now resorted to fixing his eyes on his phone, iPad, or whatever was in his hand to avoid looking at her face. During school assemblies, his childlike behavior was the same, walking away whenever she came near.  Even during mandatory meetings with school administrators, Terry elected to hold the wall instead of taking the saved, empty seat next to Nadine.


Outside of work, Terry had become just as distant.  His good natured, daily morning videos had been replaced by dry and sporadic text messages that went something like this:


“Just saying hello.  Hope that you are well”


Nadine could sense that something was wrong, but she didn’t want to invest time in a jump off.  She found it amusing that Terry was in his feelings about the whole situation. He knew that Nadine recently left a dysfunctional relationship.  He knew that Nadine was not trying to settle down.  He knew that Nadine was dating other men, and she never went out of her way to hide it!  So what did she look like trying to pacify him? She could just move on to the next guy. . . . but her ego wouldn’t let her.  The fact that her pedagogue didn’t climax with her tortured her relentlessly!  Every man that Nadine had ever laid with always praised her for her sexual prowess.  So what was it about Terry that kept him from singing her praises?  Was it the fact that he grew up in a strict, military household?  Had he never masturbated before?  Or, did he find Nadine not so flattering when she took her clothes off?  So instead of allowing the awkwardness to persist, Nadine texted her distant lover during her planning period . . . . .


“Hey handsome!  I miss you!  When can I see you again?”


She knew that it would be some time before Terry would respond.  In the few months that she had been with him, she had his daily routine down pat.  From the morning bell until a quarter to four, Terry was consumed with teaching and lesson plans.  Shortly thereafter, he would start working with the 7th graders on their strength and conditioning.  After the last child went home (which was normally around six o’clock), he would sit in his office and ingest his dinner before leaving the school.  Then it was off to the gym for his personal training duties.  Outside of weekly routine, Nadine didn’t really care to know Terry’s outside interests.  Besides, the weekends were reserved for Thomas.


Just as she was leaving the grocery store, Nadine felt her phone vibrate.  Terry had responded.  Nadine looked at her watch.


“He must be eating dinner right now”


She looked at the message:


“Hey beautiful.  I have a light schedule this week due to most of my clients having the flu.  When are you available?”


Nadine licked her lips as she began to push the shopping cart to her car.  She smiled to herself as she felt confident once more.


“I knew he’d want this pussy again!”  


As she loaded her groceries into the trunk, Nadine thought about her previous encounters with the studious instructor and how she couldn’t have it be like the last.  As she settled into her seat, she did something that was against her rules.  She sent a text back to Terry:


“Are you available to talk?”


Within seconds, Terry was calling . . . . .


“Good evening Terry.  How are you?”


“This is a welcomed surprise!  I thought I wasn’t supposed to call you?  Isn’t that one of your rules?”


“One of my rules?”


“Yes, one of your unspoken sex mandates?”


“Oh wow . . . . . . I apologize if I made you feel like you couldn’t talk to me Terry.  Is that why you’ve gone out of your way not to speak to me at work?”




“Help me understand”


“I thought that I could handle the whole casual sex thing, but I’m having a hard time with it.  I want more than just to have relations with you.  You’re a great woman and I want the time and space to know you more than just in the bedroom”


“So why not speak to me at school?  You can talk to me anytime there?  You used to smile at me when you walked by.  You used to make small talk during breaks and meetings.  Now it’s like you don’t even know me?”


“Nadine, I had to.  It’s the only way to get you to notice me.  When I was sending all the videos and texts throughout the day, you wouldn’t respond for days.  So I took the hint and backed off.  I realized that I was just the side piece”  


“But you’re not a side piece Terry!  I’m not in a relationship!”


“I’m sorry dear, but where I’m from, if a man’s clothes are in your apartment, you’re in a relationship”


Before she replied, Nadine thought for a second.  Thomas had belongings throughout her home.  From his toothbrush to several pair of his Air Jordan’s, Thomas had left his fingerprint on Nadine whether she knew it or not.  Although Nadine said she saw Thomas one weekend out of the month, it seemed that he resided there more than that.


“I see your point Terry and I apologize.  If anyone is the side piece, it’s him and not you”


“Hmmmmmm . . . . . . .”


“I’m serious Terry.  How can I prove this to you?”


Terry thought for a minute before responding.


“How about you come over to my place . . . . tonight”


“Okay.  I can do that . . . .”


“And wear that see through negligee that I like when you come over, with the matching thong and heels.  Can you do that for me?”


Nadine was hesitant, but said yes before Terry could pick up on it.  They agreed to meet at nine-thirty,  giving Nadine time to unload and shower before coming back across town.  The unsettled man-eater was shaking as she drove home.  It had been years since she had sex with a man outside of her own bedroom!  Her residence gave her comfort and peace.  But above all, her home gave her power.  She had control of her emotions and dictated every move in her home.  Outside of those four walls, she didn’t know what could happen!  She wasn’t ready to relinquish her authority, but her ego needed this win.


It was nine-thirty on the dot when she knocked on the metal barrier.  When Terry opened the door, he nearly fell over!  There was his goddess, dressed in a black trench coat that stopped midway down her thigh.  Her legs were enticing, as they stood proud in the black heels Terry requested.  Pleased by her wardrobe choice, the scholarly suitor showed his guest in.  As Nadine crossed into the main room,  she started to unloose the belt to her coat.  Terry hurried behind her and placed his hands at her side . . . .


“Please keep it on until we get to the bedroom.  I want to savor the moment you take it off”


Nadine nodded in agreement although she thought Terry was being a little dramatic.  She took her lover by the hand as he led her to his chamber.  As they drew near, she heard a familiar song.  She started to smile as he opened the door to a dimly lit room.  His bed was so big!  Nadine couldn’t decipher if it was the height of the bed or the actual mattress size that made Terry’s sleigh bed look larger than life! On his night stand, there was a wine glass already full to the brim.


“So I take you are going to get me drunk with all this wine in the glass huh?”


Terry smiled as Nadine hopped on the side of the bed and sipped from the glass.  Terry climbed on from the other side and made his way across.  To his mistress surprise, he began to massage her shoulders while he kissed her neck.


“Now you  . . . you know that’s against the rules.  No kissing on the lips or neck”


“Okay, take off your coat for me”


Nadine climbed down, stood up, and did as her lover requested.  She turned the act into a strip tease, making Terry want her more.  Terry dismounted from the bed and stood in front of her.  His hands soaked in her brown skin as they ran up and down her thigh.  Nadine’s panties descended to the floor.  With his next breath, Terry lifted his muse off the floor and onto the bed.


“Since you won’t let me kiss those lips, how about I kiss these lips instead?”


Before she could object, Terry’s tongue had already sprung into action.  As Trey Songz sung about cake being on the menu, the handsome educator was partaking of some dessert of his own!  Nadine attempted to keep cool, but found herself helpless as she gave in to her emotions.  As she felt herself going over the edge, she attempted to cover her soul.  However, Terry wouldn’t give her the satisfaction as he grabbed her wrists and held them to the side.  She didn’t want to come like this, not now!  But she couldn’t resist and gave in to the pleasure. . . . .


“Ahhhhhhhhh . . . . . ahhhhhhhh . . . . . . .”


As she continued to catch her breath, Terry climbed on top and didn’t let up.  He pulled the top of her teddy down as he began to explore once again.  There bodies were beyond close as he took slow, deep strokes inside of her.  He showered kisses all over her chest and collarbone, slowly making his way up her neck.  She attempted to resist again, but after a few moments, her attempts were futile as Terry was in complete control.  Her spirit grew wetter by the moment.


“Now come again for me Nadine . . . . come again!”


On cue, Nadine came with a greater force than she did the first time.  Nadine couldn’t utter a word.  Instead, she whimpered as she pulled Terry closer to her.  As she gained her senses, she opened her eyes and looked at the man who was forcing her to choose him instead of Thomas.  She couldn’t get over the joy that she was feeling.  She was feeling . . . . vulnerable, but for some reason, it was alright tonight.  She didn’t have to dictate anything.  Terry took the lead.  She was almost close to heaven, but needed to make sure he made it too.  Since several of the rules had been thrown out, she decided to let another one go.  She lifted her head up and kissed Terry. Their lips intertwined while their bodies collided more violently.  Terry caressed Nadine’s backside as he continued to reach his peak.  Then suddenly . . . . . .  the wait was over. . . . . . .


Written by the Wednesday Gentleman


3 thoughts on “The Rules to Casual Sex

  1. I have been a casual dater most of my life. Most of the guys that I had a casual relationship with, I’m still pretty cool with. Years ago I had a secret encounter with a coworker, who asked me to tell no one, especially at work. I did as he asked, and ignored him at work, after the 3 times we hooked up. When he suggested we get together a fourth time, I said no. The next week I was in the manager’s office. He was ther telling all of our business! He said that he really liked me and wanted a real relationship with me. I denied it all and never spoke to him again!

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