Grown Folks’ Business

She stretched out across the cotton sheets awaiting his warm return.  It was one o’clock in the morning and there seemed to be no end in sight  Her short, black hair had lost all of its curl, succumbing to the heat.  Being cute had left the building thirty minutes ago as her make up was lost in the sheets. She had made up in her mind that Terry was going to give in to her tonight . . . . . . if it was the last thing she did!


Her patient paramour descended upon her.  Terry let out a deep breath as he began to conquer her sea.  Nadine’s quiet moans became more audible as he slid her legs in the air.  All of the stress from the week left her as she gave in to her happiness.  


“Come with me Terry!  I want to feel you throbbing inside of me!”


The hunky counselor just smiled as he continued, observing his counterpart all the while. Terry’s tempo remained steady despite Nadine’s erratic convulsions.  There was no music to encourage him.  There was no television to divert his thoughts.  The only thing that broke the night air was the flicker of the wax cylinders that surrounded the room. Two large vanilla candles sat on the double sink.  Two more of the same kind  gathered on the window sill while four small tea lights were huddled on the nightstand. All of Terry’s focus was on Nadine, his innocent yet submissive co-worker.


“I can’t stop baby . . . baby I can’t stop!”


Nadine gave in unwillingly several more times as Terry raised his hips and dove down into her valley.  Terry gave a grin as his beloved gasped aloud as if she were a fish out of water!  


“Do you need something to drink babe?”


Nadine nodded yes as she slowly wiped the perspiration from her brow.  She slicked her hair back and wondered about her marathon lover.  This was their fifth, intimate meeting outside of work and still, Terry had yet to climax in her presence!  The first time she counted it all to her horniness.  Prior to the encounter, it had been almost a year since Nadine had a real live dick.  In that session, she reached heaven five times within ten minutes!  She was no good afterwards and didn’t take the time to see if Terry had been satisfied.  The second time, Nadine was deliberate in her approach.  She took control from the moment she walked through the door, bathing his chisel frame with her tongue.  Needless to say after thirty minutes of oral stimulation, his member never exploded.  However, when the roles were reversed, she saw the sun several times before passing out beneath him.


The third and fourth experience were the same.  Nadine surmised that if she engaged Terry in mental foreplay throughout the day, then her champion would be easy pickings that night.  She sent seductive pictures to his phone throughout the day so that he would fantasize about her.  Nadine imagined Terry trying to teach a lesson to his students and getting lost in visions of her breasts.  She dreamed that he would cream his underwear thinking about how lovely her lips felt as they ascended and descended upon his shaft. But unfortunately, that plan didn’t work the first or second time.


“Here’s your water beautiful.  Do you need a couple more minutes?”


She looked at his rod and saw how thick and hard it still was.


“He’s got to be taking Viagra!”, she thought to herself.  But she was still determined to have him spill his seed any and everywhere!  She took off his sheath and began to stroke him.  Terry moaned heavily as Nadine began to lick off his nectar.  She was relentless in her work, absorbing as much of his shaft as she could until breathing was impossible. She continued this action for several minutes, each time more deliberate than the last. When she felt the roof of her mouth becoming raw, she decided that she would cross that bridge, even though she wasn’t on contraception herself.


“Lay on the bed Mr. Curtis.  Let Ms. Jones take over the class for a minute!”


“You sure? I mean . . . .”


“Shhhhhhh.  I got this!”


Nadine climbed on top of her prize stallion, making sure she adjusted her saddle before the ride.  She inhaled him slow, feeling every vein of his muscle.  Terry felt so much better without any barriers!  Despite how good he felt, Nadine kept her focus. She took her time and didn’t rush.  From Terry’s facial expressions, he was enjoying every minute, kissing and caressing her breasts whenever she pulled close.  But the scene changed as Terry’s hands made their way from her chest to her hips.  His right hand quickly smacked her bottom as his left commanded her stroke.  He plunged deeper into the abyss, more than Nadine wanted him to.  She knew she would be no good to anyone if she came again!  The beautiful schoolteacher held on for dear life as Mr. Curtis now had both cheeks in hand.  The sound of their bodies colliding amidst the sweat filled the night air.


“Come for me Nadine!  Don’t hold back!  Give in to me!”


Nadine gritted her teeth as she tried to keep herself from life’s inevitable pleasure.  She tried to distract how good she was feeling with the papers she still needed to grade.  She thought about cheer practice and if Debbie was indeed getting a little too heavy to be at the top of the pyramid. As she tried to think of something else, Terry came back with another smack.  Nadine couldn’t hold back any longer . . . . .


“Damn Terry!  Dammit!  I’m . . .  I’m . . . . . .”


Just like that Nadine collapsed on her lover’s chest, shaking uncontrollably while he held her in his arms.  Terry gently kissed her lips as Nadine attempted to find comfort in her partner.  But there was one thing she needed to know . . . .


“Did you come in me baby?  You know, it’s okay if you did”


“You don’t have to worry baby.  I didn’t come inside you”


Nadine reached for her backside and didn’t feel anything but her own wetness.


“Sooooooooo . . . . you didn’t come at all?”


“No, I didn’t.  Is that a problem?”


“Well . . . I mean . . . . how do I know when you’re satisfied?  I want to please you Terry.  Now, it may take me a few minutes to recover, but I’ll be ready to go another round”


“Darling it’s after 2 a.m. and I need to be on my way home”


“You know, you could always spend the night?”


“Now, we both know that can’t happen!  Besides, I have to tutor Mr. Dorsey’s son first thing in the morning before school starts.  I can’t show up in the same clothes I had on yesterday”


“But I feel that you weren’t satisfied tonight”


“Nadine, every time I’m with you, I’m more than satisfied”


And with that, Terry zipped into the bathroom to change.  Within minutes, he was dressed and grabbing his keys.


“Give me a minute and I’ll walk you out babe”


“It’s okay sweetness.  I’ll show myself out.  You need all the rest you can get”


Terry kissed her on the forehead and headed out the door.  Nadine laid on the wet sheets trying to figure out what was her new beau’s deal?  Should she be content and happy that Terry is satisfying her needs?  Could she continue these midnight marathons with a man who never climaxes in her presence?    


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