Speak of the Devil . . . .

“Speak of the devil, and he shall appear!”


I stood there defenseless as I watched Alonzo, Hugo, and Chance drop their weapons and kneel to the floor.  In a matter of seconds, a small army had invaded my home.


“Eric, what the hell are you doing in my home?  And why do you have all of these soldiers with you?  You know James wouldn’t approve of this!  I run operations now!”


He didn’t say a word at first.  He just stood there with a smug smile on his face . . . staring at me . . taunting me . . . . .


“Chelsea, my poor Chelsea! I bet you’re too slow to realize what’s going on, aren’t you?”


“Excuse me?  Eric, when James posts his bail, you’re going to be sorry!”


“Ummmmm, I don’t think so”


“I don’t think so?  You’ve got some nerve coming into my house with all these men!  I didn’t request your presence here!”


I could see him examining Stephanie as she was tied to the chair.  His gaze then turned over to an unconscious Jade, who was still strewn on the floor.  He motioned his men to pick up that sanctified heathen from the carpet without my permission!


“Wait a minute nigga!  Just who in the fuck do you think you are?  I’m the Queen Pen!  You’re just a restaurant owner!  Didn’t you get the memo?”


I flung my mink on the stairs and started to give Mr. Houston a good piece of my mind!  However as I made my first step, two of his men pointed their rifles at my face!  I stopped in my tracks while that bastard began to delight in my hour of trepidation.  He pimp walked his way slowly to where I was standing.


“Chelsea, let me articulate this in a way that your small mind can comprehend; I’m the king now! I’m the head nigga in charge!  And make no bones about it, I’m about to get things back to the way they should have been before your fake Florida ass strolled in here and killed every thing that me and James built together!”


“You and James?  Awwwwwww poor baby!  You mad that I took your man away from you? Well, if you want, I can get April’s strap-on and fuck you?  How about that Eric?  You do like it up the ass don’t you?”


I knew I had taken it too far, but I wasn’t going to let this motherfucker get the best of me!  I laughed as he smiled back at me.  Then, from out of nowhere . . . .




“Damn that felt good!  Been wanting to do that since I laid eyes on you!”


Fuck!  The back of his hand had to be made of cast iron!  It felt like a hundred bees had stung the right side of my face!  I could feel my bottom lip starting to swell as blood began to stream over it.  I held on to the side of my face as I attempted to keep my balance.  However as I was teetering, Eric kicked me to the floor!  I watched helplessly as he stood over me!  He had that condescending smirk on his face as I could feel his eyes examining my breasts. I didn’t know if he was going to rape me or relieve himself all over my face!  I covered my girls with my arms in silent protest.


“You shiesty bitch!  Do you honestly think I would want to fuck you?  Trust me, I’m not James!  I’m merely savoring this moment”


“Then why come to my home and humiliate me? What do you want?”


“Chelsea, since you came into the picture, you’ve been nothing but trouble for me.  You took the fear that James and I was instilling in the community and threw it right out the window!  Do you know the lengths I had to go to make Black folks actually fear me?  See, I’m not the police.  I’m not a drug dealer.  I’m not a gang banger.  I simply wanted Blacks to work together.  To actually be the people God called for us to be.  We’ve been led astray by our “masters” for so long that we don’t understand the potential our dollars have.  Imagine if we put our egos aside and helped each other?  If we stopped throwing away our money in the mega churches, strip clubs, and lottery lines? None of us would need assistance from the government.  None of us would be waiting on income taxes for money that already belongs to us!  With our own people in office, we could purchase property.  We could own our own banks.  Build our own schools with enough resources to rival private academies. But you . . . . you trifling ass bitch!  You came along and tried to derail my vision!”


“I just tried to take care of business like James said!”


“And what the hell do you know about running a business?”


“I know plenty!  I have a degree from A&M!”


“That shit is fake . . . just like you Chelsea . . . . or should I say, Wendy?”


I couldn’t breathe!  How . . . when . . how?!  The nervous sweats were building as I could feel my back forming a small puddle underneath my bra!  I thought I was having a heart attack the way that my heart was trying to come through my chest!


“Alzono, help this imposter up and put her into a chair for me please sir?”


Alonzo rose to his feet and did as he was instructed without any resistance.  As he started to tie my hands to the chair, I started to rebel.


“Alonzo, you work for me!  Let me go this instant!”


He did no such thing.  He glanced at Eric for approval.  Eric nodded at him before turning his attention back to me and the guests at the dining table.  


“So tell me Stephanie, why are you here?  Don’t you have a story that you should be breaking right about now?”


Stephanie looked over at me for guidance.  A tear ran down her face as I could sense she knew what was coming next.  With my hands literally tied, there was nothing I could do to help her this go round.  She had to know that Eric was not happy with how she betrayed him.  After several moments of nervousness, Stephanie began to speak. . . .


“Ms. . . . . Ms. Chelsea had her guards bring me here.  She thought I had something to do with Mr. Alexander being arrested.  She said that since Princeton and I were conveniently leaving Georgia, we conspired to have him arrested”


“Is that right?”


“Yes . . . yes Mr. Houston”


“So tell me Ms. Amir,  where did you think your no talent ass was running off too huh?  You thought that you would head back to Paris where Angela was hiding out?  Try to start a new life with the money I put into your campaign?”


Stephanie’s face turned pale as Eric uncovered her secret.


“How in the world did you think you could steal from me and I not notice?  Did you think I wouldn’t notice the lack of campaign ads on television and billboards?  With the amount of money we gave you, you should have won by a landslide!  But no, you got distracted and thought you could outsmart me.  Didn’t you?”


“Mr. Houston, I’m . . . . I’m sorry but . . . . . .”




I watched Stephanie’s lifeless body fall straight back to the floor!  I never saw Eric pull out his piece nor heard the gunshot, but the hole in Stephanie’s head was real!  Very real! Just as her body hit the canvas, Eric motioned for several of his men to pick her up and take her away.  He quickly turned his attention to Jade, who was still unconscious from the beating my boys put on her.  Eric went over and brushed her hair back.


“I can see why Princeton gave his life for you.  You’re a very beautiful lady.  Unfortunately, your man met an untimely demise after I forgave his sins.  But I will let you live.  I think living without your soulmate is probably the worst torture that any person could ever feel”


He motioned for Hugo and two other bodyguards to take Jade away.  Then there was just me and Satan, dressed in white.  I sat at the head of the table as he sat opposite of me.  He placed his gun to the right of the table as he motioned for everyone else to leave.  I had never seen him so comfortable.  So steady. But what was bothering me more than anything, was how did he find out who I really was?  I slept with an IT god and he was none the wiser!  


“So who tipped you off?  I know April’s fast ass didn’t know!”


“Nah, I’ve been on to your ass from the start Wendy.  When April said that she hadn’t seen any grade school pictures of you, I began to have my detective friend look into your background, as well as April’s.  Now I thought April was the one with the multiple identities.  But imagine my surprise when I found out that Chelsea Heaton was really Wendy Favors!  And the fact that you ran off with not one, but two of your former lovers’ money!”


Indeed he had found me out but I wasn’t going to give him any satisfaction.


“Yeah I stole their money!  If they wouldn’t have treated me like they did, I wouldn’t have had to run away every time!  I deserved that money for all the hell I went through!”


“Hell you went through huh?  Guess that’s why you made that “anonymous call” on that Dade County drug kingpin?  I heard through the prison grapevine that he blames a lady by the name of Cindy Jones for his arrest and stealing his product.  Just so happens, Cindy Jones was a name you used when you were busted for shoplifting when you were in middle school.  Am I right about it?”


My eyes were darting back and forth as if they were in a ping pong match.  Buddy had me dead to rights!  No way I could have seen this coming.  The only thing I could manage in my state of shock was . . . .


“So what?  Why are you concerned about my past?”


“Because James is like a brother to me, and you used him for his money!  Just like the rest!”


“What are you talking about?  I loved James!”


“Nah, you loved his money!  And you were busy trying to smuggle it into one of your many accounts.  I have to give it to you sister, you have the money smuggling down to a science. The way you played those ladies when you knew it was you who set James up.  Sending that dick pic from his phone to the executive director . . . .”


“But . . . . . . .”


“We could have been a good team Wendy.  You’re good with money while I excel at motivating others.  But you saw me as a threat instead of an ally.  You could have kept your money and lived like a queen!  Too bad I made the interception.  Now I have all of your money and James’ too!”




I struggled to free myself, but to no avail.


“There’s really no need to get upset about it darling.  It’s already being put to good use.  I have my accountant, Christian, cleaning all the money in the new bank I’m establishing in Athens”


“That’s my money you bastard!”


“Not anymore darling”


“So what now, you’re gonna shoot me?”


“Nah, that would be too easy.  It seems like that Dade County crime lord was released from prison two weeks ago and he would love to get back at the person who stole a fortune in product from him”


“You wouldn’t!!!”


“Yes, I would.  As a matter of fact, he’s letting me keep half of the money you haven’t spent from him to turn you over”


“You fucking bastard!  I hate you!”


“You know, James always said there was a better way of getting rid of people than killing them.  And there is.  Letting old boyfriends have their way before they eventually kill you is a torture I can live with”


“So . . . .what about James?”


“James will have to stay in prison because he invested his heart in you.  You crippled him.  And now, I have to move on without him.  I don’t want to kill him, but I know he’ll want to kill me.  He’ll say that I set him up for all of it.  So it may be best that James stays were he’s at”


“I hope you rot in hell!  You dirty motherfucker!”


Eric rose from the table and took his leave.  I heard several men come in after he left.  I felt a gag go into my mouth as a black hood came over my face.  I cried and screamed until the steel came crashing against my head.


Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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