Tomorrow May Never Come For Us

His Polo Black permeated my nostrils as the morning sun acknowledged me.  My breasts were still tender from the night before.  I could still feel his strong hands all over me, making me exhale repeatedly.  “When We . . . . ” began to playback from last night’s memories and my legs felt weak all over again!  I knew that I had to get moving, but I wanted to soak in the moment for as I long as I could!  It wasn’t every day that I was able to lie on Egyptian cotton with a view of the city!  


“Jade are you up yet?  The car will be here in an hour!”


“Okay baby, I’m getting up now!”


Well . . . . I tried to get up!  The bed just felt soooooooooooooooo good!  It meant everything to me that we were finally able to be together without having to go through eighty million channels!  Sneaking around and defying our oppressors had become our way of life for the past three months.  It had been nearly a month since Mrs. Faux Paul (I mean Stephanie . . . . . ) lost in the mayoral election.  I still couldn’t believe that she came in dead last!  Despite the earlier threat from Mr. Houston, we were still alive.  To me, there was no reason to continue with the ruse.  Ms. Pretty had returned back to her old job reporting the news while Princeton continued to work at the Six.


According to Princeton, Mr. Houston was unusually calm after Stephanie’s defeat. Despite Mr. Houston informing Princeton that he was no longer financially obligated to the election, my prince was still nervous about there being repercussions.  In my eyes, if that psychopath wanted to kill us, he would have done so right after the November debacle right?  Yet and still, my love didn’t feel safe in Atlanta anymore and came up with a plan to leave the state.  Our flight to New York City was scheduled for 10 AM sharp.  We were going to forget our past and start our lives over.  No more having to look over our shoulders.  We were finally going to be free.


“I thought you were getting ready?  The car will be here in an hour!”


Princeton emerged from the bathroom, scolding me in midst of brushing his teeth!


“I’m sorry babe, but the bed was so comfortable!  A change of pace from the rat holes we’ve been having to meet in”


“I know beloved.  It’s been hard on me too!  But life is about to change for us and we won’t have to worry about Eric, Chelsea, or anyone else pulling our strings!  I turned my notice in to Mr. Houston and even gave him the names of several people who were on the same level, if not better, than me to take over”


“And he accepted your resignation?”


“Yes he did.  He actually reiterated that he is no longer in charge of enforcing the rules for his benefactor so he couldn’t stop me.  He actually said that he would increase my pay if I stayed on with him”


“So why aren’t we staying Princeton?  It hurts that we have to leave our church homes and friends behind”


“Yeah, but I would feel much safer knowing that we were hundreds of miles away from him and the Six”


“Did you tell him where you were going?”


“Since he told me the truth, I told him the truth!  I told him that I got a call from Def Jam Records to be Rosenberg’s right hand man when he takes over as CEO in January.  I didn’t tell him that I begged Rosenberg to take me on!”


“So what did Mr. Houston say to that?”


“He just congratulated me on the move.  Nothing more.  Nothing less”


“That’s refreshing”


“Yeah . . . . a little too refreshing”


“Baby, can we just enjoy the moment?  Please?  Can’t you just take your mind off that and focus on us?  Better yet, how about we pick up where we left off last night?”


I dismissed the soft sheets to reveal my treasure.  I allowed my fingers to run to their secret hiding place.  Before I could shift my hips, he was under my spell, watching me play.  My muffled groans implored him to drink from the wishing well.  My prince took off his raiment and began to make his approach.  Despite the limited time we had, he was unhurried; kissing my inner thighs deliberately, slowly making his way to my reservoir. His tongue set my soul ablaze as he gently tasted my nectar.  Unlike the previous night, he allowed his muscle to take me to a new height.  The long trips in and around the well only made me want to explode more!  He was more intentional this morning, enjoying every drop that emerged from my body.


“Baby . . . . . baby . . . .”


“Don’t come yet.  I want to taste you some more”


If that right there didn’t send me over the edge . . . . . .


“Yessssssss!   Yesssssssss!”


I reeled in delight as I couldn’t control myself!  He had been holding this slow technique back on a sista!


“Ohhhhhhh baby . . . . thank you!  You put it down on a sista”


“But we’re not finished yet. . . . . ”


My mind wasn’t prepared for what came next.  He continued his slow tour by kissing his way up my torso, then to my breasts.  He slid into me while he feasted on my nipples.  I was prepared to put my legs in the air but he refused.


“I want to feel you underneath me”


He reached for my hands and locked them into his.  His thrust were purposeful, his touch was light.  I could see from the way he kissed me that he wanted to savor this moment, as if his body was recording how we were at this very moment.  I could feel his heartbeat against my chest, getting faster with every passing minute.  I didn’t want to climax without him, but the way he caressed me made me explode all over him!


“Baby . . . . . . . . . .”


At the rate that we were going, we were never gonna make it to the car!  I could see the sweat building on his brow.  I pulled our hands over my head so that he could feel all of me.  Then I whispered those words that he always loved to hear . . . .


“I love you Princeton”


To my surprise, that didn’t end our session.  In fact, that made that once controlled, intentional speed grow into a frenetic pace!  I quickly found my ankles around my ears as he plunged into the deepest part.


“Oh Princeton!  I can’t!  Not again!”


That’s what I wanted to hear!  Come with me baby!”


“Oh God yes!  Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!!”


The next few minutes were cloudy.  As I came to, I was still naked and my lover was nowhere to be found.  Surely he must be in the shower?  Or maybe he’s taking our things downstairs?  


“Princeton?  Princeton are you in here?”


There was no response.  I quickly jumped up and took the quickest shower known to man!  After I bathed, I reached for the dress that I had on the night before.  Just as I was sliding on my shoes, there was a knock at the door.


*knock, knock, knock*


Maybe it was Princeton who had forgotten his room key.  I hurried to the door.  Just as I was about to look through the peephole, that same door came crashing in on me!


“Where is Princeton Paul, Ms. Alexander?  We know he’s in here!”


There were two rather large men standing above me in black suits.  The pain from my face reminded me that we were still puppets until further notice!


“I don’t know where he is!  He was here a few minutes ago, and then when I took my shower, he was gone!”


“Gone eh?”


“Yes gone motherfucker!  Isn’t that what I just said?  You two have to be Eric Houston’s goons right?”


They both laughed at me as I sat on the floor, as I felt the blood start to trickle from my eye.


“Ma’am, we work for his benefactor, Chelsea”


“Chelsea?  I thought everything was cool?”


“Well she would like to have a word with you both.  So please come with us!”


“Come with you?  I don’t have to go any damn where!  You two big motherfuckers wanna cause a scene in this White hotel?”


My two slave masters laughed again.


“What in the hell is so funny?”


“Chelsea owns this hotel now!”


“Say what?”


“Yep.  So if you would be so kind as to go with us.  We don’t want have to kill you . . .”


Tears filled my eyes as they raised me up from the floor and walked me to the elevator. Where the hell had Princeton gone off to?!  Did he tell me the truth?”




Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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